Video: Survivor of Communism on Why Gun Rights Exist

| January 9 2014
Christopher Cook

“That is a God-given right. It is not given by anybody; it is not given by any group. It is the same thing freedom, which is a God-given right. And no one, absolutely no one has the authority to take it away. [These rights] will cease only with my death.”

The man in the video below truly gets it. Here’s how it goes.

We have a right to life.

A right to life assumes a right to survive—to continue that life.

That right assumes, among other things, a the right to self-defense.

Now, suppose you are in a state of nature. You are facing down a bear . . . or perhaps brigands who are attempting to cart off your eldest daughter. Do you have a right to defend yourself (and your family) with your fists?

What about with a stick? How about a sharpened stick? How about a bow?

The fact is, you have a natural right to defend yourself by the most effective means available. You do not have to stop short of a sharpened stick just because it’s more effective. “More effective” is, in fact, exactly what you want.

In the same way, you not only get to own a gun, you get to own a good gun. An effective gun. You don’t have to stop at a blunderbuss, or one kind of shotgun but not another, or a magazine with seven rounds instead of ten. You get to use what you want. That is your right.

Any ban on any kind of gun is a violation of your rights. Any nonaggressive person has the right to own whatever gun he wishes.