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Western Free Press is proud to present the following training and informational materials on vote fraud . . . and what you can do to help stop it!

1) Know it

When you think of vote fraud, maybe you think of Tammany Hall. Or the Solid South. Or the corrupt political machine in Chicago. And it is all of those things.

But it isn’t just in the past, and it isn’t just in a few places. It’s everywhere, and it’s right now. There have already been convictions in 2010, and the election hasn’t even happened yet.

Vote fraud has the power to destroy everything we’ve worked for.

We have the power to make an historic change in America, but it won’t happen if they steal the vote from us.

Definitions and examples:

2) Fight it

You have the power to stop this. But its not enough to pass around emails and tell people about it. You have to get out and do something! Pick A, B, or C below and DO IT!

Fortunately, it’s not hard—you just have to know what to do. And we have it all here for you. Everything you need to stand up and make sure that all—and only—legal votes are counted!

Your Election Laws: What everyone needs to know

A) Poll Workers: The most powerful position on Election Day

B) Poll Watchers: The eyes and ears of fair elections

C) Unofficial Poll Watchers: Cell phones, cameras, and counting

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  • February 14, 2015 at 6:46 pm David R Klampert

    The elections frauds of greatest significance occurs primarily in the Voter’s Registrars Office as coerced by corrupt State Attorney Generals and the Office of the Governor of the State.  This has occurred now at least twice in Florida and once in Ohio, in each case fraud in numbers significant enough to throw the election.  With the advent and use of “modern” electronic voting machines, all loss of control of the vote itself is the outcome, the voting can be manipulated as the voting is occurring and with NO PAPER TRAIL, the results can NEVER BE PROVEN.

    Early voter and election fraud occurred in Mayor Richard Daily’s Chicago in the 1960 election and in other locals as well.  Again, it is Wholesale Voter Fraud that occurs that will defraud an election.

    Greg Palast, (prev. Financial Forensics Investigator, now Investigative Journalist) brings a tremendous insight into REAL Voter Fraud in several books and articles he’s written.  Books I can recommend include THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY; also ARMED MADHOUSE and finally BILLIONAIRES & BALLOT BANDITS.  

    Not only is Palast thoroughly well informed on his subjects, he is also entertaining to read.

  • February 14, 2015 at 7:04 pm David R Klampert

    Voter and Elections Fraud that might occur AT the Polling Places themselves by “multiple” voting or using a falsified I.D. or NO I.D. or perhaps through absentee balloting might approach 0.04 of 1% of the vote.  Personally, I Do Not Support a VOTER I.D, requirement; it is not called for in our Constitution and to this date as always has been a Non-Issue.

    The ISSUE is reigning in our ELECTED and APPOINTED OFFICIALS in their activities regarding Election Roll Purges that outright PREVENT large blocks of peoples from voting their choice,  The ISSUE is CONTROL.  WHO do YOU want to see controlling and ensuring the integrity of YOUR Polling Station??

  • February 16, 2015 at 8:21 am WesternFreePress

    David R Klampert Would you or he like to write on this subject at WFP?

  • February 16, 2015 at 8:46 am WesternFreePress

    David R Klampert There are a oot of things that are nit expressly called for in the words of the Constitution. The question is whether a particular policy is consonant with the framework of rule of law it establishes—with its letter and its spirit.