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Carly Fiorina Manhandles NBC’s Chuck Todd

Posted: September 27, 2015 at 10:39 am   /   by

Fiorina-ToddOn NBC’s Sept 27, 2015 Meet the Press, Carly Fiorina adroitly handles all the trendy “gotcha” questions that Chuck Todd offers up.

Note how little time (zero) that Todd spends on questions of substance, like ISIS and Islamism, exploding debt, illegal immigration, EU mass migration, etc. Nope, today on NBC, it’s all about the “gotchas”.


‘Way to go, Chuck and NBC! I guess that’s what you call journalism.

By the way, Chuck, I remember Tim Russert rather well. He was one of my favorite news journalists. You, sir, are no Tim Russert.

David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 44 years. He is currently a volunteer science teacher at In his 40-year career he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at Bell Labs, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he wrote mainly for technical journals including Scientific American. He began writing for in 2011.
David Leeper


  1. sleepergirl says:

    I like the way Carly fights back and is not intimidated by interviewers.  She is using the right language in insisting that it will be Obama and his Dems that should answer to Americans about funding PP if the GOPe gets the nerve to fund gov spending w/o PP.

  2. sleepergirl says:

    Fromafar Yes she did misspeak after 9/11/01 and also since then.  Carly needs her staff to educate her in orthodox Islam sooner rather than later.  Much of the GOPe is also so misinformed including our dear John McShame, who defends Ms. Huma!

  3. Fromafar says:

    sleepergirl Fromafar She did do a very good job handling Todd.
    He likes to take the “make-believe” and see if it sticks. She would have none of it…
    Good for her.  If she’s the nominee, she will have my support.

  4. dleeper47 says:

    A Muslim, yes, MAYBE. I’d need to know MUCH more about a candidate before rejecting him/her on being a Muslim alone. 
    An Islamist, no, NEVER. By definition, an Islamist places Islam and Shariah above all else, including our Constitution. That’s dispositive. An Islamist could not take the oath of office. 
    Your mileage may vary. You may want to reject all Muslims simply “on suspicion”. That’s not me (yet).

    I’m Jewish, and while I was a lousy Sunday school student, I remember we learned that 1000 years ago, Muslim civilization was the most advanced in the world, with Muslims, Christians, and Jews living together in “relative” harmony. I presume that’s what Carly was talking about. I hope she clears this up.

  5. Fromafar says:

    dleeper47 Fromafar You are speaking to the choir…..
    As to “the most advanced in the world”…. Not so much.
    The PC crowd pushes the historical narrative, but some digging would show that it’s sugar coated. 
    Algebra and the naming of Stars doesn’t make the Islamic civilization “the most advanced”.

    I agree re: Muslim vs. Islamist.  The problem is, as Erdogan the “Islamist’ of Turkey said, “There is no moderate Islam, there is only Islam”.

    I will take Obama at his word that he is a Christian (which matters not to me), he was born to a Muslim father and raised till a young man by a Muslim Step-Father. He was taught and read the Quran in school in Indonesia.  As such, Islam considers him a Muslim.

    If he has truly become a Christian, then he is considered an “apostate” by Islam and subject to the death penalty. The countries surveyed that expressly make apostasy a capital offense are Afghanistan, Brunei, Mauritania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. Pakistan and Bangladesh have also executed apostates.

    Obama has invited the Muslim Brotherhood into the oval office. 5 members of his administration including the Asst. Director of Homeland Security have former ties (un-renounced!) to the MB.  As such, he is at least an Islamic sympathizer.

    If someone who runs for the Presidency who is Muslim will not renounce Sharia then that person should not run for POTUS.  If they renounce it, they are considered heretics by both Suuni and Shia Islam.  Therein lies the conundrum.
    How can you be a “Muslim” fi you renounce Sharia?  How can you be POTUS if you accept Sharia as by definition it places itself above the US Constitution.

    With this in mind. You perhaps more clearly see the issue?

  6. Fromafar dleeper47 That logic seems brilliantly inescapable.

  7. Fromafar dleeper47 On the subject of the once-glittering civilization of Islam, there are strong arguments that most of the knowledge was assimilated through conquest, rather than self-generated. See Peter Betbasoo on this subject, especially on the knowledge taken from the Assyrians.

  8. dleeper47 says:

    WesternFreePress Fromafar
    So, I’m almost caught up to you. 
    What’s next? Should we require, under penalty of perjury, a truthful answer to a question like “Are you now or have you ever been a Muslim, Islamist, Muhammeden, etc ?”
    Should that be required only of the president & veep or all officials, such as Sec’y of Defense? What about state governors? What about refugees?
    Once we all know the true nature of Islam, what do we do about it? Can you help me think ahead a few steps?

  9. NeilFeuer says:

    I too always watched, listened, and learnt from Tim Russert. He was truly, along with his father, Big Tim and Little Tim, he is missed greatly!

  10. NeilFeuer says:

    PP is barbaric, it should in no way manner or form ever and never funded by our government, us taxpayers, and I would have zero qualms over shutting down the government, this is America and it is just wrong to fund this type of inhumanity, and for once, the GOP better wise up, listen to us citizens and do the right and ONLY thing, STOP this horror show, it is not American!

  11. NeilFeuer says:

    I stand and fully agree with David, a very wise and just man!

  12. Fromafar says:

    dleeper47 WesternFreePress Fromafar
    If a Muslim is elected to any public office in the USA, they would have to “swear to uphold the constitution”. 
    Either they would or wouldn’t. We would hope that our fellow citizens would have thoroughly vetted that individual by election day, but then again, the public knew virtually nothing about BHO and elected him anyway.

    Our current POTUS clearly does not uphold the constitution and creates law by executive decree which is beyond his purview per the US Constitution.  As this era of “PC” is highly destruction to the USA, we have no stomach for the process.  Claims of racism, yada, yada would be issued instantly.

    Back on point – If “taqiyya'” is involved (Islamic approved deception), then the public would have to act. The public is unfortunately naive and pays little attention to the realities of Islam and as Westerners, we just can’t believe that everyone doesn’t have the same values system as we do.  It’s used against us daily and believe me, it will get a lot worse before it gets better.

    Islam is a totalitarian ideology hiding in the guise of religion.  If you take the time to read the Quran, you will see that it is anything but a religion of peace.  When you hear the babble about “Islam is a religion of peace” what you miss is that that is true – Suuni to Suuni and Shia to Shia, but definitely NOT to any infidels. The MSM is only to happy to have the leftist nonsense fed to the public to tell us what and how to believe.

    This has been the deception that the PA has been pushing on the world since 1948.  The Palestinians are not interested in a “State”, but rather a base of operations to continue the Jihad.

    To answer your last question which is the best and most difficult question – “Once we all know the true nature of Islam, what do we do about i?”

    First, why is it difficult?  Because we as a Western, plural democracy have made the errant assumption that everyone in the world wants to be like us and accept our values.  We just can’t think outside that box and is part of the reason the American left and the European elite are stuck in self destruction of our Western civilization. Islam has us right where it wants us – in the cross hairs of our own value system.

    So, “what do we do about it”?
    I think once you realize that historically, most Muslims have been brought to the “religion’ by force, you will realize that it is an enemy nation.  Those of our citizens who practice it and so state that they are “moderates” (real ones) like Zudi Jasser, should be applauded and encouraged.  Jasser is a retired USNavy Commander and  personally does not believe Sharia law usurps the US Constitution.  If Muslims behave as he does, no problem.
    But the silence of the massive amounts of Zudi Jassers we would hope are out there is deafeningly silent.

    If a reformation cannot occur from within, then I believe that the reality is that we must identify what Islam is politically and in effect reject it’s adherents from being in charge of US institutions.

    Ah you say, but that goes against our values – and in essence, you would normally be correct.

    But would the American public elect a Nazi as President? 
    No, but what difference is there between Nazism and Islam as practiced by fundamentalists? Not much.

    ISIS and Iran do not lie. They tell us exactly what they mean and intend to do.  The American Muslim community gives lots of lip service to the “we don’t agree, but” philosophy.  We’ll have to make a stand or lose our way of life.  There is so much more I can tell you about Islam.

    The current “Hijrah” that is going on in Europe is all part of the philosophy of Muhammed. Hitler was absolutely enthralled with Islam and would have adopted it’s tenants for his own purpose if he had been the victor in WW2.

    I refer you to:

  13. Fromafar says:

    dleeper47 WesternFreePress I further refer you to: (pay particular attention to the articles by Daniel Greenfield).

    Greenfield’s own blog is at:

  14. dleeper47 says:

    You are too kind Neil, but thank you!
    Would that it were true … :)

  15. Fromafar says:

    dleeper47 NeilFeuer
    Yes a bit “tongue in cheek” (and Neil, I mean no offense).

    However – I just hope you are not too blind Neil….

  16. dleeper47 says:

    Excellent response. 
    It appears we need a leader like Thomas Jefferson, whose epiphany about Islam (after reading the very Quran that Keith Ellison cynically used to swear himself in) led to positive action against the Barbary Pirates. 
    So far, who among the candidates might be best to confront Islam as a global threat? Who is least likely to be cowed by political correctness? Who can best stand up to cries of “Islamopobia!”?

  17. NeilFeuer says:

    I wish I knew what you mean, and I take no offense, I am my own person and have never been blinded, I lived my life and still live my life one way, I say what I want when I want and I do what I want, I have raised a fine family and I have been self employed in a variety of business ventures. My word has always been binding and respected.
    I teach my grandchildren one thing out of many, “run your own race”, and they answer me when I asked, what do I mean, “this is your life, no one else’s, it’s up to me”, they know!
    I do not know if you mean my remarks about Tim Russert, but that is how I feel, always have, always will.
    If you meant my response to David Leeper, I happen to know and respect the man personally, always have, always will!
    I am loyal and a friend, and everyone who knows me, I am sure can vouch for me, again, no offense, but that’s me!

  18. Fromafar says:

    dleeper47 Fromafar David, thank you for your response.
    I personally cannot say that I’m a “Donald” fan.  I don’t despise him, but I don’t think as President he would be particularly effective. Having said that, I would support him if he is the nominee, though I believe HRC would beat him easily.

    Where he HAS been VERY effective is elucidating the issues that traditional Americans see as a danger to our nation.
    BTW: Aside. The Moderator knows me personally and when he and I were in face to face contact on a fairly constant basis, I was then a Democrat! 
    Today, I would consider myself an independent.
    I feel that I did not actually leave the Democratic Party, but rather it “LEFT” me.
    As I said above, I like Carly and feel the HP “rap” that people try to tarnish her with is yet another straw man. She is clearly capable and perhaps even saved HP from a much bigger disaster that the “dot bomb” days caused to the entire tech sector.

    Ted Cruz would definitely stand up to PC/Islamization issues. I think he would be a great friend to Israel.
    (HRC is a fraud when it comes to Israel). She’s interested as far as her Jewish donors will take her, but she’d throw Israel under the bus without too much thought. She was actually the first major public figure (when FLOTUS) to call for a Palestinian State. She’d push hard for such a “legacy”.  Netanyahu a week ago or so asked Europeans to stop asking him to do things that would endanger Israel….Amen.

    My least favorite candidate is Ron Paul. He too would be a Foreign Policy disaster. In someways, I cannot quantify it, but I just don’t feel comfortable with him. 

    I like several of the other candidates and feel they would handle the MSM and PC/Islamization issues well.
    I include in that list: Christie, Huckabee, Carson (who has elucidated the issue quite well, but did so in a way that allowed him to easily be tarred an “islamophobe” – most unfortunate).

    I like Rubio too and if his immigration stance becomes clear, he (as a professional politician), might be a good choice.  He is the one whom HRC fears the most. Young, Hispanic, dynamic.

    I end this with “Islamaphobia”
    Definition: Phobia – an irrational fear.
    As such, Islamophobia would be an irrational fear of Islam. I seriously doubt anyone who is paying any attention could not have a “rational” fear of what they see as fundamentalist Islam and it’s acolytes. I include in that “CAIR” and the Muslim Brotherhood whom BHO (and HRC) have fully embraced.  So much for the “Arab (Winter) Spring”……

  19. Fromafar says:

    I may have misunderstood your remarks re: David?
    I initially felt David was not being so much the Devil’s advocate (challenging me to articulate a reasonable response) as he was simply being blind in disagreement.
    Many of the PC crowd (and I have no knowledge of David’s background or opinions other than this post), simply state that as Americans we must blindly be complicit in our own demise re: Islam.
    I now feel he was merely challenging me for a response (which is what these posts and comments are for).
    As such, I thought you were perhaps piling on? Sorry for my presumed thinner skin.  
    As to your remarks about Tim Russet – I whole heartedly agree.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  20. dleeper47 says:

    Fromafar NeilFeuer
    FYI, I know and respect Neil … and I thank him again for his kind words. He and I are usually in agreement … (!).
    But we both think for ourselves, eh, Neil?
    I’ve worked with many wonderful Muslim engineers in the US and Israel. I understand that, as Erdogan of Turkey says (paraphrased) “Islam is Islam. There is only one Islam. And any support of democracy or other system is simply a path to worldwide Islam.” 
    What I don’t understand is how to regard people like Zuhdi Jasser and my engineer friends are trying to reform Islam. Is there any way to help them? What do you think?

  21. dleeper47 says:

    Fromafar dleeper47 FYI, I too was once a Democrat. A JFK Democrat. I thought Jimmy Carter was an aberration, and I stayed a registered Democrat, voting for Reagan in both terms. 
    I was wrong about Carter. He was just a ‘way station’ on the path to Obama. 
    So the Democrat party left me too. I do have a couple friends who are (old) JFK-style Democrats. But they’re lonely.

  22. Fromafar says:

    dleeper47 Fromafar NeilFeuer
    David, the issue is: Can Islam reconcile a reformation from within? If they can, what will that look like and how long will it take?
    I have always found it interesting that Islam which is approximately 1300 years old is now “acting out” much like Christianity did when it was about the same age.
    It took less than a few hundred years to reach a reformation and Judaism for other reasons did so of it’s own accord.
    The Zuhdi Jasser’s of the world exist, but in what numbers and to what authority or power can they possibly claim within the world wide Islamic community (Ummah)?
    Modern Christianity does not attempt to proselytize by the sword and Judaism not at all.  Islam quite simply does.  
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her most recent book, says what Islam needs is a “reformation”. However, as much as I admire her, she fails to make the case how this will be accomplished.
    In short – some ideologies are not suited to change.
    Individuals who have a life long background and familial disposition of living in the Western world may indeed “moderate” what they read in the Quran. The greater Ummah however, does not and it’s very fabric would make that almost an impossibility.

  23. Fromafar says:

    dleeper47 Fromafar
    Well said and I feel your pain…..:-)
    Interestingly in my case, I voted for Carter and now consider it to be my worst ballot ever for a victorious candidate. At the time, I was brainwashed into believing Reagan was Governor Ronald Ray Guns.
    Today, I look back at the man who was most likely the best President of my adult life.
    I gave up after Clinton. Yep, I voted for him twice and had to have more pain (in retrospect) when I actually voted for Al Gore.  My two great issues of concern are “Islam is a Religion of Peace” (which I often refer to to as “Pieces”) and the issue of Global Warming (of which I fall on the Skeptic side of the argument).

Carly Fiorina Manhandles NBC's Chuck Todd