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Video: Knockout Game-style ‘smack-cam” assault

Posted: January 13, 2014 at 11:20 am   /   by

There are several reasons why we should be appalled by this.

First, this was initially being called “harassment” rather than assault.  If I were that woman and an attack of that nature on my person were not deemed assault, I would lose faith in the system. The first role (and one of the few legitimate roles) of government is to secure our right not to be smacked in the face by thugs or bombed by enemy countries. If the government fails in this most basic task, then what good is it?

(As of a few days ago, they were talking about charging him with parole violations. This punk has priors? Imagine that.)

Second, the media continues to hide or downplay the spreading epidemic of black-on-white violence. That should disturb people of all skin colors.

Third, as Bobby Eberle points out . . .

What’s so disturbing about all this is that the video was made and distributed for all to see. There was no fear of consequences. There was no remorse. There was no apparent sense of what is right or what is wrong. If you are laughing and joking and dancing, then clearly you are doing something for fun… or sport. Is that what America has come to?

The single greatest predictor of marginal behavior is being raised without a father. No community in America has more fatherless children than the black American community. Democrats—that’s partially on you. Yes, this boy is responsible for his own behavior. Nonetheless, the “great society” whose semi-centennial we recently marked created policies that helped drive men from homes. These policies disproportionately impacted black Americans’ homes, with disastrous results.

Well done, Democrats. Once again, you were wrong. Once again, you have caused harm, and we all pay the price.