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Black Cops Dump White Quadriplegic Out of Wheelchair ON VIDEO and No One Cares

Posted: August 18, 2014 at 8:08 am   /   by

By now, with the events in Ferguson, we all know that there is a great deal of double standards in the media.  A video has resurfaced from a 2008 incident that shows something the media paid little attention to, most likely because it didn’t play along with the agenda of a racist America that they are usually trying to push.

In this INCREDIBLE video, you see a police officer throw a quadriplegic man out of his wheelchair on to the floor, simply because the officer didn’t believe he was actually quadriplegic.

As the media and politicians continue to split the nation apart and set America back decades on race relations, keep this video in mind.  Where was the outrage and anger for this quadriplegic man?  Where were the calls for “justice”?  Where were the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world when this happened?

There are three things we can take away from the resurfacing of this video:

1.  There were no calls of racism and demands for retaliation, even though the victim was white and the police officer who flipped him out of the chair was black.

2.  People did not begin large-scale riots, tearing the city apart demanding the firing (or worse) of the police officer involved.

3.  The media made very little note of the situation.



Jonathan Tallman

Jonathan Tallman is a senior at George Mason University studying Global Affairs with a concentration in the Middle East and North Africa.  He has worked for a number of national and state-wide campaigns, including Rick Scott, Rick Perry, and Jon Huntsman.  
He has a deep passion for politics and world affairs and loves to travel whenever he gets the chance.
Jonathan plans on graduating in December from GMU.  You can follow him on Twitter @JTTallman.


  1. The First Lady says:

    This type of behavior is inexcusable in any fashion from any person of authority.  If I remember correctly, the officer that dumped this young man out of his chair was suspended without pay while the supervisors were suspended with pay.  They all should have been FIRED!

    1. JTallman says:

      @The First Lady I couldn’t agree more!  This type of behavior should never be tolerated!

      1. JTallman @The First Lady Agreed!

  2. Beejiggity says:

    This is infuriating, and unreasonable, but nobody died. And no one  could list out a parade of paraplegics who were thrown from their chars by police officers. There is no pattern of behavior here. It is an isolated incident of a callous fool behind a badge.

    1. JTallman says:

      @Beejiggity He very easily could have died.  Is it only considered police brutality if the person dies?  I  also don’t think that there is a pattern of young black teenagers being shot in Ferguson.

      1. JTallman @Beejiggity 
        Instances of police overreach occur. Usually, it is in highly adrenalized circumstances; they forget their training and go too far. Some of them are authority freaks; some of them are good cops who had a lapse in judgment. There are victims of police abuse of all races. You just hear about some more than others.

        1. CandaceMcCurley says:

          you must be black

    2. DogRunner says:

      @Beejiggity Umm…Rodney King didn’t die either, and they tore LA apart..oh, and they tore Reginald Denny apart for the crime of BEING WHITE.

      1. DogRunner @Beejiggity 
        And there have been a couple of incidents recently where (white) motorists accidentally hit (black) pedestrians and were beaten within an inch of their lives for it by an angry mob. Who does that? If the races were reversed and that happened in my neighborhood, no one would get beaten. Unless the motorist does it on purpose or tries to flee, it’s an accident. Just an accident!

Black Cops Dump White Quadriplegic Out of Wheelchair ON VIDEO and No One Cares