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Arizona may be early leader in call for Article V convention of states

Posted: January 25, 2014 at 2:10 pm   /   by


STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (Jan. 24, 2014) – Rep. Kelly Townsend, R-Mesa, has proposed that state legislators formally ask the federal government to call for a convention of states for the purpose of proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution; the gathering is also known as an Article V Convention.

House Concurrent Resolution 2027, sponsored by Townsend, is the first step that at least 34 states must take in order to set into motion the call for a convention of states. Article V of the U.S. Constitution says that if two-thirds of state legislatures request a convention of states, the federal government must call for a convention.

Article V permits the states to propose and ratify amendments to the U.S. Constitution without the votes of federal representatives and signature of the president.

“Our federal representatives have created a national debt that threatens our most basic freedoms,” Townsend said, “and threatens the liberty of generations to come. The states must act now to forestall further damage to our economic and personal liberties.”

Once a convention is called, amendments to the U.S. Constitution can then be proposed by the states. To take effect, an amendment requires approval of three-fourths of the 50 state legislatures, or 38 states. How each state ratifies an amendment is to be determined by the U.S. Congress. The convention itself will only propose amendments; it will not ratify them.

This has never been done before.


  1. BillWalker says:

    The states already have enough applications to cause a convention call. You can read the 746 applications from 49 states at One correction to the story. A convention of the states and an Article V Convention are not synonymous. The AVC refers to the convention specified in Article V of the United States Constitution. Despite efforts of supporters to suggest otherwise, there is no convention of the states in the Constitution. Moreover, federal law mandates, and court rulings support, the fact that a convention will be elected by the people, not the state legislatures as members of the group Convention of the States advocate.

    1. Paul Apicella says:

      BillWalker Dear Mister Walker. Read Article V. The states CAN call a Convention and Congress will only have a secretarial roll. The Congress has no power to stop them or disapprove what the legislators do. By the way, we live in a republic not a democracy. The Legislators represent “We the People”. Before the Constitution was ratified, states had conventions to resolve issues between themselves.
      I suspect that States sent recommendations to the Congress to be voted on but were ignored. That’s the first part of Article V.

      1. Art Garland says:

        Paul ApicellaBillWalker What happens if we get s run-away convention that “in effect rewrites the constitution”?

        1. Art GarlandPaul ApicellaBillWalkerThough your concern is understandable, there is actually little to fear.At the point, there is far greater risk in doing nothing.

          We have written extensively on this subject.(Sorry to do a document dump on you, but this is all useful stuff):












        2. MaEvenBeMe says:

          Art GarlandPaul ApicellaBillWalkerWell, the States convention has the power to IMPEACH OBAMA.  I embrace that 100%.  I don’t want to be a Muslim, and I don’t want to be a commie.  Obama is dirty, and is potus through George Soros.  The states convention can both impeach Obama and Harry Reid and Joe Biden.  Then, we have a chance that we can deport illegal aliens, especially those from the middle east.  Ban Islam in the USA.  Help Vlad eradicate Islam world wide.  Pay down the debt. and Viola!  We have our country back, and the LIBS can go pound sand until they bleed.  They are predators, and need to be put down.  Anyone who votes for a Democrat in the next election should be horsewhipped and taken to school to remind them what they have tried so hard to destroy.

        3. Paul Apicella says:

          Art Garland Paul Apicella BillWalker Thanks for the question Mister Garland. The States will create a process to empower their delegates to vote for or against specific items that will be listed for the Convention of the States. Indiana passed its legislation which provides for JAIL & FINES for a delegate that tries to vote for something that the State does not want. There is no chance for a runaway Convention of the States.

        4. Paul ApicellaArt GarlandBillWalkerExactly so. Thanks, Paul!

  2. BillWalker says:

    Dear Mr. Apicella. I can assure you I’ve read Article V. It is not true states can call a convention. The Constitution mandates that is power of Congress. However, that power is totally controlled by state applications for a convention call. As to “legislators” (and I am assuming here we are now discussing actually participating in the convention as opposed to applying for a call) they shall have no role. The Constitution forbids their direct participation unless they resign their office of legislator and seeks election like any other citizen. The fact of whether we live in a republic or democracy is irrelevant in this case as under either form of government, the people will elect their delegates. These may be former state legislators…or not. But the people will decide that in an election. Says so in federal law by the way. The fact states had conventions before ratification of the Constitution is again immaterial as those conventions were held under the authority of English law or the Articles of Confederation both of which are no longer valid law in this country. Finally while I agree state legislators do represent the people, this does not automatically qualify them to represent the people in a convention any more than it can be postulated that if Congress elects ratification by convention this means the state legislators become the convention delegates. The process is clear. A separate office mandates a separate election. Otherwise someone in Congress could simply declare he or she is now president (without going through the process of election) because they already represent the people.

  3. A1DBB says:


    1. Paul Apicella says:

      A1DBB UNFORTUNATELY Harry Reid is sitting in the Senate like a turd. He stinks to high heaven but we cannot clean it up.

  4. says:

    I am for this but what concerns me is We have a few to many
    Democrat Governors and Democrat Houses and Senates in
    these Democrat States. We saw how they cut and ran to stop
    Republican’s in Wisconsin when they were having their problems.
    What’s to say they do not try the same tactics at our Article V
    Convention. You never know how far a Desperate Communistic
    Democrat will take things. Would a Trick like that just Screw
    everything UP at an Article V Convention? Maybe General Vallely’s
    Call to March on Washington DC by every Veteran and Civilian be
    our Best Rout to take I mean if Egypt can get Millions out where
    they know some will never GO home at least here we still have
    some hope’s Obama will not Declare Martial Law Just to keep US
    His little Peons in Check and start sending US to some of His FEMA CAMPS

    1. demps59@yahoo.comMass protest definitely has an important role to play in effecting change.

      As far as Dems cutting and running—let them! Think about what that means—-it means we have them on the defensive. When do conservatives EVER have the left on the defensive? We must ACT. We must shake things up. We don’t know exactly how or when the wall will give way, but we must keep pressing upon it!

      1. Paul Apicella says:

        WesternFreePress Amen, Brother!

  5. ShirleySpellerberg says:

    A convention of the states is a dangerous idea. Having a bunch of politicians, who are the problem, messing with our constitution could  wind up shredding our constitution. Since the Congress, the president, the judiciary all ignore the constitution and violate it daily, why should we think they would enforce any new amendments. The solution is to educate the electorate on the purpose of the constitution and to seek out, support, and elect grassroots, constitutional candidates.

    1. Average joe says:

      ShirleySpellerberg Leaving as is will be worse than A COS. I’d take my chances with the cos. While side stepping the Constitution is getting to common in DC Even they aren’t directly and openly defying the constitution of the US. What is passed by the cos would also be heavily watched by everybody. Even if the only amendment that passes is A balanced budget amendment it will be enough to slow down these political hacks from continuing to destroy America

      1. Average joeShirleySpellerberg 
        Agreed, Average Joe. 
        Shirley, I understand your concerns, but at this point,l the risk of inaction is far greater. Please check out more here:

  6. MaEvenBeMe says:

    I am convinced that some of the Democrat government are viewing their POTUS as flawed and a communist Muslim, who has committed treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, and malfeasance in office.  They should also be damned scared of the POTUS, who has already given himself dictatorial powers, and rightly so.  I am 100% behind this convention.  They have the power to #ImpeachObama and if they pull their big boy pants up, and just get ‘er done, they can then repeal his godawful legacy.  Obamacare is a snakepit.  He unilaterally gave 8 Billion dollars to both Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, and upped the ante with his gun running to Syria AlQueda.  Oh, yeah, He is dirty.  George Soros should be hanging his head in shame for what his buying the election for Obama has wrought.  #ImpeachObama #TryObamaForTreason.  #NoAmnestyEVER  Get the lawbreakers the hell out of the USA.  And, that includes banning Islam from America.  We have NEVER had a Pesident who hates the USA, and who took office on two rigged elections.  Come on, Governors!  Let’s get ‘er done!!

  7. White Falcon says:

    Does anyone know how many states on on board with this movement? I wish my state of KY. would get with the movement. We have a Democrat govenor, so I don’t know if we can get with the movement or not. I personally support it because the way we are going,this country will fail in the not to distant future. Our Congress is populated mostly by liars, cheats, and thieves, and their power to grow and invade our lives needs to be sharply curtailed, and this debt situation needs to be reversed. These morons will never do it themselves. We must do it in spite of them.

    1. White Falcon Check with the COS and CFA websites. David Leepermay have more info as well.

  8. JoeCouture says:

    Has it occurred to anyone that this could work both ways.  We could lose what little freedom we still have if the liberals can call out their sycophants in sufficient numbers and the conservatives continue to be apathetic.

    1. JoeCoutureThat is a risk in everything. The left is always more active. They are always there ready to pervert anything and everything to their statist aims. But that is all the more reason to act! The best offense is a good offense. We need to stop sitting around and hoping that the relentless march of statist oppression will cease. It won’t. We have to push back . . . hard!

  9. Paul Apicella says:

    Dear Demps59, In 2010 the Republicans won over 600 seats on the State and Congressional  levels. Two thirds of the States must send notifications to the Congress telling them that we are having a Convention of the States. We don’t ASK them, WE TELL THEM. Each State would have to pass legislation authorizing a delegate to vote for or against proposed amendments that have already been listed by the States. So, we have legislatures elected by you and me. These legislatures have to pass the gauntlet of our cheers or screams of disgust. 
    Remember, the Constitution was created for EVERYONE, even the Liberals. 
    Lastly, have faith in the American people. We will stop these liberal progressive hate mongers! :-)

    1. Paul Apicella”We don’t ASK them, WE TELL THEM”
      LOVE IT!

  10. Paul Apicella says:

    Dear Sir, The Leftist has neither a core belief nor a conscience. I say this because a Leftist will never respond when asked about their core beliefs or what their end game is. It’s like a sick perverted cult. Have you noticed that Leftists NEVER EVER criticize another Leftist? It’s a cult!

    1. Paul ApicellaThey all believe that they are building utopia on earth—-that is bound to inspire cult-like behavior!

  11. Paul Apicella says:

    Utopia is what they promise but cannot tell you how much of your Liberty they will need to do it. They are like vampires!

    1. Paul ApicellaJust give us a little more power, a little more control . . . just accept a little more force and coercion . . . and we promise you heaven on Earth.

      Frankly, I think you just insulted vampires.

  12. HardenedSteel says:

    This is an interesting approach but it is not nipping the problem in the bud: I would allow it but I’d rather see a ‘Special Prosecutor’ appointed to try Obama on his “abuses of power.”

    1. HardenedSteelObama is awful, and he has done tremendous damage, but he is one man. Our problems are structural, and they are a century in the making. To fix our situation, we need to deal with a lot more than just one person (though his comeuppance would be a very welcome application of justice).

      1. Paul Apicella says:

        WesternFreePress HardenedSteel Most Republicans are wedded to their career choices. They accept Obamacare and the soaring debt because,in their minds, this situation is normal. When their time comes, they will do exactly what the progressive socialists are doing. They use OUR money to feather their nests. Both sides pass laws that the special interests want and then their life after politics will be comfortable on K Street. Woodrow Wilson started this socialist slide and we have to stop it.

        1. Paul ApicellaWesternFreePressHardenedSteel  
          It is human nature to try to get the most benefit for oneself and one’s family. We have to accept that as a brute fact of our existence. This means that we have to accept that politicians and special interests are going to try to get the most for themselves and their families while in Washington.
          Human nature is not going to change. The key to fixing this is to make structural changes so that there is not much that one can do to advantage oneself by pulling the levers in Washington. We have to reduce what government does so drastically that there are simply no goodies to be distributed.
          When a special interest goes to a politician promising campaign support (what the politician wants) in exchange for goodies from the public trough, regulations that hobble his competitors, etc. (what the special interest wants), the politician has to be able to say, “I’m sorry, I wish I could help you, but we’re only the government—we don’t do much.” This is the only way. Term limits would help, but even that would not fully accomplish what needs to be done.
          If one is looking for a magic bullet, IMO, ending redistribution would give the biggest bang for the buck. If it is constitutionally illegal to take money from one and give to another, there would be far fewer pathways to reward special interests.
          Something like this . . .
          Property shall not be taken from one individual, cohort, or entity and given for the exclusive use of any other one individual, cohort, or entity.

  13. Paul Apicella says:

    Human Nature tries to create a society that rewards virtue aka Honesty & Integrity. These are “things” that are more valuable to a family since they allow it to focus on the material & spiritual. Clans were developed to do this. 
    Trust is a powerful tool that society uses to narrow its focus on the building of family & fortune. The progressive socialists must destroy the family by denigrating it and the fortune by confiscating and then redistributing it. The state is your family & you must obey it. Today the politicians have lost our trust and are stealing our property. They promise Utopia but instead deliver hell on earth. Ask them what their core beliefs are & they will not have an answer. No amount of our property is enough. They will always need more.
    People who have Virtue are to be respected and trusted. Most politicians do not have Virtue. They are thieves and brigands. Read the Liberty Amendments and Ameritopia. The author Mark Levin has many excellent ideas.

    1. Paul ApicellaWell stated. The statists are indeed insatiable!

  14. Keaton says:

    are a lot of young people in Arizona and around this nation interested in an
    Article V convention.My sister and I
    are currently participating in the Convention of States scholarship contest at you are interested in knowing what the
    young people think, look at our entries (Keaton’s
    video entry: and Melanie’s
    graphic entry and those
    of other young people from around this great nation.Help us make a difference and preserve the
    liberties for which our forefathers fought.

Arizona may be early leader in call for Article V convention of states