The Worst Campaign Slogan Of All: “I Can Get Things Done”

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Getting Things Done Is The Problem

Nothing sends chills up the spines of grassroots Republican voters faster than a candidate claiming that he or she can break the Washington logjam and get things done.

Getting things done sparked the grassroots uprising of 2016 and gave life to outsider candidates. The threat of getting things done continues to rock the race for the presidential nomination.

Consider the origins of the GOP grassroots uprising that upended the 2016 campaign. Two landslides – one …

The Delusion Behind Obama’s Budget

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President Barack Obama’s $4.1 trillion budget plan is out. Alas, it’s more of the same. It calls for raising taxes but does nothing to rein in the nation’s out-of-control debt, which is estimated to exceed $19 trillion.

You would think that Obama would know better. The dangers are plain to see. Without some check on social entitlement and other government spending, a reckoning of our massive debt will surely occur. Whether it happens with a bang—like a big collapse of the …

Ash Wednesday

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For Christians, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, a somber season of sacrifice and reflection, meant to emulate Jesus’s 40 days of fasting in the desert before he began his ministry. As we look inward to better ourselves in preparation for Easter, we must also look outward to our world, where hundreds of thousands of Christians are being tortured and killed because of their faith. Today, and every day, we pray with the persecuted, and ask these modern day …

$750 Million in Obamacare Tax Credits May Have Gone to Illegal Immigrants, Senate Report Finds

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The government granted up to $750 million in Obamacare tax credits to 500,000 persons who weren’t eligible, many of whom may have been illegal immigrants, a Senate report says.

Half a million individuals mistakenly received the tax credits because of a lapse in verification of their legal status and a lack of coordination among government agencies, the report determined.

Although they failed to verify citizenship or their legal status, they got the “advanced premium” tax credits under the Affordable Care Act. The taxpayer dollars are awarded on the …

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