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Benghazi: A Raging Judge Jeanine Pirro Utterly Destroys Hillary Clinton

Posted: January 18, 2014 at 7:48 pm   /   by

January 18, 2014: With this week’s issuance of the bipartisan investigation report on Benghazi, a raging Judge Jeanine Pirro confronts Hillary Clinton, head-on, for Clinton’s duplicity and negligence as Secretary of State.

Clinton’s behavior before, during, and after the Benghazi atrocity should end any chance of her being a candidate for the Presidency in 2016 or any other office for that matter. Will it? What do you think?


This video is from Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine program of January 18.


UPDATE (Jan 19): See also the video below from the same January 18 show.

KT McFarland (former DOD) and Mike Baker (former CIA) comment on what may (and should) come next. Christopher Mark Heben (former US Navy Seal) comments on the his view of Obama and Clinton as well as that other Navy Seals he knows. Devin Nunes (CA-R) of the House Intelligence Committee comments on the Obama administration’s outright lies and stonewalling regarding Congress’ Benghazi investigations.

Fox News and (especially) Judge Jeanine Pirro are trying to do the job that an independent press used to do on behalf of the American people.

Alas, the traditional mainstream press is no longer independent — it has become a de facto propaganda arm for Big Government in Washington. I wonder if the aging editors at the New York Times can still remember when it was that they sold out.

David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 45 years. He is currently a volunteer science teacher at In his 40-year career he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at Bell Labs, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he wrote mainly for technical journals including Scientific American. He began writing for in 2011.
David Leeper


  1. DouglasWaterman says:

    She is worse than Bill. And that’s bad.

  2. citizen a says:

    wish someone would timesync all those video bits and statement that hillary made about the state of conditions concerning the AQ…with the released timeline of events prior to …and leading to…the terrorist attack at Benghazi. the statements from her..was that her…uh…diplomacy..her…uh…extrordinary statesmanship skills…had created a period of calm in the region. she was looking ahead to a pat on the back.. as a knowledgible and proficient foriegn affairs miricle maker. even at the expense of betraying our embassy. a time sync of video..versus…documented fact… would surely shut her down for good

    1. citizen a Do you have any video software? These things are not too hard to do oneself . . .

      1. citizen a says:

        time is not nice to me

  3. Barbara OConnor says:

    Love Judge Jeanine. She tells it like it is & I always agree with her. She is awesome!

  4. jimmie welly says:

    this happened on 9/11 was this missed

  5. GigGiAldred says:

    Not only Bengazi but the murders she also condoned in Libya – She is a monster wake up America

  6. Cecil says:

    Thanks for your story.  Someone needs to remind the voters in 2016.  Maybe people are starting to listen on what it going with the democrats.

    1. sspdavidmiller says:

      From a conservative I suggest that you consider the FACT that many if not most GOPs are no less scoundrels than DEMs.

      1. sleepergirl says:

        sspdavidmiller I certainly agree that most entrenched Professional Political GOP politicians are scoundrels.  Aren’t we conservatives lucky that we’re being squeezed by Big Govt GOPs as well as the Dems?

        1. sleepergirl sspdavidmiller There are problems with the GOP. But I also have to point out that, for example, 100% of them voted for Obamacare, and 100% of Dems voted for it. There ARE differences, and big ones. It’s just that in these circumstances, the differences aren’t great enough, and too few Republicans understand first principles, and too few know how to fight. And then there’s the power elite who want to move things to the left….they certainly are a problem. I just don’t want to paint with too broad a brush.

        2. sleepergirl says:

          WesternFreePress sleepergirl sspdavidmiller Do you mean 100% GOP voted against Obamacare?  During the Ted Cruz fight last fall, there were plenty of GOP who did essentially vote for Obamacare because they chose to fund it!

          The Big Govt Permanent Professional GOPs are a big problem.  They like the status quo, they like extorting companies and organizations to donate campaign money, they like all their perks, they like buying and selling votes in Congress and influence.  Congressional SOP has gotten way out of hand and is the best money making job going.  I’m reading the book Extortion, and I can only read a few pages at a time because it makes me so damned angry.  The entire swamp must be drained.  Even good guys like Thune, Tom Price take advantage of their superPACS.  They all living on Easy Street and living like royalty.  Ach!

        3. sleepergirlWesternFreePresssspdavidmillerYes, against. Sorry.

          And I hear you. The situation is truly frustrating. I don’t think that the GOP and the Dems are synonymous, but there are certainly a lot of problems on the entrenched right. We need to limit government structurally, constitutionally, making it impossible for any persons or interests to become entrenched.

        4. sleepergirl says:

          WesternFreePress sleepergirl sspdavidmiller If that happens, can we say Nirvana!

        5. sleepergirlWesternFreePresssspdavidmillerYes, it is ironic that paradise on earth is the statist left’s goal, and while such a thing is not possible, the system that will get us closest is the one that they oppose most bitterly.

  7. BillHarbaugh says:

    alright Judge Jeanine way to tell her like it is, thank you for saying what all of us what to say but can’t!

  8. Don DeLong says:

    I think she should be head of DOJ

    1. dleeper47 says:

      Don DeLong 
      She would make a great AG. She has the experience and the right attitude toward justice. Another good candidate might J Christian Adams …

      1. sleepergirl says:

        dleeper47 Don DeLong Although I like Christian Adams too, I don’t see him heading a Cabinet level post.

  9. DougMarsh1 says:

    Thanks for saying it the way it is, Judge!!!   You belong on someone’s short list going into this next election as a running mate!!!  I would dearly love watching a presidential debate between you and Killery!!! LOL  It just wouldn’t be a fair fight!!!  I love a bulldog in my corner!  But then, I would love to see her verbally chewed up the way she allowed Stephens to be phusically torn up in Benghazi….

    1. BillHarbaugh says:

      DougMarsh1 I’d vote for her!

  10. Laura Paris says:

    Judge Jeanine,  please be careful.  I don’t trust the Clinton’s or any Democrat Liberal.  I’m glad you tell it like it is. So did Glen Beck and see what happen to him.

    1. Laura Paris what happened to him?

  11. sspdavidmiller says:

    Will Benghazigate hurt her chances in 2016? Of course it won’t, but it should. I suspect that most Americans have never heard the word Benghazi.

  12. JTShroyer says:

    BENGHAZI FACTS EVERYONE MUST KNOW BEFORE 2016:1. The nonpartisan Accountability Review Board and the Senate report did not find Hillary Rodham Clinton directly responsible for the Benghazi attacks. Hillary never received the cables requesting more security. In-fact, Ambassador Christopher Stevens turned down additional security according to the Senate’s latest report — a report that never mentions Hillary by name (except in the Republican dissenting section). In other words, Hillary was never found to be directly responsible for Benghazi by any of the official Benghazi reports. 
    2. Republicans cut millions and millions of dollars in “embassy security.” Cuts that Hillary Clinton called “detrimental” to our security overseas. If Benghazi is so important to Republicans, why are they cutting embassy security? It just proves they are only using Benghazi as a political tool to try to hurt Hillary in 2016. Republicans are spitting on the graves of those lost in Benghazi for political gain.
    3. Over 50 people died from embassy/consulate attacks under George Bush’s Presidency. Where was the Republican outrage over that? Republicans didn’t care when Bush lied about WMDs, nor did they express outrage over 9/11/2001, the Iraq War, or the 13 embassy attacks with 50+ dead under Bush. Their outrage over Benghazi is phony and they are essentially spitting on the graves of those lost in Benghazi for political gain. If Republicans cared so much about embassy security, why didn’t they express outrage over the 13 embassy/consulate attacks under Bush?
    4. The Obama Administration did not “cover-up” the Benghazi attacks. Counterterrorism Director Matthew Olsen told Senator Joe Lieberman that Benghazi was a “terrorist attack”. This was only a few days after Susan Rice went on the Sunday morning talk-shows. Therefore, this would have to be the shortest “cover-up” in history.
    Senator Joe Lieberman: “Let me begin by asking you whether you would say that Ambassador Stevens and the three other Americans died as a result of a terrorist attack.”
    Counterterrorism Director Matthew Olsen: “Certainly on that particular question I would say, yes. They were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy.”
    5. Hillary’s quote, “What difference, at this point, does it make” has been taken out of context. Hillary was referring to the Republican’s obsession with what Susan Rice said, not Benghazi itself. We now know the intelligence communities talking points that Susan Rice presented were incorrect. But to accuse the Administration of intentionally lying (when Counterterrorism Director Matthew Olsen called it a “terrorist attack” only a few days after Susan Rice went on the Sunday morning talk shows) is dishonest. Take your issue up with the intelligence community and their talking points, but don’t accuse Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton of intentionally lying. 
    6. The reason the YouTube video was cited as a possible reason for Benghazi is because violent protests had been erupting throughout the Middle East when Benghazi took place. Some of the protests had to do with the YouTube video, which is why it was originally thought Benghazi was also related to the YouTube video. The attackers in Benghazi hijacked the protests that had erupted throughout the Middle East in order to launch their attack successfully.

    1. StanHill says:

      JTShroyerYou partisan hacks crack me up. It’s always one party’s responsibility while the other did absolutely nothing wrong. Yeah, that makes sense.

    2. BrandonGulotta says:

      Put the koolaid cup down and wake the fuck up. .u dumb ass libtard

    3. BrandonGulotta says:

      Not one fact in your shit either…stupid mother fucker

    4. jmevans says:

      JTShroyer You omit one critical fact: the whole sad, sordid tale can be explained by one simple sentence uttered by Obama over and over during the campaign: “Osama Bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run”. The Dem’s had identified terrorism as a key issue in the election. They were afraid that if the truth about Benghazi was known it could cost them the election. The amazing thing is, they were so convinced a terrorist attack would hurt them that they not only covered it up, they refused to act when it was underway, because to do so would be to admit Al Qaeda wasn’t actually defeated. Mrs. Clinton, at this point, that IS the difference it makes… If this was a Republican president, he’d be impeached by now.

    5. Papi says:

      JTShroyer  – to your points:
      1.  Hillary Clinton is responsible for state department security – period.  Christopher Stevens turned down offer by Gen. Carter Ham for more security because the his boss (State Dept) declined his request several times and he didn’t want to go around his boss.

      2.  Charlene Lamb, a deputy assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, was asked at the congressional hearing, “Was there any budget consideration and lack of budget which led you NOT to increase the number of people in the security force there?” Lamb responded, “No, sir.” This line of bull-crap originated by the Democratic leader on the House committee – Rep. Elijah Cummings and had no basis in fact.

      3. Nobody dispute attacks under Bush – but nobody killed our ambassador in those attacks and nobody in the State Department lied about it and tried to cover it up with some ludicrous story about a video in order to protect a president campaign platform saying “Al Qaeda is on the run” 

      4. When you knowingly use a false narrative to explain an event – that’s called a “cover up”.  The ridiculous video story was used for weeks – including Hillary Clinton blaming the attack on the video while she was standing over the 4 dead bodies that came back to the states.  Get real.

      5.  Hillary’s comment is NOT taken out of context.  The entire meeting is available on video and she clearly demonstrated her callus attitude about discovering (or revealing) the truth behind the attack.  She was clearly trying to control the direction of the interview and push back on any potential blame on her part.  Complete lack of leadership.

      6.  The evidence in the report make it clear the video had nothing to do with attack or insiting the participants.  In fact, the video was not translated to the native language until AFTER the attack occurred.
      If you like Hillary and her history of deceit (including being fired from the investigation committee for Richard Nixon for lying)  that is your certainly your choice.  You can even vote for her as president if she runs.  But you would do yourself a great favor if you made your decision based on FACTS not the blind rhetoric of your party.

    6. gpearl says:

      JTShroyerWow, talk about in denial. Do you think by just posting here, it is so? This is all I can say. I just backspaced everything else. I won’t get past koolaid drinkers who have it in their mind that this nasty, anti American, is the next choice for president. She accomplished nothing as a Senator and Sec of State, nothing. She has stated her goal is socialism and is anti constitutional. She has been fired from jobs for unethical behavior and we know about her involvement in the whitewater scandal. Now she testifies in front of congress and flat out lies. This  is one sinister lady. But the left voted in a known socialist, Marxist, yet knew nothing else about him and excepted him anyway because he is black. Clinton is a female, she is acceptable to the left. That is all that is needed.

    7. irontub says:

      JTShroyer LMAO    Thank you for that comedy relief

    8. sleepergirl says:

      JTShroyer Dempsey and Panetta met with BO at 5 pm ET and told him in no uncertain terms it was a terrorist attack.  No mention was made of a video.  Days later Susan Rice spewed her lies on the Sunday shows blaming the video.  Everyone has his cousin had a hand developing and vetting the talking points Rice used.  They KNEW it was a lie to blame on a video by then.

      Hillary was too distraught to venture out on the Sunday shows (apparently one of the excuses is she doesn’t like to go on them) not because of the deaths happening under her watch, but because she saw her CAREER passing before her weary old eyes.  She thought her goose was cooked.

      But to the rescue rides in the white horse State Media Cavalry – yes, to cover her involvement up and save their little lady.

      Indeed State Department budget was reduced, but so were all department budgets (think Dept of Defense).  Part of a real manager’s responsibility is to plan operations with the money that is allotted.  It happens to most private sector managers, not so much the Feds, whose budget grows each year thanks to baseline budgeting.

    9. RussellCook1 says:

      JTShroyer I like when you say the Republicans cut the budget for security, what about the democrats who controls the senate also had to vote to cut the budget aren’t they too blame also, or was that Bush’s fault too. As I see it was the entire congress both Democrats and Republicans are to blame along with the president as he is the leader and hilary also as she heads that Dept. They also lied about the cause of it a “Video”. Bottom line both the president and hilly are bot liars and continue to lie every time they open their mouth.

    10. NeilFeuer says:

      JTShroyer and your kaleidoscope picture do your view justice. You have an expanding point of view that as a kaleidoscope, enlarges your image and that is scary.
      How anyone, with any common sense, can possibly say or think Hillary is innocent only leaves one to wonder how we got into this situation that we live in now, and most people either don’t know or just want to live in their bubble and not want to hear!
      We are living in a dictatorship, just take out your phone and pen, listen to Obama last week, and sign on to his reign, he has discarded our Constitution and rule of law, and he, just as Hillary, have lied, covered up, in essence, they have committed or covered up a crime and the evidence, and that makes them criminals and worse,TRAITORS!
      That in itself and people like you who are blinded to the facts, , should just read and or meet Holocaust survivors or just talk to the German people, as you and Hillary and Obama, they didn’t know! Maybe you don’t know, but I guarantee you Hillary and Obama know and they are achieving their agenda with the help of you, that is scary!
      I have never been scared in my whole life, and I grew up in the streets of NY and fought my way throughout, but you, JTShroyer, scare me!

  13. Kathy says:

    Everyone who is an INFORMED VOTER  needs to watch this statement from Judge Jeanine Pirro and forward it to others!  This is not Hillary’s first rodeo!  Crooked as a dog’s hind leg!  DO NOT VOTE FOR HER!!!

  14. Sammi De La Cruz says:

    If the voters do every thing they can to stay informed then Clinton should not win even a pot to piss in.

    1. dleeper47 says:

      Sammi De La Cruz 
      I hope you’re right Sammi — but I’m sure the Left will find clever ways to boost Hillary’s chances!

      1. dleeper47 Sammi De La Cruz They will indeed, and they will cover for her crimes. People need to go above and beyond to inform themselves and others.

  15. KevinStowell says:

    Without consideration for guilt or innocence in the Ben Ghazi situation, why should she be prez?  What are her qualifications?  What has she done competently?

    1. gpearl says:

      KevinStowellzero qualifications. In today’s world, flashy hollywood types, race and gender are the new qualifications for president. We no longer look for resumes. We look for the coolest and the change in previous profiles.

      1. gpearl KevinStowell I believe she was a sitting judge at one point; beyond that, I do not know.

  16. sickandtiredofitall says:

    Judge Jeanine for president!  She has the intelligence, courage, and integrity for this office!!

  17. HaroldCopperman says:

    Thank you Judge Jeanine Pirro!  You provided a timely and detailed real-world view of the Clinton/Obama  incompetence and dereliction of duty that resulted in the Benghazi  deaths of Ambassador Stevens and the three other brave Americans.   Clinton and Obama are responsible and should be held accountable  for the Benghazi killings. Let’s hope your comments will be heard and understood by ‘we the people’ and breakthrough the diversionary claims and excuses of Obama’s “‘phony scandals” and Hillary Clinton’s “what difference does it make…” ….

    1. HaroldCoppermanCan I get an amen?

  18. Rebecca Eye says:

    Right On, Judge. Years ago I was on the Hillary bandwagon, but I’ve come to my senses. Just like Obama, she’s a living, breathing CONSPIRACY! A cancer attempting to imbed herself into the fabric of our great nation. Hasn’t Obama done enough in his endless attempts to destroy this country from the inside out??? And, with his backing, she will continue his Godless legacy. I already know where my allegiance lies for 2016. Change, Change, Change is needed ALL AROUND! Get them the heck out of Washington, or plan on just sitting back and watching your lives and freedom be taken from you… and there will be NOTHING you can do about it.

  19. Rebecca Eye says:

    Right On, Judge. Years ago I was on the Hillary bandwagon, but I’ve come to my senses. Just like Obama, she’s a living, breathing CONSPIRACY! A cancer attempting to imbed herself into the fabric of our great nation. Hasn’t Obama done enough in his endless attempts to destroy this country from the inside out??? And, with his backing, she will continue his Godless legacy. I already know where my allegiance lies for 2016. Change, Change, Change is needed ALL AROUND! Get them the heck out of Washington, or plan on just sitting back and watching your lives and freedom be taken from you… and there will be NOTHING you can do about it.

    1. KarenBingaman says:

      @Rebecca EyeGodless?  Of course it’s godless.  There are LAWS about keeping any religion out of politics.  The reason for it is this, would you like it if those laws weren’t in place and Obama’s muslim religion ruled in the US right now?  What if a Jehovas Witness was president and there couldn’t be Christmas?  Belief systems don’t belong in political office in a country where diversity is not only accepted, but encouraged.  To say that one religion and one religion alone is how everyone should think and feel is no different from communist countries.  Don’t you think that America should continue to allow freedom for all of it’s citizens and not just the Christians?

      1. KarenBingaman@Rebecca EyeGovernment shouldn’t have any ability to impact religion because it shouldn’t have that many responsibilities. Protection from force, fraud, theft, and breach of contract. Securing our natural rights. Providing  small number of public goods (stop signs, general access roads) that private people cannot properly provide via voluntary cooperation alone. That’s it. IMO, the focus should not be on mucking about on the margins of things that government should not have the power to do in the first place.

        1. KarenBingaman says:

          WesternFreePressKarenBingamanThat is exactly what I was saying.  :)  Government and religion do not belong together at all.  It isn’t America’s business what I believe in nor is it my business what anyone else believes in.  America was founded on freedoms, granted most of them have been taken from us now, but the fact remains that it is what we were built on.  I will fight to my dying breath to have the ability to believe what I want and not have ANY policy or law created on the basis of gods “laws”.  Even though I’d love to see infidelity outlawed, I would never support it because it would be a law based on christianity.  Thank you for your input, it made this conversation enjoyable.

        2. KarenBingamanWesternFreePressI think you are largely correct. Even when we (rightly) use natural rights theory as the basis for our contentions about what government should and shouldn’t do, we can hearken back to Jefferson’s “law of nature and of nature’s god.” You can believe that God is the source of natural law, but you don’t have to.

          More than that, though, we have the fact that God’s law is something we can follow on our own. We don’t need a government telling us. Government’s role should be minimal—our role as individuals and members of families and communities should be huge!

  20. toledofan says:

    Hillary should be a non event, but, she won’t be because the Democrat Party has turned into the Socialist Party of America and many share the same anti-American views. The judge is spot on but as long as the media continues to protest her back, nothing will cahneg.

    1. toledofanIt is an uphill climb, but things ARE changing. There are millions of us out here. We are huge in number, and powerful in righteous anger. New technologies allow us to circumvent the media blockade to reach each other,l and others, with news. Keep fighting. Slowly, but surely, we are going to win this.

      1. toledofan says:

        WesternFreePress toledofan Well, I hope you’re right. I know there are more patroits than liberals and things are changing, but, I still see too many who are lazy, unengaged and don’t care. It’s like people would rather watch a soap opera than fight for our grandkids freedoms.

        1. toledofanWesternFreePressTrue enough, and it often feels like cause for despair.

          But the Revolution was won with the support of only 33% and the participation of only 3%. We can do this.

          Also, check this out—cause for hope?

  21. NeilFeuer says:

    Finally, we have a discussion, a debate regarding what should be considered as the greatest crime, cover up, lie, ever portrayed on the American people! By no one less than our Sec of State and POTUS and all their flunkies.
    This will be a monkey on our backs, that should make everyone shiver with fear, and not until the full truth and justice is served, will we be able to gain respect in the world!
    I have recently returned from a trip to Israel, where the first question people ask, is how did we not retaliate on 9/12/2012, the day after Benghazi!
    This short and simple article should make every American aware, thanks to the Judge, and David Leeper for saying what should have been said over a year ago and the likes of a Hillary and Obama, must never ever return to power!

  22. Ess Hit says:

    Benghazi report says the attacks were terrorists and Preventable .
    President Hillary Clinton also Preventable .

  23. toledofan says:

    Benghazi is a national tradegy and for sure, even if we didn’t send in the marines to help, the day after the skies shopuld have been filled with B-52’s and the retaliation should have been intensive, but, it wasn’t and to this day the people who committed the attacks are still walking free. So, until the media starts to pressure the Admionistration nothing will change and today they are covering Hillary’s back like a life vest.

    1. toledofanOne has to ask oneself if the president would want to “bring them to justice” even if he could easily do so.

      1. toledofan says:

        WesternFreePress toledofan the simple answer is no because we could have already done it. The entire approach to this debacle is to lie and try to push it under the rug. Obama will never take on the bullies because that would mean he’d have to do something.

        1. toledofanWesternFreePressThat, I think, is the most charitable reading. Another more grim possibilities is that his allegiances lie elsewhere.
          I do think it is fair to say that he is the first “post-American” president. His allegiance is to the tenets of modern leftist statism, which is entirely an international phenomenon. How far that goes—the degree to which he would prefer to see enemies of the United States be victorious so long as that victory redounds to the mission objectives of the left—remains, in my mind at least, an open question.

    2. IsabellaHathaway says:

      toledofan  We sent Delta Forces out of Tripoli who fought bravely and saved many lives.

  24. DaveShaver says:

    Witnesses are being eliminated and the killers are being protected by Clinton and the Obama Administration.
    Obama really lied and People really died.

    1. DaveShaverIs there a list somewhere of witnesses who have died/been killed?

      1. DaveShaver says:

        WesternFreePress DaveShaver Most reports of witness deaths have been reported by European, Middle East and African press

        1. DaveShaverWesternFreePressAny links you have would be very helpful.

    2. Craigorie says:

      DaveShaver Lied about what?

  25. Ess Hit says:

    Let’s go forward and get the Special Prosecutor for Benghazi before Hillary becomes president.
    Hillary is Preventable !

    1. Craigorie says:

      Ess Hit You’d be wasting your time on the Benghazi issue.  It’s not going anywhere as everyone knows what’s to be known on the subject.  As far as Hillary being “preventable”…I don’t think she’ll run; at least I hope she doesn’t run.  A great Democratic candidate would be Marin O’Malley, the Governor of Maryland….a great Governor and a fine family man.

  26. RedMeatState says:

    What should enrage everybody is how casual and how easy it is for these sociopaths/psychopaths to lie to us all.
    For political expediency!!  Obama was being protected from his support and weapons supply lie to the Musloid Brotherhood and all related factions.

  27. IsabellaHathaway says:

    This is disgusting. She bald face lies about numerous things but the most heinous is that we left Americans to die. We sent our Delta Force from Tripoli lead by Major Sargent David R. Halbruner, who saved many American lives. She is insulting them for political gain and money. Shame on her and anyone who supports her!

  28. bbowens8 says:

    sickandtiredofitall President of what ? DOG CATCHERS ASSOC.

  29. bbowens8 says:

    Don DeLong She looks like the head of something…….

Benghazi: A Raging Judge Jeanine Pirro Utterly Destroys Hillary Clinton