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Ferguson Protestors Storm Governor Jay Nixon’s Office

Posted: August 18, 2014 at 3:40 pm   /   by

Protestors in Ferguson took their rioting and looting to a new level on Monday when they attempted to storm the office of Governor Jay Nixon, calling him out for the use of the National Guard in heeding off violence.

These protestors began marching towards Governor Nixon’s office this afternoon.


Reporters on the scene were able to capture photos of the protestors attempting to knock open the doors as law enforcement officials scrambled to keep the doors shut, preventing the protestors from storming the building.

Early Monday morning, Governor Nixon had announced that he would be using the National Guard after protests Sunday night turned for the worse, with Molotov cocktails being thrown at police and law enforcement responding by throwing tear gas canisters into the crowd.  In a Monday afternoon press conference from the White House, President Obama said that he supported “limited” use of the National Guard to restore calm and order.

This woman was arrested after allegedly blocking the door of the governor’s office.


Many protests have turned violent and led to a curfew over the weekend, which did not go smoothly.  Many people did not follow the curfew, which led to more run-ins with police officers.  The situation continues to worsen, and it does not appear that any peaceful resolution will occur anytime soon.

Jonathan Tallman

Jonathan Tallman is a senior at George Mason University studying Global Affairs with a concentration in the Middle East and North Africa.  He has worked for a number of national and state-wide campaigns, including Rick Scott, Rick Perry, and Jon Huntsman.  
He has a deep passion for politics and world affairs and loves to travel whenever he gets the chance.
Jonathan plans on graduating in December from GMU.  You can follow him on Twitter @JTTallman.


  1. BillOtinger says:

    Could COMMUNIST be agitating this , It is Certainly EVIL what the EVIL Cop Did, However Peaceful Continuous Marches would achieve Much More than Violent Marches

    1. BillOtinger I used to do photojournalism at pro-Hamas, pro-Palestinian, pro-amnesty, and anti-war rallies in Los Angeles . . . and I saw the same communists agitating at every one of them. Agitating . . . and orchestrating (bullhorns, well-made signs, etc.). I have pictures of the same guy from A.N.S.W.E.R. (I called him Mr. Lip-ring at the time) at at least three different rallies.
      I  also have colleagues who have interviewed former gang members who said that in the 1960s, communists came into the inner cities and put guns directly into the hands of blacks in early gangs and instructed them on how to agitate and cause mayhem and violence.

    2. MidwestDawn says:

      BillOtinger You say it was evil that the cop did.  More evidence is showing that Michael Brown punched the cop in the face and went for his gun.  What was the cop supposed to do – stand there and let Michael Brown get his gun so Michael could then shoot the cop?  No, the cop had every right to defend himself – there is nothing evil about that.

      1. @MidwestDawn BillOtinger “Michael Brown punched the cop in the face and went for his gun”That was the cop’s original claim.

  2. airbornesoldier says:

    Since when is it “American” to try a case in the court of public opinion? Since when did we start allowing vigilante justice as an acceptable form of redress of grievances? The rioters are looking more and more stupid by the hour. Mike Brown had a criminal history, juvenile, which the family thought we wouldnt find out about. His mother has a criminal history. His stepfather, who has a different address than his mother, has a criminal history. Brown had just robbed a store, a class 2 felony in Missouri. He had just committed assault on a very small and old minority man. He then refused to follow the legal instructions of a police officer and used his NFL linebacker sized body as a weapon. The officer defended himself.
    Where is the black outrage over the systematic welfare that has made the formerly great black family all but non-existent? Where is the rage over who has the most influence of their children? Where is the rage over the race pimps who profit greatly from the deaths of young black men? When will blacks see cause and effect from 80 years of New Deal then Great Society programs designed to “help” them?

    1. airbornesoldier You ask fantastic questions in your second paragraph. It won’t happen until either the media and the Democrats stop lying and hoodwinking, and/or  Republicans, conservatives, and/or libertarians start going into minority communities and engaging and telling the truth.
      Let it be soon!

    2. Ron Noonan says:

      airbornesoldier Interesting to note first amendment no longer exists!  The right to petition ( the citizens of the ) grand jury for redress of grievances against the government!  Now You must get PERMISSION from a government offiial before “petitioning” the grand jury!  Madison wrote the amendment to protect us from GOVERNMENT, and NOT the other way around!  Today, even the foreman is appointed by a judge in most states, instead of members of the grand jury.  Getting permission from a judge or DA is a contradiction of the first amendment!  If the citizens of Furgeson petitioned the grand jury, there still would most likely not be a true bill against the Policeman.  However, most citizens of the USA are frustrated with the lack of access to the grand jury!  This includes all races!  Every revolution started when the citizens were denied access to redress against their government!  In the early 1900’s the citizen filing the complaint was called the prosecutor!  Now the court has changed the ‘definition” of what a prosecutor is!  That is one example of how judges change the constitution simply by changing the meaning of ONE WORD!

Ferguson Protestors Storm Governor Jay Nixon's Office