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Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity discuss MSNBC insanity, Alec Baldwin, Romney incident

Posted: January 14, 2014 at 10:30 am   /   by

If you missed this, it’s worth a watch. Coulter and Hannity are amusing, and the MSNBC compilation is both funny and deeply, deeply disturbing.


  1. Peter Castle says:

    Coulter’s elitist racism frequently crops up in her
    commentary and is but one reason why we should, a new book available at

    1. rofomoreno says:

      @Peter Castle   MSNBC long ago adopted the elitist sentiments of implied racism and the phantom bigotry of former Arizona State Senator, Latino, Democrat, Alfredo Gutierrez: “We call things racism just to get attention. We reduce complicated
      problems to racism, not because it is racism, but because it works.”

      1. rofomoreno@Peter Castle 
        It’s a tactic the left uses to beat people from the public square. They know that their ideas of force, coercion, and control are not popular, and they know that their record is a failed (and often murderous) one. So they call you a racist and then they don’t have to listen to your ideas . . . and they try to convince innocent bystanders not to listen either. It is a disgusting strategy deployed by people who, whatever their motivations, are moral criminals.

        1. rofomoreno says:

          WesternFreePressrofomoreno Hence, my insistence that Right leaning minorities are the only legitimate response to Leftist leaning minority vitriol and vituperation. 
          Stage an authentic, balanced and matched debate between Conservative minorities vs Progressive minorities and the carelessly woven fabric of the Leftist message will begin to fray and unravel right before your amazed eyes and ears. It works every time. The more often the Right minority confronts Left, the less influence and manipulation the Left will have on lies being sustained as something to believe in.

        2. rofomorenoWesternFreePressI wonder if that debate pairing can be made to happen in the mainstream press, given that the Democrats who run the media today react to conservative minorities with vitriol and anger vaguely reminiscent of the way that Democrats reacted to slaves who escaped their plantations.

        3. rofomoreno@Peter Castle  
          Oh, and by the way, it is the left who are the real racists:

        4. rofomoreno says:

          WesternFreePressrofomoreno How much pull do you have in facilitating such a rumble?

        5. rofomorenoWesternFreePressNot enough, I fear :-)