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David Leeper
David Leeper began writing for WesternFreePress.com in 2011. His 40-year career in engineering includes senior- and officer-level management positions at ATT Bell Labs, Bellcore, Motorola, and Intel. Now retired, he lives in Scottsdale, AZ with his wife of 42 years. Both are active in volunteer work and politics. David is a volunteer science teacher at AzScienceLab.com and a reader for the blind on a National Public Radio affiliate. He has written numerous articles for technical journals including Scientific American. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

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By David Leeper | May 20, 2016 | 2 Comments

Hear Donald Trump at the NRA Convention! He accepted the NRA’s endorsement and proceeded to outline his campaign against Hillary.

The video below is a shortened version of his remarks, focusing on his case against Hillary. As usual he ignores political correctness and hits her on all her weakest positions as well as her character, using his favorite nickname “Crooked Hillary”.

By David Leeper | May 19, 2016 | 16 Comments

Good grief! Are we all living in some sort of alternate universe? How could a reformed bum like Bernie Sanders ever have been seriously considered for any elected public office?

Check out these facts from his wretched biography as reported by Investors Business Daily (emphasis added):

His family [did manage] to send him to the University of Chicago. Despite a prestigious degree, however, Sanders failed to earn a living, even as an adult. It took him 40 years to …

By David Leeper | May 4, 2016 | 10 Comments
Video: Gingrich to Conservatives: Don’t Despair re Donald Trump

I’m allowing myself at least three days to sulk over the departure of Ted Cruz from the campaign.

Conservatives whose core tenets are Constitutionally limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility have every reason to despair. Donald Trump doesn’t even talk about those themes.

However —

When I emerge from my funk, I may take hope along the lines that Newt Gingrich describes in the short interview excerpt below, spoken Tuesday evening, May 3.

What Trump says and does in the next couple weeks, and …

By David Leeper | April 27, 2016 | 6 Comments
Video: Viral Video – Crowder Destroys Leftist Disruptors at UMass

Half-a-million views in less than 24 hours. Not bad!

In this video, rapidly going viral, Steven Crowder shreds leftist social justice “protestors” who try to disrupt Crowder’s seriocomic discussion of Political Correctness at UMass.

Like so many once classic-liberal bastions of tolerance and free speech, UMass now appears to be just another cookie-cutter leftist indoctrination center, funded by taxpayer dollars and massive student debt. UMass alumni must be so proud.

This event was called “The Triggering: Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?”. Humor, satire, and parody are great ways to counter-attack …

By David Leeper | April 24, 2016 | 1 Comment

Dozens of books will be surely written about the Obama legacy. Researchers and authors may well start with the president’s own narrative preview, delivered in under eight minutes on April 23, 2016 (video below).

The president’s off-the-cuff summary is partly self-congratulatory and partly an avuncular pep talk to the young British activists in his audience.

The things of which he says he’s most proud.

Every person having access to affordable health care

Saving the world economy from a great depression

Getting nuclear weapons out of Iran without going to war

Wall Street reforms to prevent future …

By David Leeper | April 20, 2016 | 2 Comments
Video: International Chutzpah: Russia, US to trade away Israel’s Golan Heights

As part of a possible settlement of the Syrian civil war, the United States and Russia are planning to offer a return of the Golan Heights to Syria.

Wow — talk about chutzpah!

Of course neither Russia nor the US “owns” the Golan Heights. Israel does.

And that land, captured from Syria in the 1967 war, is indeed an imposing “heights” from which Israel’s enemies have attacked Israel’s people with artillery. See the map below.* In Carol’s book, you can read the history of …

By David Leeper | April 18, 2016 | 6 Comments
Video: Prof. Richard Lindzen Weighs in on Climate Change, Risking Prison Term?

Whom should one consult on the science behind climate-change alarmism? Maybe Bill Nye, “The Science Guy”? Or maybe Richard Lindzen, MIT Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Physics?

If you’re a politician, activist, or reporter (Group 3 as Lindzen calls it in the video), you should probably stick with Bill Nye.

Granted, Nye’s credentials aren’t nearly as impressive as Lindzen’s, and he often behaves like a rodeo clown, but he buys in to the …

By David Leeper | April 13, 2016 | 30 Comments

On LevinTV Episode 27, April 12, 2016, Marco Rubio, eloquent as always, explained his support for an Article V 2.0** Convention of States to propose amendments to the US Constitution.

The discussion begins at 15:45 on Episode 27, viewable at LevinTV.com (subscription price $69 per year).

Article V contains the one Constitutional power that is strong enough, broad enough, and potentially fast enough to rein in our runaway Congress, President, and Supreme Court before it’s too late.

The …

By David Leeper | April 10, 2016 | 33 Comments

Return to regular order“, says Speaker Paul Ryan.  “Support the Article 1 Project“, says Sen. Mike Lee. “Teach the Constitution to our children“, says the Constitution Center. “Elect better people”, says virtually everyone.

These are all worthy initiatives. But there is only one Constitutional power that is strong enough, broad enough, and potentially fast enough to rein …

By David Leeper | April 7, 2016 | 5 Comments
Video: Trump / Cruz Rapprochement – Why and How It May Happen

With all the rancor in today’s GOP primary contests, it’s hard to imagine how the two front-runners, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, could ever come together on anything. But listen to the two-minute excerpt (below) from the Laura Ingraham radio show, April 7, 2016.

As veteran Newt Gingrich points out:

Trump and Cruz together have amassed a crushing 80% vote against the GOP Establishment elites.
There has never been such a strong message sent to those elites, who are still reeling from the shock.
Trump and Cruz cannot, and will not, …