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Cry Baby Left Protests Trump’s Intrepid Speech

Posted: May 18, 2017 at 9:30 am   /   by

Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 3 PM – 9 PM West 44th St. and 12th Ave. New York City near the U.S.S. Intrepid. New Yorkers of the Left persuasion gathered to protest President Trump’s First Visit to NYC since his inauguration. A protest that was organized by Working Families PartyRise and Resist and

Donald Trump, the Fascist-in-Chief, is returning to New York City for the first time since the inauguration to give a speech on the Intrepid, which is essentially a museum for American military conquest.

Anyone who is concerned about the destruction of planet, the attacks on immigrants, the threats of nuclear war, the attacks on LGBTQ people, the patriarchy, and all of the other dangers posed by the Trump regime needs to come out. [twitter: @WorkingFamilies]

Protest Trump’s NYC Speech On Intrepid and Protest Trump’s 1st visit to NYC with Rise and Resist!

Donald Trump is coming to New York City for the first time since his inauguration. Join Rise and Resist this Thursday, May 4th, to show the so-called-president how unpopular and unwelcome he is in his hometown. We condemn Trump and his regime of hatred and discrimination. #NoTrumpNYC


 Managed to arrive outside the Intrepid (at 46th Street) at about 3pm, to catch the arrival of the disaffected hoards. Perfect timing.

With protest signs held high, the Cry Baby Left outside the Intrepid was represented by two groups. One assembled at 44th St. and 12th Ave. and was more visually inclined; lots of Statue of Liberty crowns mixed with snarky signs played eagerly to the cameras.

The other group outside the Intrepid at 47th and 12th Ave. was the more boisterous of the two. Snowflakes and crybabies. Temper tantrums that raged on for hours as they chanted and clanged away on their pots and pans: Power to the People! [Flicker Slide Show Part 1]


Group 1 (44th St. and 12th). Look at their protest signs outside the Intrepid. NY Daily News: “Hundreds of spirited protesters clogged Manhattan’s West Side Thursday to try to spoil President Trump’s homecoming with noisy chants challenging White House policy on everything from immigration to health care.” [Part 1 – Video]

Next I headed back to 46th where banners were being displayed and draped from the pedestrian bridge. The eponymous “Dump Trump” and “Save Our Democracy”

Miscellaneous pictures of the protest event with a few signs that were stragglers hanging out at 46 St. In particular, were the banners flown from the bridge (not allowed). The police moved them politely from the overhang so they decided to walk back and forth for awhile.

Finally, the police herded, literally, everyone from the bridge. Slowly but deftly the bridge was cleared. There is a brief look at the Intrepid-side of 12th Ave. where a few protestors wandered amongst the dinner guests waiting outside. That,  too, was brief as these protestors were herded back across the highway. [Part 2 Flickr Slideshow]


Protest Trump must have banners (of course). Never let a bridge go to waste. Have banners – Will hang them (or hold them high.) Which means the Snowflakes hit the bridge for a brief while ’til the police said (politely), Enough. Move along. Which they did. Sort of.

One banner, “Dump Trump,” marched slooowly back and forth (making a free-speech point). THEN, the police deftly herded everyone, tourists and protestors, off the bridge. Trump was due to arrive, though he actually arrived hours later. Whatever – the bridge was now CLEAR. [Part 2 – Video]

After being shepherded from the bridge, I headed across 12th Ave. to in front of the Intrepid,  All of the attendees were still waiting outside. Dressed in formal attire and waiting. That’s when I noticed the protestors gathered at 47th St. As I got closer I also HEARD them. This was the advertised Pots and Pans Brigade.

Clanging Pots Protest Trump’s Intrepid Speech. The protest signs outside the Intrepid at 47th and 12th Ave. were held by the more boisterous group representing the Cry Baby Left. Their temper tantrum raged on for hours as they chanted and clanged away on pots and pans. [Part 3- Video]

Protest Trump’s NYC Speech On the Intrepid

Anyone who is concerned about the destruction of planet, the attacks on immigrants, the threats of nuclear war, the attacks on LGBTQ people, the patriarchy, and all of the other dangers posed by the Trump regime needs to come out.

He should not be able to go anywhere without MASS protest, ESPECIALLY IN New York City. We are joining with Rise and Resist to make this as powerful as possible!

It was hours before The President arrived. He was delayed. No matter. The malcontents, cry babies and snowflakes hung-in there. They had plenty do to with their chanting, posing for the cameras and banging on their pots and pans. No one would be allowed a respectful evening of commemoration.

NY Mag

Trump touched down at JFK (he landed around 6 p.m.) the protesters had already been gathered for hours along the West Side Highway across from the U.S.S. Intrepid, the maritime museum on the Hudson River, where Trump will attend a ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary the World War II Battle of the Coral Sea, and later meet with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Proud and thankful Americans were there, too. However, they arrived much later so I didn’t see them.  Picture of the patriots posted at Supporters of President Donald Trump supporters rally outside his visit to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in Manhattan, May 4, 2017. ” (Kevin Hagen/The New York Times file)

Link from a short gallery report on the evening inside the Intrepid.

But what the MSM was really interested in was the disaffected outside the Intrepid. Their complaints and memes were the stars of the evening.

From The Gothamist

Donald Trump is paying a brief visit to New York City tonight for the first time since his inauguration, for a reception and dinner onboard the Intrepid. Protestors are now gathering near the decommissioned aircraft carrier to greet him with signs and cheers lambasting his presidency, with a special focus on today’s narrow vote in the House of Representatives to repeal Obamacare and replace it with the American Health Care Act.

As mentioned earlier, one of the organizers was a group called Rise and Resist. ABOUT RISE AND RESIST (supposedly new to the activist game):

Rise and Resist, formed in response to the 2016 US election, is a direct action group made up of both new and experienced activists committed to opposing, disrupting, and defeating any government act that threatens democracy, equality and our civil liberties. We work collaboratively, creatively, respectfully, and with all the joy we can muster for the health of the people and the planet.

This lovely “Rise and Resist” lass thinks she has NO Free Speech as she coyly tapes her mouth shut with “CAUTION POLICE STATE” while she is respected and protected by the NYPD.

We reject state sanctioned violence, bigotry and systemic discrimination in all its forms, including those directed at people because of their disability, gender identity/expression, immigration status, race, religion, sex and sexuality. We condemn all the oppressive policies that define the current government regime.

This is WAR and we have been warned ….

We strive to intentionally honor the complex challenges we face. Join us in fighting for justice.

++Pictures and Video Property of Pamela Hall++

Pamela Hall

Pamela Hall

Team Writer/Photojournalist at Western Free Press
Pamela Hall, activist, photographer, video-grapher has spent the past ten years reporting on street actions (from both sides) as well as covering many well know political speaker and panel events. She has worked closely with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer (is on the board of AFDI) and also with Frank Gaffney as well as Cliff Kincaid of AIM.
Pamela Hall

Cry Baby Left Protests Trump's Intrepid Speech