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Judge Jeanine: Bowe Bergdahl Fiasco Cries Out for Obama’s Impeachment

Posted: June 7, 2014 at 7:14 pm   /   by

Judge Jeanine Pirro again calls for Obama’s impeachment — this time for the astonishing exchange of one (alleged) US deserter for five top Taliban leaders held at Guantanamo Bay. Nostrils flaring, she drives home one point after another, like nails in a coffin, as she builds her case.

Obama didn’t simply release these murderers, says Judge Jeanine, he unleashed them. Ominously, the judge warns that the blood of their future victims will be on Barack Obama’s hands.


This excerpt is from Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine, June 7, 2014.

David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 45 years. He is currently a volunteer science teacher at In his 40-year career he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at Bell Labs, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he wrote mainly for technical journals including Scientific American. He began writing for in 2011.
David Leeper


  1. Dean1942 says: Judge Piero said a mouth full and all correct. Obama crossed the line and should be impeached. He, Obama,  put all Americans  in danger with this action. Obama in my opinion is Muslim and does not like America. Obama ran for President not for love of country but to change America to his and his wife’s thinking. Obama is a idiot and a  fool and embarrassment to this great country.

    1. Dean1942 I do agree with the notion that his motivations come from a place that is not pro-American in any sense that we would understand it. His allegiance is to the ideology of statism and internationalist leftism. By and large, historically, America has stood in the way of these phenomena, which means that America, by and large, is in the way of his objectives.
      That said, i don’t think impeachment would serve us well politically, even though he clearly deserves it.

      1. dleeper47 says:

        WesternFreePress Dean1942
        The Democrats should be the ones to start the impeachment process. He’s their guy, and he’s their Big Mistake. This is what they get for not vetting their own candidate — perhaps they were afraid of what they might find — now we’re all paying the price for the Democrats’ gradual surrender of their party to (the equivalent of) their Bolshevik wing. 
        Regarding impeachment, the GOP would do well to call on Democrats, repeatedly, to take the lead. Ultimately, there would not be an actual impeachment. But some big-name Democrats would pay Obama a visit and advise him that he “no longer has their support.” Then he could save face by resigning, for the good of the country and his party, just as Nixon did (over far lesser transgressions).

        1. dexter60 says:

          dleeper47 WesternFreePress Dean1942  ::
          It is not a matter of saving face with resignation — he ats they in a box or will destroy them with the Republic. This not a chess game, there is no saving anything for those in and around the regime. Republicans have for the Most art played along, hoping to escape the consequences — but they cannot either. Listen to SC Lindsey Graham: Next time well be mad.

          1. dexter60 dleeper47 WesternFreePress Dean1942  I wish impeachment could work, I really do. Impeachment is the least of what this criminal deconstructionist infiltrator deserves. But I just cannot see it flying in the current media climate.

          2. Shootist says:

            WesternFreePress dexter60 dleeper47 Dean1942 That, and the lack of honest democrats (damn Howard Baker’s eyes).

          3. Shootist dexter60 dleeper47 Dean1942 
            Nixon-era Republicans helped Dems investigate Watergate.
            Obama-era Dems will do no such thing.

  2. David Umphres says:

    So well said Judge Jeanine !!

    1. David Umphres Yes!

  3. Jonas Grumby says:

    I would like to personally thank all TeaBags for killing Conservatism faster than any Liberal could have dreamed.

    1. warddorrity says:

      @Jonas Grumby  Try something else, Pajama boy. No one’s buying what you’re selling.

    2. dleeper47 says:

      @Jonas Grumby
      Jonas: What’s a “TeaBag”? What is it that “TeaBags” and Conservatives believe that you should want them “killed”? They must believe something really awful, no? Please tell us more. Thanks.

      1. dleeper47 @Jonas Grumby warddorrity 
        Yes, I second the request. If an ideology is to be indicted in so blanket a fashion, you should be able to list at least a few items in evidence as to its guilt . . .

  4. Shootist says:

    The author should find something important to do.  If the US couldn’t convict Slick Willie for lying to a grand jury it isn’t going to convict Obama for absolutely acting within his Constitutional Authority.

    1. sleepergirl says:

      Shootist I should rather recommend POTUS find something important to do.  This black-white man-child doesn’t really know who he is.  He is continuously being operated by a multitude of puppetmasters.  O and his team are in way over their heads.  Not a lick of common sense or real-life experience among them.  And they hate and distrust our military and haven’t a clue of honorable service.

      POTUS has no constitutional authority to aid and abet our enemies, does he?  Maybe I missed that in my study of our Constitution.  The Bergdahl Five are WAR CRIMINALS and they are itching to return to the battle field to killand maim infidels (I bet you are an infidel too), especially Americans.

      Impeachment is a remedy for ousting a president who has committed high crimes and misdemeanors.  Even in 1789 O’s action of releasing the five terrorists would have qualified as a high crime.  Impeachment doesn’t require that POTUS have broken a civil law, only exhibited outrageous and unbecoming conduct.  I’d put his Bergdahl swap in that category.

      1. Shootist says:

        sleepergirl Shootist I’ll point you to Krauthammer and Will on whether the President has both the explicit and implicit authority to do prisoner swaps.  He does. Just as Reagan had the authority to negotiate guns for hostages back in the day (regardless of Congress’s machinations, then or now). 

        If Clinton’s Impeachment says anything about the process it is that Impeachment does nothing without a conviction but stir up support for the person on trial.

        1. sleepergirl says:

          Shootist sleepergirl I’ll point YOU to Andrew McCarthy, a US attorney who actually prosecuted one of the 1993 WTC bombers.  McCarthy’s the one with law experience, not the sometimes squishy Will and Krautsie.  Whether POTUS has the “authority” to execute this POW swap (although Gitmo swells are not POW according to the Geneva Convention), his decision to release the 5 Taliban “generals” is a dereliction of his duty to protect Americans and shows a grave lack of judgment and common sense.  It’s a stretch too to refer Bowe as a hostage.  He willingly put aside his military identity and obligations to his platoon buddies and oath to his country to go walking off into the pits of the world near the Pakistan border seeking out the Taliban.

          We could also add to articles of impeachment of Obama the Benghazie  scandal and coverup certainly and many other cases where Obama failed to “execute” the law as required in his oath of office.  The reasons for Nixon’s and Clinton’s impeachments pale in comparison to the mayhem Obama has wrought.

          1. Shootist says:

            sleepergirl Shootist sorry, Impeachment isn’t a legal proceeding, it is a political proceeding, and if you cannot convict it just isn’t worth the trouble.

          2. Shootist sleepergirl Ignoring, for the sake of argument and for the time being, whether the president deserves to be impeache4d or could successfully be impeached, my view is that from a political standpoint, it’s a guaranteed loser for us. 
            We have a chance—granted, it’s slim, given today’s media—to make some headway on Benghazi, the IRS, the VA, etc. If we began impeachment, everything—all the scandals, all the end-runs around congress, all the failures, and the weak economy—would vanish overnight. From that moment forward, the media would make Obama the victim of a bitter, racist witchhunt. He’d be an insta-martyr, and we’d get nowhere for the effort.
            It would be better to derive, based on Congressional investigation, a series of determinations of guilt among various parties (Obama, Holder, et al) on a variety of issues and then just leave those hanging out there. No impeachment. Just an American populace sickened and a Democratic Party damaged for a generation.

    2. dexter60 says:

      Shootist  ::
      When the Constitution is trashed because ‘it is too restricting,’ there is no sense in referring to its authority at the same time. You are in denial. Your logic collapses for lack of substance.
      Obama told us he was going to change America and every move has been to bring it down and us with it.
      What are you planning to do as it comes down on your own head? Write a poem that starts out “The boy stood on the burning deck ….”?

      1. Shootist says:

        dexter60 Shootist R U not advocating Impeachment for swapping Bergdahl for the 5 barbarians?

        A US President has full authority to negotiate prisoner exchanges, Congressional action notwithstanding.

        1. dexter60 says:

          Shootist dexter60  ::
          Not according to the Law.
          Don’t try to use the law to side-step the reason for it being written into the contract that formed a government of the people, not of ruling lawyers.
          This Bergdahlb is not just an AWOL, deserter from combat, but a defector. Like Obama, he deserves the death penalty — talk your way out of that to a real citizen and you will do no better than they can.
          Your faith in them is greater than for the rest of us. Aren’t you ‘special.’

          1. Shootist says:

            dexter60 Shootist sorry bub, no matter how hard you wish, doesn’t make it so.

          2. dexter60 says:

            Shootist dexter60 
            Perhaps because you’d like a silver bullet, and cannot find one, you can just give it up — but impeachment, or turning over stones, or giving a reaction to every assault no matter how small compared to the insult is to make this weaker number and strength of these POS rotballs fail — they have no sense of the future nor a future in soon to see fact.
            Submit and you fail w/o effort at all — isn’t that great: you make their wish come true.

          3. Shootist says:

            dexter60 Shootist Purely political acts with no substance is exactly what we don’t need.

            Lacking an honest democrat to play the role of Howard (damn his eyes) Baker, the illliterati (the illiterate and politically ignorant American voter (~80%)) would not stand for something as “unfair” as Impeaching a black man on national television.

            A guaranteed looser for GOP, a guaranteed winner for totalitarianism.

          4. Shootist dexter60 Listen to Shootist—he speaks the truth!  Obama deserves impeachment, but attempting to make it happen would be a win for him and a disaster for us. 
            There are other battlegrounds. Other more effective ways to win this.

          5. dexter60 says:

            WesternFreePress Shootist dexter60  So you agree with him, wonderful. The truth like justice s what we strive for, if honest. Impeachment like all the other efforts are well within the arsenal for freedom — to be used with all the other means. To cast it aside put of some vague fear and complications means to me there is a flaw much like in any hedonistic calculus which cannot be a part of dealing with this or any other sort of opposition. One must know himself as important as knowing the enemy.

            Do not forget: we are here first and have that as an advantage as providers, not to be used. otherwise: Prepare to submit.

          6. dexter60 Shootist Let’s say this is war and the three of us are generals. We’re in a bunker looking at a map. We have 15 different beaches that we can assault. All Shootist and I are saying is that we think that Beach #5 isn’t our best best. But we agree on the other 14!
            Please, let’s not do the Judean People’s Front thing.


          7. dexter60 says:

            Shootist dexter60 
            Every move they make must be met with appropriate reaction — that is a rule that cannot be ignored. Parsing political with non-substantive to minimize this, ignores even the power of even the mere existence of response over the pitiful ‘what can we do?’ that comes from those fixated on being defeated and in denial. Certainly victimhood requires an oppressor as much as the oppressor need create victims — in the jungle. That is not where I, for one, intend to live.
            A sociopathic predilection for bigotry may be supportive of the current regime and bolster the idea of success for the manipulations, but that is not the dominating factor for those not stuck in the Dark Ages.
            This is not the middle-East nor is it Hitler’s Germany quite yet from those inroads eating at our culture to make Orwellian prediction of what the mythical 80% will or will not do. We still have in sight the Rule of Law and the practicalities of living threatened; it does not take an advance degree to know at some point the cost of fraud will bring down the engines of perverted power. The philosophy of a dog or Charlie Manson just doesn’t work, the war cannot be won by those who declare it lost already.
            Obama can be impeached or the other, at some point that issue is clearly academic in itself. His Cause and presence is Failure and it must ultimately include his own. Misplaced faith and misplace loyalty yield the same sour results.
            Who’s side do you want us to think you are on?
            Have a nice day, but know it is not yours alone.

          8. dexter60 Shootist We are on the same side—why would you suggest otherwise?

          9. dexter60 says:

            WesternFreePress dexter60 Shootist 
            Defeatism attacks all sides.

          10. dexter60 says:

            By the way, reflecting on your 80% numbr, th best I could give you might be s high as 30%; hard to say since the dithering seems to be at times on the order of 5%, in the noise.
            Your overall advice in this should have been give to Anita Hill,, to prevent a rather ugly product of destructive propaganda and fabrications. Deceit is not at all a foundation of society, ever.

          11. Shootist says:

            dexter60 Shootist What’s the issue? That 80% of the voting age population is politically ignorant?  I rest on that number.  Just ask them who their Senator or Representative is.

          12. dexter60 says:

            Shootist dexter60 
            If voting itself could be trusted and actual integrity in candidature assured, you might have a point based upon mal-education — but that is not what rules in the practical world. The behind the scene deals and agreements tilt the picture until people react.
            As for the issue of   Impeachment -“A guaranteed looser for GOP, a guaranteed winner for totalitarianism.”
            Perhaps you could explain how the removal of a tyrant can be translated in other than literary terms, as any kind of victory for totalitarianism.
            Can we (not just the crippled GOP) really be doomed for killing the wolf at our throats by some Shamanistic suppositions?
            It defies common sense. One might ask why we do not invite greater injustice to build the workers’ paradise, raise the minimum wage to 100 dollars an hour so the purchase power shrinks to infinitesimal with capitalism encased in negative interest. This is not even Through the Looking Glass.
            If we are to be slaves to logic, we then we should not allow it to be inverted.

  5. NeilFeuer says:

    Impeachment is part of the process needed, but Removal from office is the goal!
    We sit here and are watching our country being ruined by Obama and his puppet master or masters.
    We have just given the same people who want to kill us, the leadership they needed. Obama has made this decision without obeying the law, he didn’t listen to his advisors in the military. (Actually, quote General Jack Keane he never has).
    He has dismantled our military that he despises to begin with, he has insulted them with the treatment of the VA, the speech at West Point, all the years of blood and treasure has been lost in one quick lawless move with this Bergdahl Fiasco, he even questions Bergdahl’s brothers and to top it all he stands with a smile in the Rose Garden with the parents of a deserter, speaking in some Arabic tongue praising Allah, for the whole world to see, beard and all, that I cannot look at like so many others, so stop questioning and start the process, get outraged, get this POTUS REMOVED FROM OFFICE, TIME IS NOT IN OUR FAVOR, by this release of the Terror Dream Team, we just gave them the tools, experience, funding to plan the next 9/11.

  6. glasswerks says:

    As long as Eric Holder heads up the DOJ an Obama impeachment will be nothing more than a sideshow and waste of taxpayer dollars. He needs to be removed from office first. There’s no doubt a fair case for his impeachment. Oh, and don’t forget our good friend Harry Reid…who will just shelve it. Nope. First things first – take the Senate & hold the House. 2) Repeal the ACA – It is essential to the Obama agenda and with luck it will put Obama over the edge and he’ll do something stupid. 3) Impeach Eric Holder, and THEN Impeach the President.

  7. Pearls12 says:

    This president is an enemy of America!  This is his plan.

    1. Pearls12 Observing his behavior and actions, it is hard not to conclude that his agenda is not ours.

  8. NeilFeuer says:

    He is the most dangerous man in America and the world, the DEVIL himself and the idea of impeachment or everything else on the table is great, but REMOVAL FROM OFFICE TODAY IS WHAT MUST BE DONE, NO LESS

  9. Pearls12 says:

    Who has the authority to do this?  It doesn’t seem like anyone is doing anything.  The only ones speaking out is Fox and CBN.

    1. Pearls12 Congress has the authority, but for a convoluted series of reasons, they are not likely to pursue impeachment.

  10. shawn says:

    why do u hate obama so much. never have nothing good to say about him. if u know so much wont you run for president. what you going to talk about when he leave office. you proble wont have a JOB.OBAMA HATTER. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. LOL

Judge Jeanine: Bowe Bergdahl Fiasco Cries Out for Obama's Impeachment