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By Office of the Speaker | October 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

With the United States and the entire world facing a global health threat, the last thing anybody has time for is political opportunism.  But as The Washington Post has noted, that hasn’t stopped a few from attempting to distort the facts about government funding in a shallow attempt to gain a political edge. Contrary to political claims being made by some, the Republican-led House of Representatives has acted decisively and consistently when …

By Office of the Speaker | October 17, 2014 | 0 Comments
ISIL Five-Year Plan USE

That’s an important question that must be answered after a noteworthy exchange in the White House briefing room yesterday.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest claimed the president’s strategy, limited as it may be, is “succeeding” despite all the evidence to the contrary.  He then goes on to admit that the White House doesn’t want Kobani to fall but that the U.S. airstrikes won’t be enough to save the town: “So we certainly do not want the town to fall.  At …

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Fact: a majority of Americans have consistently opposed closing our terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba:

“Twenty-nine percent of Americans support closing the terrorist detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and moving its prisoners to U.S. prisons, while two in three (66%) oppose the idea.” (Gallup, 6/13/14)
“[J]ust 27% of Likely U.S. Voters think the prison for suspected terrorists at the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba should be closed. … Fifty-four percent (54%) disagree and …

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This is the fourth post in our series recounting the events of 1989 that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

An 800-year old church in a city 118 miles southwest of Berlin.  It’s an unlikely epicenter for one of the great democratic movements of the 20th century, but on October 9, 1989, it was exactly that.  That day, thousands of dissidents gathered at Nicolaikirche (St. Nicholas Church) in downtown Leipzig and …

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“Look at the state of things,” Speaker Boehner said last month in his speech at the American Enterprise Institute, “flat wages, higher prices, a six-year slog to regain the jobs lost during the recession, and millions still asking, ‘where are the jobs?’“

By several measures, Friday’s unemployment report shows we’re not much closer to where we need to be:

The number of long-term unemployed …

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For the umpteenth time, President Obama is attempting to “refocus attention on the economy” – this time with a speech on “economic greatness.”   The trouble is, the Obama economy is anything but ‘great’ for the vast majority of Americans who are paying the price for the president’s failed policies with higher costs, stagnant wages, and …

By Office of the Speaker | October 7, 2014 | 4 Comments

As the Obama administration plays catch-up in combatting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS), it should not be forgotten that President Obama made history by talking with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani by phone on September 27, 2013. The subject of the phone call was Iran’s ongoing nuclear program, but since then, President Obama’s negotiations with Iran have been complicated …

By Office of the Speaker | October 3, 2014 | 2 Comments
Video: Video: Five Points for Resetting America’s Economic Foundation

Five Points for Resetting America’s Economic Foundation

Remarks by House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)
As Prepared For Delivery
American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC

September 18, 2014


I’m honored to be back at AEI.

I last spoke here shortly before being elected Speaker of the House – a job I love but, looking back on it…I never expected to be doing this.

I always figured I’d be in the House for about ten years, then go back to Ohio and run my business or do …

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“A realistic, positive vision for governing in the 21st century” 

NOTE: Yesterday, Speaker Boehner released a new video highlighting his five points for resetting America’s economic foundation.  This long-term vision builds on our American solutions to help get people back to work, lower costs at home, and restore opportunity for all.

“Five Important Points from Speaker Boehner”
Newt Gingrich
September 19, 2014

Speaker of the House …

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President Obama’s Favorite Fallback?

The way President Obama sees it, he’s never wrong. What may appear to be his mistakes or failures are really just a series of misunderstandings and underestimates.

In no particular order, here are eight times President Obama used one of his favorite excuses and lamented that his team underestimated something:

How ineffective his economic policies would be:

“[T]his recession turned out to be a lot deeper than any of us realized. … [E]verybody underestimated it. … So, the die had …