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fred duval


Influence-Peddler and Liberal Worked for Special Interests Across Country, But Never Registered His Activities

PHOENIX – Fred DuVal, Democrat candidate for governor of Arizona and special interest lobbyist, worked as a “consultant” for Swiss Bank UBS in 25 states.  In several of those states, including Georgia, DuVal failed to register as a lobbyist despite state regulations that show he should have.  Why is DuVal hiding his lobbying activities?  When will he follow through on his promise to release his lobbying client list?

“With eight …

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Lobbyist Fred DuVal’s Campaign Disconnect

PHOENIX – This morning Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party highlighted recent comments from state and national journalists who are following the races in Arizona.

What Lobbyist Fred DuVal Says:

DuVal: “I’m Surging In The Right Time In The Right Way.” “Although…polls show DuVal trailing Ducey, he sees them…as good news.  ‘I’m surging in the right time in the right way,’ he says.” (Matthew Hendley, “Fred Duval Down To Doug Ducey In Latest Polls, But Remains Within Striking Distance,” 

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It’s Been Nearly One Month Since Special Interest Purveyor DuVal Promised To Publicly Release His Client List & There Has Been No Sign That He Will Follow Through

PHOENIX – Special interest lobbyist Fred DuVal told the people of Arizona that he would release his client list during the Clean Elections Debate in late September.  According to our official Disclosure Promise Clock, it has been exactly 26 days since he made this promise.  We have yet …

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The Arizona Republic, State’s Largest Newspaper: DuVal’s Promises “Carry Price Tags at a Time When Money is Far From Plentiful”

PHOENIX – Lobbyist Fred DuVal’s campaign for governor is losing steam by the day as more and more Arizonans learn about his record of working as a special interest influence peddler in addition to his support for President Obama’s liberal policies.

Under Obama, the national debt has reached nearly $18 trillion dollars and DuVal intends to take Arizona down the same path making nearly $5 …

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As you know, we’re in a very competitive race for the Arizona House in Legislative District 28 (LD 28) and the road to victory begins with you.

With Election Day less than two weeks away, I wanted to reach out to you to let you know last night we secured a major endorsement from former Governor Mitt Romney.  We are honored to have his support since it’s a rare instance for him to weigh in on a legislative race.  He knows …

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Mitt Romney, Who Defeated Obama by Nearly Ten Points in 2012, Visits Mesa and Southern Arizona to Support Doug Ducey’s Efforts to Fight the Obama/DuVal Agenda

PHOENIX – Former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney is rallying support for Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Doug Ducey today, along with other Republican candidates and elected officials.  As Mesa and Marana prepare to welcome Romney, the Arizona Republican Party has provided the following facts to remind voters that Fred DuVal is President Obama’s candidate.

Obama’s …

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AZGOP Chairman Graham: County Officials Obstruct Voter Reporting, Disrupt GOP Turnout Efforts

PHOENIX – This afternoon Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party blasted several elected county recorders in Arizona who have refused to comply with the law regarding providing political parties certain with lists of registered voters.

“We have some very tight races with razor thin margins between candidates,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham. “Many of our candidates are being affected — especially Sylvia Allen, Brenda Barton, Bob Thorpe, and Andy Tobin who all …

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DuVal’s Refusal to Register His Lobbying Activity in Kansas on Behalf of Special Interest Groups

PHOENIX – This afternoon Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party reminded voters that with less than two weeks until election day, lobbyist and Democrat candidate Fred DuVal has not only refused to disclose his lobbying clients but also refused to register as a lobbyist while he worked for a Swiss bank and lobbied government officials in numerous states, including Kansas.

More than 25 percent of Arizona’s voters who vote early …

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AZGOP Announces “DuVal’s Disclosure Promise Clock”

PHOENIX – More than 21 days ago Democrat Fred DuVal, a special interest lobbyist and career influence peddler, promised to release his lobbying client list during the Clean Elections debate on September 28.  Today, Arizonans are still waiting for DuVal to keep the public promise he made to them.  To help voters keep track of how long it takes for DuVal to come clean and keep his promise, the Arizona Republican Party today released “

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PHOENIX – Democrat gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal’s latest extreme comments on abortion and parental consent were recently picked up by Buzzfeed in piece detailing the 14 things a 14-year-old girl cannot do without parental consent. DuVal recently told a pastor and his congregation that