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By Sharon Sebastian Tyrants in-the-making initially display the veneer of compassion for “their people.” They make irrational promises of a utopian existence to garner support of the masses. Their power often emanates from public adulation. Such adulation, combined with a tyrant’s narcissistic inability to be self-critical, imbues a superiority that progresses into self-worship. The greater […]

By Sharon Sebastian  SPECIAL NOTE: This revealing article was published on April 14, 2010 on Sharon Sebastian’s website Sebastian’s analysis from three years ago is today’s fact. The assault has begun on America’s freedoms, faith and sovereignty. You can read Sebastian’s further insight’s at: * * * Brace yourself. If President Obama rams through health care with tactics […]

By Sharon Sebastian The saying, “ignorance is bliss,” is what is known as an idiom. It refers to the refusal to acknowledge the reality of a situation. Some people hide in that “ignorance” because the truth is unpleasant or too overwhelming or they just do not want to worry about it. They prefer someone else take […]

By Sharon Sebastian Retired General Colin Powell raised the specter in the media, unintentionally or otherwise, that when it comes to voting — skin color matters. It is no surprise that Powell supports President Barack Obama since he did so in the 2008 election. What is surprising is that the General can lend his support to […]

By Sharon Sebastian To the undecided, the uninformed, the skeptics, and those with their heads in the sand, the Obama administration is counting on you not having this information prior to Election Day. America’s hospitals and emergency room doctors are caught in a vise that spells financial collapse unless they play ball with hard-and-fast government mandates. […]

By Sharon Sebastian Barack Obama is desperate to make people believe that he really cares about “the middle class.” After four years, his actions speak louder than words. Some 85% of the middle class say they are worse off today than they were ten years ago. According to the Wall Street Journal, from the time Obama […]

By Sharon Sebastian Doctors across America are sick. A new and desperate plight has surfaced in emergency rooms across the nation for both patients and doctors alike. The following blog by one valiant doctor speaks for thousands of doctors being forced to go against their natural instincts and abilities to allow further hospital care and re-admit […]

By Sharon Sebastian There is a time in everyone’s life when they need to grow up. The President that sits in the White House clings to immature associations and views himself through the “cool” vagaries of youth long gone with every year that passes. Being “cool” is the empty vessel that floats his boat both personally […]

By Sharon Sebastian Warning of a medieval threat to global security, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood before the United Nations with both a caution and a plea. A nuclear armed Iran is far different, Netanyahu pointed out, than a nuclear armed Russia. Netanyahu emphasized the striking distinction between the two ideologies of Iran and Soviet […]

By Sharon Sebastian That Jihadists demonstrate dwindling fear of Barack Obama portends a crisis of international proportions that threatens global stability. As Obama’s domestic economic policies wreak havoc on families and our nation, his kid-gloves foreign policy has now proven to be deadly with the loss of American lives. Still, Obama rejects that the uprising […]