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Scientific Proof of the Existence of Natural Rights Found in the Constructal Law

Posted: March 13, 2016 at 7:30 am   /   by

By Michael T. Takac

This article is about a discovery of a universal relationship so powerful and elegant, so ancient and vast, so simple and profound that it includes human affairs relative to flow, encompassing  “unalienable Rights”—Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness—an animate pattern found in the physical constructal law.  

The constructal law discovered in 1996 by American Professor Adrian Bejan, J.A. Jones Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Duke University in North Carolina. The constructal law governs evolution in biology, physics, technology, and social organization and is an outgrowth of the laws of thermodynamics and generally states:

“For a flow system to persist in time (to live), it must evolve freely such that it provides greater access to its currents.”

The following is an enlightening, exuberant, and paradigm-shifting exploration that fundamentally transforms our understanding of “unalienable Rights” through the prism of the constructal law.


Overview of the Science

The scientific method provides an optimal way to study repeatable patterns that may lead to discovery of a law in nature. This optimization hinges on the quality of metrology and on mankind’s ability to decipher the empirical without bias. Both of these factors are fallible but over time have served us well.

The argument: The celebrated “unalienable Rights” Thomas Jefferson claimed in the U.S. Declaration of Independence (US 1776)—“Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”—correspond to the bio-primitives found in all living systems down to the single-cell level. To exemplify, once an organism comes to (1) “Life,” it must have the (2) freedom (“Liberty”) within its domain, (3) in “the pursuit of” survival; otherwise, there is no life. Underlying the time and energy expended, or the work involved, in “the pursuit of” survival or any other objective, supports the notion that most accomplishments result in some form of chemical/electrical positive feedback or “Happiness” for humans.

Symmetry: The symmetric pattern of [“unalienable Rights”] relative to the constructal law: “For a flow system to persist in time (to live) [“Life”], it must evolve freely [“Liberty”] such that it provides greater access [“the pursuit of”] to its currents [“Happiness” (positive feedback)].     

Hypothesis: “unalienable Rights” of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness (positive feedback)” are an animate interpretation of the constructal law.

The empirical: The second law of thermodynamics deals with the direction of flow. For example, the flow from a high pressure aerosol hair spray can, travels from a high pressure (inside the can) to a lower pressure, outside the can. You never see the aerosol going back into the can. The same with temperature, the thermal flow goes from high temperature to lower temperature. And with electricity, electron flow moves from a high potential voltage taking the path of least resistance to a lowered potential. The most visible illustration of electron flow is in a lightning bolt during a storm.

This lightning bolt takes on the familiar treelike structure, exhibiting the nature of the constructal law, where pressure flow and temperature flow takes on similar treelike structures within their gradient of motion.

From those gradients, the universe is brimming with the wonders of change by the dynamics of flow. The constructal law operates on this dynamic, while guiding the freedom of flow towards the path of least resistance. As flow migrates along the path of least resistance, the outcome morphs the universe into configuration.

After the Big Bang, the flow from pure energy morphed into the elements found in the Periodic Table. From those elements, planets having atmospheric and fluid-bearing, vascularized common patterns were formed.

As this morphing continued on Earth, from inanimate to animate, resulted in vascularized, treelike patterns throughout the living universe similar to the hierarchical branching patterns found in the flow of traffic, social organization, communication, markets, and other human activities. It’s as if there is a miraculous design in nature, orchestrated by the constructal law.

Understanding treelike patterns are the footprint of the constructal law, we may search the history of governance for the ones having the most efficient, the greatest innovation, in those hierarchical branching patterns found in the flow of traffic, social organization, communication, markets, and other human activities, and in the aggregate, promoting a positive experience (“Happiness” in general).

The conclusion based on historical empirical data, the observed optimum form of governance suggests, are the ones who embrace and protect the individual’s “unalienable Rights” from the crimes of others and from the crimes of government; coming full circle to life’s bio-primitives flowing throughout nature having such reliability—and are so simple and repeatable—they can be said to reflect a universal behavior found in living nature, as Thomas Jefferson labeled these bio-primitives as “unalienable Rights,” and through science, these Rights are the animate interpretation of the physical constructal law.

An additional data point by viewing the evening satellite photo comparing North and South Korea. Zooming in on South Korea there is an abundance of vascularized, treelike patterns, branching out from city centers to the suburbs extending out to the rural regions. At the border there is a sharp contrast in North Korea, where there are few vascularize treelike patterns. A simple repeatable pattern between Liberty (South Korea) and tyranny (North Korea).  

The Objective: The third edition (“Scientific Proof of Our Unalienable Rights,” by Michael T. Takac) covers the constructal relationship on the topics of morality, economics, and the rule of law embracing science, which may in turn enrich our philosophy taking humanity on a different level, a new direction, covering social system dependency on the physical laws of nature, entertaining an innovative form of exploration within the social and political sciences. By shifting focus to this known law of nature, useful societal insights may develop through the innovative application thereof, as with any other law of nature. As we morally followed the laws of aerodynamics physically lifted humanity to new levels of height, so to, morally following the constructal law may advance social-systems to new civil levels.

For example, morality is an outgrowth of “unalienable Rights,” where “morality” and “code of conduct” are two different manifestations of the same concept. That is, in forming a group, the objective of morality is the genesis as well as the evolution of a subjective code of conduct, while following a code of conduct becomes a moral event preserving the life of the group. In other words, a social flow representing a constructal behavior by going with the flow minimizing social resistance; hence, the empirical diversity found throughout the world today and recorded history in common group characteristics pertaining to: language, belief, customs, economics, etc.

The physical laws of nature are also a “code of conduct.” In general, when morally following the physical laws of nature, wittingly or not, approaches “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”; otherwise, the result approaches “Death, Tyranny, or the pursuit of Failure.”

One may find inconsistencies across nature with the unalienable right to life in that all animal life depends on the killing of other living things (animals or plants) for food, and in a sense, the world is like one big restaurant. Humans are free to dine in a universe where they might, in turn, become the next meal satiating the appetite of viruses, parasites, cancer, etc. Nature is neither cruel nor kind, it is indifferent as it gives all living things the right to life through liberty in the pursuit of survival or happiness. In this case, survival includes the evolution of reproductive quantity, self-defense, and hunting skills

The task is not to cover any new laws or rights that have never before been thought of but rather to place before mankind the common sense of the subject, in language plain and firm, with the intent to inspire assent and justify an enlightened stand, which I hope many will be compelled to take.

Without aiming at a given philosophy or sentiment, my book is intended to be an expression of the living universe, both physically and socially, as seen through the prism of the constructal law, and to give to that expression the tone and spirit called for by the property of Symmetry.

In the end, many may find this work to be corroborative of the facts and principles that support Jefferson’s “self-evident” claim about our “unalienable Rights,” a founding principle of the U.S. Constitution defining a social experiment in governance. Within a short period of 200 years of its founding, this governance brought global change like no other in recorded history through advances in technology, food production, and medicine; a social empirical data point offers a compelling example of what can happen when our “unalienable Rights” are morally free to flow (the constructal law) within the awesome machinery of nature.

As one of our Founding Fathers John Adams once stated, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

In this election year, the populous should focus on and the ruling-class to heed Adams’ warning and become “moral” stewards of our US Constitution, a guide in governance to follow a physical law in nature. For the physical laws of nature are omnipotent and cannot be changed by any man-made law or philosophy.


Additional information:

“Scientific Proof of Our Unalienable Rights,” by Michael T. Takac, 2012.

“Design in Nature,” by Adrian Bejan and J. Peder Zane, 2012.

“The Science of Rights.”

“Through the Wormhole – Did God Create Evolution? – Constructal theory.”

The Constructal Blog

On the Horizon: Professor Adrian Bejan’s new book titled, “The Physics of Life: The Evolution of Everything,” to be release May 2016.



Michael T. Takac


Image Source: danfador/Pixabay
License: CC0 Public Domain


  1. Mike Takac says:

    A clerical note: the term “Proof” in the title is not presented here in
    the article but covered in the book. The article’s focus, in part, is on the empirical.

  2. “Without aiming at a given philosophy
    or sentiment, my book is intended to be an expression of the living
    universe, both physically and socially, as seen through the prism of the Constructal law, and to give to that expression the tone and spirit
    called for by the property of Symmetry.”
    And that symmetry is dynamical, (known as the Asynsis principle), as shared at the recent Constructal law conference in Nanjing, China – please see our press release:

  3. Furthermore, the “Happiness” pursuit (Constructal optimal flow potential release), can also be compared to the “Feeling Good” aspect of the imperative of consciousness as proposed by the #OrchOR theory of Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff, that perhaps ignited the Cambrian explosion of life’s evolution on Earth.

  4. Mike Takac says:

    Nigel Reading RIBA LEED Thanks for those
    references and your interest in a very important subject.
    The focus of my work, and I feel time is critical, examines
    our “unalienable Rights” as a dynamic interface between the physical and social
    domains, taking the discourse out of the ivory tower and clearly explaining the
    reach and extent of this constructal phenomena for all to understand. All
    includes the ruling-class masterminds throughout the world.
    I prefer using the term “Symmetry” instead of “Asynsis,” because
    one could find symmetry in a common dictionary.
    I’m familiar with Hameroff’s work, a mixture of philosophy, theory, and science in his
    2001 article titled, “Consciousness Connects Our Brains to the Fundamental
    Level of the Universe.”
    Hameroff’s stated,
    “Cells are themselves
    highly complex and dynamical. For example, single cell protozoan organisms are
    able to swim, find food, and learn through the use of their internal
    Using “Symmetry” between Hameroff’s statement along with
    my [“constructal”] emphasis, “… single cell protozoan organism [“Life”], are
    able [“Liberty”] to swim [“the pursuit of”], find food, and learn [positive
    feedback “Happiness”] through the use of their internal cytoskeleton.” Hence,
    life’s “unalienable Rights.”  
    I prefer the
    term “positive feedback” at the DNA level instead of “Feeling Good.” It is hard
    to imagine a single cell has any feelings at all. Positive feedback in an
    electrical circuit results in oscillation; in other words, the circuit sings.

  5. Indeed Mike, thanks for the kind words.
    #Asynsis is a form of optimal, analogical, feed-back led “dynamical symmetry” that’s innate to nature. One that continually generates multiscale forms from Construcal flows. It’s a neologism, but I expect it will also make the Oxford English dictionary in due course.
    Like you, IMHO – I’m just a little ahead of my time on some fronts.
    I agree that “positive feedback” is a more rigorous term than Stuart Hameroff’s “feeling good” version, which sounds almost hedonistic. :-)
    The #PhiIIT Integrated Information Theory of Giulio Tononi is to my mind, the brain-scale analogue of Penrose & Hameroff’s quantum-critical #OrchOR, simply because they both share Asynsis dynamical symmetry geometries.
    Here’s a recent FQXi talk that demonstrates how Phi & positive feedback literally generate emergent consciousness, which is highly relevant to your scaled-up “collective consciousness” position regarding how ENR can find a QED within Constructal Law.

  6. JonSullivan1 says:

    In not attempting to oversimplify the article or exchange, but simply because I get this and feel we all could learn from a consciousness along this line as the “Golden Rule”.” For example, morality is an outgrowth of “unalienable Rights,” where “morality” and “code of conduct” are two different manifestations of the same concept. That is, in forming a group, the objective of morality is the genesis as well as the evolution of a subjective code of conduct, while following a code of conduct becomes a moral event preserving the life of the group”.

    For those of us who have witnesssed the complete disregard recently of so many, go against the teachings of their Lord and Savior in a win all of recent political positioning as they disregard common sense and values as single issue voters, against the least of these. Anything to get them to return to critical thinking could be lifesaving for the multitudes.

  7. JonSullivan1 says:

    Mike Takac Nigel Reading RIBA LEED Would be interested Mike to hear of your thoughts concerning the ruling class mentioned here above, in laymen terms if possible and are they connected to the EU, as in the rotten burroughs:)               Thanks in advance if you find time

  8. JohnVanDykeWilmerding says:

    The only place I would add anything is asking to deconstruct the term ‘happiness’. Yes, it is in our founding documents. However, there is something much deeper that is worthy of consideration. I can provide only a signpost pointing in the right direction by referring to what my philosophy mentor used to refer to as “enduring satisfaction”.

  9. Mike Takac says:

    JonSullivan1 Thanks for your
    comment and sharing your concerns, and it is more the reason why humanity needs
    to understand that life’s “unalienable Rights” are part of the physical laws of
    nature, as they are omnipotent and cannot be changed by any man-made law or
    Good point
    about the “Golden Rule,” a moral maxim or principle of altruism. The
    Golden Rule in general: simply treat others as one would like others to treat
    oneself; an important element in the formation of a civil society. 
    In your comment
    you mentioned the “Lord and Savior.” All those of faith understands God created
    the universe and everything in it, which includes the physical laws of nature.
    Therefore, the laws of nature is the handwriting of God and the scientific
    method is a way to read God’s handwriting. For those who are faithless will disagree,
    and their debate continues with those of faith.
    My work is
    independent of their debate; however, the science applies to both.
    Only if all the
    different faiths of the world includes God’s handwriting (the laws of nature)
    they will find the “Golden Rule” through science that is also prevalent
    throughout most religions. And on that note, perhaps, one day we may move
    further from those uncivil remnants of the Dark Ages; for understanding God’s
    handwriting is both a uniting and reforming factor.
    In my book I noted, viewing morality as an outgrowth of life’s “unalienable Rights,” where
    those rights are an interpretation of the constructal law and independent of
    philosophy, presents an opportunity to combat moral ignorance during
    youth by teaching the subject of
    morality in the classroom.
    Traditionally, in
    many cultures, morality is linked to institutional religion. In public
    education today, the teaching of morality is either failing or is considered
    taboo. Educational curriculums that treat morality as an attractive force
    relative to life’s “unalienable Rights” and offer relatable examples taken from
    life could encourage ethical civil understanding. In cultures that support
    religious freedom and diversity, the concept of the “Golden Rule” or a “universal morality” could benefit public
    education goals while indirectly reinforcing most traditional religious
    customs. In secular societies, such a foundation could help build common ground—unlimited
    by religious boundaries—and aid in the understanding of universal human

  10. Mike Takac says:

    JohnVanDykeWilmerding Thank you for
    your comment and interest in a very important subject. Ha, “happiness,” love,
    etc., the politics of experience relative to one’s philosophy.
    My focus is on
    science, not philosophy. In
    general, philosophy is a metaphysical construct subject to a dialectic
    relative to the subtle machinery
    of nature until the scientific method presents the incarnation of clarity.
    Please don’t get me wrong, philosophy is important, it dominates our social
    systems, beliefs, etc, and it embraces the flow of logic, guiding science
    taking the next step in the quest to understand this awesome machinery of
    nature. From science a progressive imagination becomes feedback advancing our
    philosophies, theories, etc; and there is no reason why this process will ever
    The empirical data relative to life’s “unalienable Rights”
    (aka bio-primitives) and the hierarchical branching patterns they generate
    throughout the symphony of life are there. This discovery is new, and of course
    there will be pushback from classical philosophy.    
    On the subject of “happiness” one could write a
    book. At first I struggled with Thomas Jefferson’s term “Happiness.” When
    dealing with “the pursuit of”
    objectives for all “Life,” I had to find a term other than “Happiness” and
    elected to use the term “positive feedback.” At the single-cell or DNA level,
    it is hard to imagine any feelings at all relative to the concept of “happiness.” Shifting from animate to
    inanimate, at the basic physical level of an electrical circuit positive
    feedback causes a circuit to oscillate; in other words, the circuit sings. The
    same from a single-living-cell to humans, they oscillate between feast and
    famine; for us humans, ending with some wine and after dinner music (many of us
    do sing).

  11. VincentAC62 says:

    This blueprint for life is throughout the bible and the trunk of the tree ( i.e. governing body ) is meant to support the rest of the tree and promote its growth. All true science is in alignment with Gods word and will since God created the natural order of things this theory as you call it is not really a theory at all but authored by the Creator himself. Very well written article thank you.

  12. Mike Takac says:

    VincentAC62 Thank you Vincent for your feedback and those kind words.

Scientific Proof of the Existence of Natural Rights Found in the Constructal Law