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Ted Cruz’s historic grand slam speech against the Washington Cartel

Posted: October 31, 2015 at 9:26 am   /   by

CruzThis is our real-life, current-day Mr. Smith Goes to Washington moment.

All Americans, especially those who follow politics lightly or not at all, should HEAR THIS SPEECH. 

Granted, most Democrats are already a lost cause. They cannot be dissuaded; they can only be defeated.

And the same is true for GOP Establishment (GOPe) insiders and hangers-on who live off the system that they’ve created and which they only pretend to oppose.

But for the rest of us, this is the speech to hear and understand — the whole thing.  This is Senator Ted Cruz, speaking from the floor of the Senate, Oct 29, 2015, in what is arguably the most important speech in decades.


By the way, this is no sound bite. It’s as long as a short Hollywood movie.

Can you spare 90 minutes for the future of your children, grandchildren, and your country? Listen carefully to Cruz and study his charts to see what has become of Washington and Congress.

Also, compare this speech to the “gotcha” drivel on the network-TV Jerry-Springer-style “debates” and the agenda-driven, Democrat-servile, mainstream media.

Consider too what this man might be able to do, as President, to right America’s badly listing ship of state.

[Edited: Nov 1, 2015]

David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 44 years. He is currently a volunteer science teacher at In his 40-year career he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at Bell Labs, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he wrote mainly for technical journals including Scientific American. He began writing for in 2011.
David Leeper


  1. puzzledbarry says:

    one of the greatest speechs ive ever heard..god bless ted cruz

  2. puzzledbarry says:

    great speech  one if the best ive ever heard..hope all americanslisten to this

  3. HelaneTodd says:

    Excellent speech given by a highly intelligent man who I hope will become president.

  4. puzzledbarry says:

    HelaneTodd hoping and praying

  5. Barbara Hasler says:

    This is the voice of we, the people, who are the government.  Too many of us have ignored the fact that those we elect to office are not working for us.  The elected play duck and cover to preserve their cushy jobs and could care less about their constituents.  I believe term limits would help them to recognize they work for we, the people.

  6. Question: If Donald Trump were not in this race, sucking up so much of the “we want a brazen outsider” vote, where would Cruz be now in the polls? Barbara Hasler puzzledbarry HelaneTodd dleeper47 SageTex

  7. RobertYates says:

    ‘I believe,’ most Americans are too dumb and lazy to take the time to listen to this.  Most, I would dare say, couldn’t tell you who Ted Cruz is, demo or repub.  They get bored easily with politics and the things that they should concern themselves with.  ‘I believe’ a lot of us have put our hopes and trust in men like Trump and Dr. Carson.  I admire both of them for their accomplishments in life.  When asked who I am supporting and like the best, I always say, Trump and Carson.  But, something just gnaws at the back of my head somewhere; they both were prior democrats.  Of course, some will say, R. Reagan, was a democrat one time.  True, but Reagan was a patriotic American that believed in this country and the American People, his entire life.  I just keep fearing that maybe Trump, for all his rhetoric, isn’t a plant.  He gets the nomination and then throws it to whoever is the democrat nominee.  Or, he wins and can’t get anything accomplished because who may be in Congress while he is president.  Dr. Carson is a good, christian man.  He has morals and virtues that are uncommon today, sad to say.  But, could he accomplish a thing?  He is an outsider and the Washington Cartel would be on him like a ‘flea on a mule.’  ‘I believe’ from now on, from this day forward I will be a Ted Cruz supporter, with respect to Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson.  Go Ted!

  8. RobertYates says:

    WesternFreePress Barbara Hasler puzzledbarry HelaneTodd dleeper47 SageTex 
    All of the candidates would be higher in poll numbers of course.  Dr. Carson may not even be a contender without Trump.

  9. CynthiaCarlon says:

    RobertYates  Yeah, I’ve been thinking like you….Carson would be great, but not the one to clean up this mess… for Trump, as he said, if he couldn’t get along w/ Putin, he’d find someone who could….he’s shaken things up to get the point across we are so tired political correctness and helped break people out of that mold…..I also love the vision of him going though Washinton and approaching those in State Dept and other agencies who are just marking time until they retire and say YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!   The Benghazi hearing….those first 2 old men act like the State Dept is a country club to hang out…..age really doesn’t have to determine ability, but these 2 guys were “slugs”, no energy at all….no excuse for Benghazi, they should have been pulled out like the embassy in Yemen…….Cruz is the man…BTW, I just recently learned Cruz is audiographic…..he recalls EVERYTHING he hears……

  10. CynthiaCarlon says:

    When you look at there are more than a few congressmen and senators who have family who are lobbyists….conflict of interest……Palosi gave her husband a 2billion dollar contract….the list goes on……on top of that, Washington “does things as this is the way we’ve always done it”….that just maybe Trump could make the gov more efficient….it’s WAY too big….and they waste so much money….and a club for them to hang out and make money instead of doing their job…..Cruze to handle the cartel, Trump to handle the budget, cut unnecessary staffing/budget… the Dept of Energy….they haven’t done  a damn thing and there are 10’s of thousands of people in this dept……since Carter

  11. RobertYates says:

    CynthiaCarlon RobertYates I recently heard that of Cruz also somewhere.  Don’t know where, I read so many articles lol

    Go Ted!

  12. RobertYates says:

    Sen Cruz calls out the ‘Washington Cartel.’  He names them, republicans and democrats.  Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups.   They are the source of frustration that American’s feel.  Bi-partisan corruption.

  13. dleeper47 says:

    True, many don’t care enough to watch a speech as long as a Hollywood action flick, even one as important as this one. 
    Of course, they tend not to vote either. I wonder what it will take to make a dent in that population(?). 
    As one of the conservative pundits once said, we can survive one president like Barack Obama, but we cannot survive with an electorate that would put someone like him in office.

  14. ThomasHorn1 says:

    RobertYates plus they arent incumbents

  15. CynthiaCarlon says:

    RobertYates OK it IS burdensome to listen to entire thing….@53 he tells you who exactly the cartel works for…..I think it’d be good if many as possible participate to list the video time where you think is a key point….he approaches the topic from many standpoints to make his argument irrefutable…if we could compile a list of times to key in on the video…..
    I did that teaching patients in home health as many lived miles from me…they were well prepared for most circumstances instead of giving one set of instructions

  16. CynthiaCarlon says:

    RobertYates  I hit pause and go back to listen

  17. CynthiaCarlon says:

    RobertYates  He makes a good comparison of dems and reps voting starting at 55:30

  18. dleeper47 says:

    CynthiaCarlon RobertYates
    Cynthia – I’m the author of the article.  If you will create that “index”, I will add it to the video and render a new one with just the “best parts” for readers who have less time to watch. I’ll include the “abridged” version along with the full version in an updated article. All I need are your recommended time markers and a short title for each segment. If you do this, many thanks in advance! (David Leeper)

  19. Linda Marsh says:

    I listened to the entire speech and learned a great deal. Yes, our government is broken, but it’s not the American people who broke it, but it’s the American people are getting screwed!! Yes, he called out the players in this farce of a government and who is really running the government, It’s time the PEOPLE TOOK OUR COUNTRY BACK!! WE NEED THIS MAN TO BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT AND WE NEED TO THROW OUT THE BUM IN THE WHITE HOUSE. LET’S CLEAN HOUSE, BOTH PARTIES are taking away our freedoms and our rights. And they are putting up further and further into debt. The worst part, is they don’t care. Yes, we are mad and frustrated to no end. This country needs help and please listen to his speech. “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything” Our government has fallen and won’t get up. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  20. RobertYates Cruz is far and away my first choice, though I will fight for whoever the nominee is. I think you have made a good move. I like Carson a lot, but Carson and Trump do not demonstrate nearly the same grounding inn first principles as Cruz does.

  21. RobertYates WesternFreePress Barbara Hasler puzzledbarry HelaneTodd dleeper47 SageTex 
    “Dr. Carson may not even be a contender without Trump.”
    Interesting theory. Can you unpack for us why you think that is?

Ted Cruz's historic grand slam speech against the Washington Cartel