Judge Jeanine’s 2014 Wishlist Destroys Obama and His Gang

| January 4 2014
David Leeper

Rested, ready, and loaded for bear, Judge Jeanine Pirro opens 2014 by assailing Obama and his Keystone Kops entourage who stumble from one crisis and scandal to the next.

The judge’s “wish list” for our country is a multi-point indictment of Obama on just about every aspect of his so-called leadership. This is the judge’s January 4, 2014 “Opening Statement” on “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”


As someone who grew up in crime...
as my Mother put it..."you'll tell me anything to make me happy, and then you will go on and do as you well please...what you feel like doing.

That's exactly right, in my juvenile years I understood the "pulling the wool" over your eyes.. So I have the Latest Venuti Theorem...

Obama's tact is this. "Yes you will find out everything...but just a bit too late."....suckers... My Mother said, I might not catch you today, but I will tomorrow, or the next day...etc...she was not wrong...BUT many of the things she found out about was a tad late...I left home already, etc....Just like OBAMA care....




@dleeper47@TonyVenutithe challenge is people of virtue don't know how or they inclined to play as dirty as those playing us.....like war isn't pretty....same with politics of the left..they "use" our virtue against us...it's a trick bag....

People waking up?  too little, too late.....win, lose or draw...march on...Salute....

WesternFreePress moderator

@TonyVenuti@dleeper47The people ARE waking up. Sure, it feels like it is too little, too late, but it isn't. In the end, freedom wins. One way or another, tyranny is coming down.

dleeper47 moderator


I think you nailed it, Tony -- it all fits. Obama sets the tone and the culture in Washington, and it's all about power, control, and especially deception just as you say. Sadly, the Big Govt Republicans are only marginally better, and the old bulls of the GOP are attacking and smothering the few solid conservatives that have managed to get elected. 

But conservatives are getting smarter, and we're fighting on multiple fronts, including and especially at the state level. We have the numbers and the heritage of our Founders and Framers. What heritage does the Left have? Marx? Chomsky? Ayers? Obama? Phooey.