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10 INFURIATING examples of government waste

Posted: January 5, 2014 at 4:15 pm   /   by

If these are not infuriating to you, they should be.

These people insist that any government shutdown is tantamount to throwing war widows into snowbanks and killing kittens.

They claim there is no possible way they can cut the budget.

They  increase spending well beyond previous years, and then treat the new level of spending as a floor below which we can never go or risk catastrophe.

These people have placed themselves above you. Above the American people. They have become a rapacious, crapulent elite, living high off the hog while standing on our backs.

This is arguably worse than anything in France under the last, ill-fated Bourbons or Russia under the last, ill-fated Romanovs. At least they were hereditary monarchs operating in a world in which representative democracy was still comparatively rare. Our elites have hooked the people up to a spigot and are siphoning our life’s blood for their aggrandizement in a nation expressly designed to prevent such things!

(Ignore the fact that this was meant for the last day or so of 2013. The content is what matters. How about that State Department liquor bill?!)