Megyn Kelly & Brit Hume – Indictment of a Failed Presidency

| June 18 2014
David Leeper

In just 5 minutes, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume deliver an incisive, bullet-listed, top-level indictment of the failures, debacles, scandals, and continuing downward slide of Obama’s presidency.

In this short time, Kelly & Hume can’t cover everything — for example, they don’t mention Eric Holder’s race-biased DOJ policies,  the murderous Fast & Furious scandal, and his politically selective law enforcement.

Hume focuses on the economy and on the Obama regime’s stupefyingly wrong-headed foreign policy philosophy. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry still seemed determined to declare their foreign policies as “successful” no matter what the actual results. It is willful blindness.  It is absurd. It is borderline Soviet.

Brit Hume’s summary, paraphrased:

I’m an American. I wanted a robust recovery. I wanted a more peaceful world. WE DON’T HAVE IT.

It’s hard to imagine that Obama’s policies, which he’s reluctant to change, are going to make things better.

So …


From Fox News The Kelly File, June 17, 2014.


It's only a "failed presidency" from our POV - normal, country-loving US citizens.  It is entirely successful from Team Obama's standpoint because he intended to give the US its comeuppance, wanted to cut us down to size, make us no better than his vaunted to be emulated European socialist states, wanted to reduce our global footprint, and finally wanted to make us UNEXCEPTIONAL.