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Say It Isn’t So, Costco – Have You Really Pulled D’Souza’s Book “America” from Your Shelves?

Posted: July 8, 2014 at 10:07 am   /   by

Amerca ImagineAccording to World Net Daily, Costco is pulling Dinesh D’Souza’s America, Imagine a World without Her from their shelves. My wife called Costco this morning to confirm, and she was told by a nice lady (“Julie”) that COSTCO is indeed pulling the book because “it’s not selling”.

My wife was incredulous. With the companion movie debuting on July 4 to excellent reviews at Cinemascore, it is really hard to believe that the book is not selling well.

Yet, according to “Corporate”, said Julie, the book is not meeting threshold sales requirements. I suppose that’s possible, and we’ll soon know more since there are plenty of other sales channels — unless of course, Amazon decides to follow suit(?).

As reported by The Washington PostCostco is known to be friendly to Obama, having contributed over $200,000 to Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign.

I’ve seen the movie, and I think it’s an excellent political documentary. At its end, the audience broke into spontaneous applause — I’ve only encountered that two or three times in my lifetime. I plan to see it again — probably more than once. I’ve just started reading the book, and I’m finding it well written, well researched, and compelling. D’Souza’s style and voice shine through — there’s no sign of a “ghost writer”.

In both the movie and the book, D’Souza gives full weight to the arguments of the Left, acknowledging their valid points of criticism. In fact, the first part of the movie is so packed with non-stop criticism of America that I wondered if I were watching the wrong movie. That isn’t often done in (most) conservative books and movies. After that first long segment, D’Souza calmly and carefully offers his own counter-arguments.

America1To those on the Left or Right, puzzled by what motivates the behavior of the “other side”, this book explains a lot. It’s a worthy read for all Americans except those obstinate zealots on both sides who prefer to close their eyes and ears. Make no mistake however, the book is decidedly conservative, as is D’Souza.

If Costco is succumbing to pressure from the White House or is self-censoring its own book sales because of their corporate executives’ political leanings, it’s a really sad day. The former would be downright Stalinist, and the latter would be both crony capitalist and anti-free-speech.

Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices book is reported to be selling poorly. But Hillary held a book signing at Costco. Will Costco be pulling her book from their shelves if it doesn’t “meet threshold”? Or are there other factors Costco execs are considering? Why not invite D’Souza to hold a book signing and see how he does?

If the White House or Costco’s executives don’t like D’Souza’s free speech, they could and should counter it with more free speech of their own. Both sides should welcome that. Anything less is unAmerican — let alone bad business for Costco, no?


UPDATE: See the followup article at this link, published late on July 8, in which Fox News announces a reversal of Costco’s position.