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Inspectors General: Obama Administration Obstructing Justice

Posted: August 18, 2014 at 5:00 pm   /   by

Just a minute after the Liar in Chief took office, he pronounced his administration would become “the most open and transparent in history.”  And recently Obama touted, “This is the most transparent administration in history.” But six years into his scandal plagued presidency, critics blast the administration for its lack of cooperation during investigations and the DOJ’s contempt for established oversight procedures.


And it’s not just critics and Republicans who are calling the Obama administration the most corrupt group to ever hold the office. As The Daily Signal Reports:

47 of the federal government’s 73 inspectors general, many of whom were appointed by President Obama, sent their letter to Rep. Darrel Issa (R-CA), Sen. Thomas Carper (D-Del.), and the ranking members of the House Oversight and Government Reform and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committees — essentially pleading with Congress to help the IGs do their jobs uncovering waste, mismanagement, fraud, and corruption within their respective agencies.

In the letter, the IGs complain about the “serious limitations on access to records that have recently impeded the work” of IGs at the Peace Corps, the EPA, and the Department of Justice. Administration lawyers have construed laws related to privilege in “a manner that would override the express authorization contained in the IG Act” and seriously impede the “ability [of the IGs] to conduct our work thoroughly, independently, and in a timely manner.”

According to the letter, the Justice Department withheld “essential records” in three different reviews, despite the fact that such records had been produced for the DOJ IG “in many prior reviews without objection.” Michael Horowitz eventually got access to the files, it seems, but not because Department officials realized they were misinterpreting the IG law in withholding access. No, Horowitz got the records only after DOJ leadership decided that “the three reviews were of assistance to the Department of Justice’s leadership.”

The U.S. was founded on rule of law, not rule of men; yet Obama clearly enforces only those laws that fit his agenda and turns a blind eye when laws that would otherwise impede his “progress” are broken.

Our government was formed specifically to put “checks and balances” on all branches of government to prevent corruption and tyranny. And in this letter by the inspectors general, it is obvious the Obama administration is actively refusing to follow such oversight.

This statement couldn’t ring more true… “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely.” Obama is consolidating power and usurping traditional forms of oversight in order to advance his liberal agenda regardless of its lawlessness.

In all honesty, the corruption surrounding the Obama administration makes Nixon look like a saint.

Derek Butler

Derek Butler is a conservative libertarian who is passionate about preserving individual liberties, defending the Constitution, and who aspires to shine a bright light into liberal hypocrisy—and generally to be the greatest hindrance possible against the progressive agenda.

He graduated Cum Laude from the University of Central Florida with a degree in legal studies. Since the birth of the Tea Party, Derek has been actively involved in the fight to get principled, limited-government candidates elected.


  1. ILEANA says:


    1. DerekButler says:

      @ILEANA Obama is not just blinded by his utopian ideology, but his contempt for American exceptionalism has fueled his charge to destroy us from withinn. Great comment Ileana!

      1. DerekButler @ILEANA 
        Perhaps this is splitting hairs, but I would argue that contempt for American exceptionalism is a component of utopian statism. The statist must destroy the existing order; he must make us unexceptional, and filled with self-doubt, in order to strip us of individuality and force us into the collective. The individual stands in the statist’s way. Exceptionalism—that which sets America apart—stands in the statist’s way every bit as much.

        1. JTallman says:

          WesternFreePress DerekButler I don’t know if you’ve seen “The Giver” but it has some pretty interesting parts that remind me of some of what is going on today.  The Chief Elder says something like, “When the people are given the freedom to choose, they choose wrong…every time.”  Just kind of reminded me of that with your comment about utopias.

          1. JTallman DerekButler 
            Hmm, no, I haven’t seen that movie and don’t know anything about it. But I do know that that sentiment is a very statist one. They hate individualism and freedom, and must destroy it. They hate the messy, uncontrolled nature of life and seek to clean it up and resolve all of its messy contradictions. And, invariably, they are elitists—they see the rest of us as rabble unable to make proper choices—literally as being incapable of handling our own freedom. Thus, they must take it from us for our own good and the good of the collective. 
            I don’t know what the context of the statement in the movie was, aand maybe it was meant differently there, but 
            “When the people are given the freedom to choose, they choose wrong…every time.”
            is something I could imagine any of the early 20th century progressives and proto-fascists saying.

          2. DerekButler says:

            WesternFreePress JTallman DerekButler
            I’ll have to check out the movie. But what I don’t understand is how the failures of all the states that tried to implement Karl Marx vision of a utopia failed miserably. And in the process killed millions of people. Is it because the new progressive (communist) thinks they are smarter and can succeed? Or are they just using the idea of a utopia to consolidate power? I believe the true intention is control, not equality… not justice… not a utopia. I agree with you Chris that removing American exceptionalism is paramount for the success of the liberal agenda.

          3. DerekButler JTallman A while back, in a moment where I felt compelled to make a definitive statement in response to a hostile leftist commenter, I wrote this:
            What is so tragic is that you cannot see the manifest failure of the ideology of the left before your eyes. The utter discrediting of command economy; the slow-motion collapse of welfare-state, corporatist/crony quasi-capitalism in Europe and the U.S.; the millions of oppressed peoples; the 100 million slaughtered in the 20th century alone. All for this endless dream that with the right amount of force and coercion and state power, a utopia on earth can be built. When do you people stop the meddling? The oppression? When do you stop the killing? When do you let human beings be free? When do individuals, families, communities, and private associations get to work together, voluntarily, to manage our own affairs and achieve great things without the fetters of a paternalistic elite who claim to know what’s good for us.
            These things, too, I fear, are beyond your ken. You have placed yourself on a hill you believe to be the moral high ground. No one is as compassionate as you. No one cares the way you do. Anyone who opposes you is a monster.
            All the while, the real truth is, you—and every oppressor of human liberty like you—are guilty of far greater moral crimes. 

            I believe that though the cognoscenti are in it for power, most of them truly do believe in their quest for utopia on earth.
            I wrote about this at some length here:

          4. ganghis1 says:

            DerekButler WesternFreePress JTallman Their wish is obviously to centralize power in the hands of as few as possible; making it easier to manipulate.

          5. ganghis1 DerekButler JTallman 
            Yes, modern statism, tragically, is just a modern version of ancient statism. Despots, conquerors, monarchs, progressives, fascists, totalitarians, collectivists . . . it’s all the same thing: the idea that some men should rule over other men.

  2. ganghis1 says:

    There is no one more easily sold hook line and sinker than a committed idealist. Their perception of what they see and hear is usua lly distorted because of their belief in the purity of their ideals. Our media bought into the lofty goals of a President who is willing to bend every rule and law in order to further his agenda. As long as his intentions were viewed as good, much of the mechanics of his achieving his goals were just insignificant details. Lawlessness was ignored for the greater good.
    Little by little, the ability of the media to perform their duty was eroded until now,  having given away their ability to objectively serve as a check on governmental power, they have lost their source of their power, the faith and trust of the American people. Without the

    1. ganghis1 Well said, and all true.
      That said, while we’re all potentially subject to, and guilty of, confirmation bias, I think the left is/are more so. I think that’s part of the utopian mindset, and what Thomas Sowell identified as the “unconstrained vision.” They don’t believe what they see, they see what they believe.

  3. ganghis1 says:

    Rulers rule for their own enrichment and power. Leaders show the path for a better life for those that they are chosen to lead.

    1. ganghis1 Excellent distinction in terminology.

Inspectors General: Obama Administration Obstructing Justice