Megyn Kelly Destroys Nancy Pelosi’s Hysteria over Hobby Lobby Decision

| July 11 2014
David Leeper

In lawyerly fashion, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly crushes Nancy Pelosi for her blatantly sexist, hysterical misrepresentations (i.e., lies) regarding the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision.

As shown in this clip, an oily-faced and panicky Pelosi embarrasses herself with a string of flailing absurdities in front of a House press briefing. Has she no shame?

Megyn Kelly’s summary of Pelosi’s folly is so compelling that her followup guest, Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center, is momentarily speechless as he tries to figure out something to add.

By all appearances, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have become borderline delusional and/or demented. And week by week, it’s getting worse and worse, seemingly without limit. Perhaps we should have some sympathy for them — the conga line of scandals emerging from the Obama administration must surely be taking its toll on their fragile psyches.



A good example of Megyn's legal expertise and logic.  Progressives are desparate as King Obama falls apart  and they get desparate for the 2014 elections.  Nancy and Harry, whether mentally disabled or not, still holds sway on their pathetic gullible low-info voters.  They must spread as many lies in as short time as possible.

Women are not a monolithic voting bloc who are dominated by hormones and sexual gratification.  Not even close.  Men’s issues are equally women’s issues:  the economy, jobs, food prices, clothing prices, energy prices, gasoline prices, heath care costs, education, keeping children safe, national debt, taxes.  These are the issues women worry about.  Under this current regime, women (and men) have been battered to the bone.  Progressives give women no credit for judgment, intelligence, common sense, and the ability to hear their demagoguery.

Women have not been denied access to the four abortifacients Hobby Lobby is exempted from.  Good grief.  Let them pay for them themselves.   My employer never paid for my food, yet I did not starve, nor did my family.  I spent my own money!

Don't you just love the name of the bill the Progressives rolled out:  "Protect Women's Health from Corporate Interference Act?  Sheesh.

WesternFreePress moderator

@sleepergirl Anbd yet it does appear that the "war on women" theme, plus structured microtargeting, did work for them in 2012.