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Video: Good pro-freedom, anti-oppression song

“Truth Is Stronger Than Lies,” by Chloe’s Open Socket

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And  ‘Tax Freedom Day’ Comes Later This Year

Every hard-working American knows that April 15 is the deadline to pay the tax man. What they may not know is how long it takes for the nation to earn enough money to pay for the ever-growing cost of government.

The Tax Foundation calls it Tax Freedom Day. This year that day won’t come until April 21, three days later than last year. In other words, the whole nation works well into …

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Video: God vs. Atheism: Which Is More Rational?

“It takes faith to believe in everything coming from nothing; it takes only reason to believe in everything coming from God.”

Do you agree?

Belief in God, according to atheists, is irrational, illogical, and dumb. Belief that the universe created itself is, they say, intelligent, rational, and based in science. This is simply false. Nothing can create itself. Everything has a cause–including the universe. That cause, argues Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy at Boston College, is God, the “unmoved mover.” Belief in …

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Rasmussen Reports – April 4-5, 2014

Americans think it’s too easy to file a lawsuit nowadays, and even more still believe dubious lawsuits are driving up the price of health care, insurance and other products and services.
 68% say frivolous lawsuits are driving up health care, insurance costs,
44% of American Adults feel it’s too easy to file a lawsuit in the United States.

USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll – April 3-6, 2014

More than eight in 10 registered voters say …

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Video: Chuck Todd: Republicans have a better than 50-50 chance of taking Senate

. . . and here’s why

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IRS Building

Rasmussen Reports – March 28-29, 2014

Voters continue to think the Internal Revenue Service is not aggressive enough in going after tax cheats and believe strongly than the agency should focus on tax collection rather than taking on its new task of enforcing Obamacare.
Just 19% of Likely U.S. Voters think it is a good use of IRS resources for the agency to police public compliance with the new national health care law.
Sixty-five percent (65%) believe the IRS should remain …

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Video: Video: Young hispanics take on Ron Barber over Obamacare

And well they should.

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Video: Video: Hispanics Tell Ann Kirkpatrick Obamacare doesn’t work

Ann Kirkpatrick has already responded to the ad—by dodging the subject of Obamacare altogether:

D.B. Mitchell, the communications director for Kirkpatrick’s re-election campaign, dismissed the new ads as just a partisan attack from a group with close ties to the Koch brothers.

“While this Koch brothers’ Super PAC has dumped six figures into attack ads, Ann has helped tackle the VA backlog, secured funding to mitigate flooding in rural communities and fought for the Violence Against Women Act,” he said.

The LIBRE Initiative is a …