Obama’s Zika Request Can Be Paid for With Ebola Funds

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On Feb. 22, President Barack Obama requested an emergency supplemental appropriations bill to respond to public health concerns of the Zika virus. The request includes a total of $1.885 billion in additional funding in excess of the $518.491 billion in total base non-defense discretionary budget authority already available for fiscal year 2016.

If the president’s request or another supplemental is enacted, it would be the 15th emergency supplemental appropriation enacted since 2006. Cumulatively, Congresses has provided about $190 billion in non-defense …

Former United States Senator Jon Kyl Endorses Proposition 123

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From Let’s Vote Yes for Arizona Schools, in Support of Prop 123:

Former U.S. Senator Jon Kyl today announced his endorsement of Proposition 123, citing the need for a fiscally responsible plan to help fund Arizona’s public schools.

“Proposition 123 is a common-sense solution that would inject $3.5 billion into Arizona’s K-12 public schools without raising taxes,” former U.S. Senator Jon Kyl said. “It’s a fiscally sound, responsible plan that is badly needed to help students and teachers achieve in the classroom. I …

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