Worst MSNBC Moments of 2013

| January 3 2014
Christopher Cook

These are the sorts of posts that one likes to make in the last days of the year, but, well, this one just came across my desk, and it’s worth highlighting.

MSNBC is truly vile. Their hosts say terrible things. Most of the time, they get away with it, though sometimes, they cross a line, as Martin Bashir did last year when he suggested that Sarah Palin should . . . well, you can read it for yourself, in case you missed it. More recently, Melissa Harris (you know, the one who wants control of your children) had to apologize for the rude things said about the Romney family on her show.

MSNBC has to maintain the thinnest possible veneer of professionalism in order not to sink below the most basic level of credibility. As such, Bashir has resigned . . . though Harris probably will not. If they truly had any real standards, however, 95% of their hosts would already be gone.

Here’s to the network that has done more to debase discourse (while still thinking of itself as a source of higher-level discussion) than any other.


pMSNBC All Racism, All the time! We hate so you don't have to! 

WesternFreePress moderator

@KiniAlohaGuyAnd yet their viewers never stop hating. And what do they hate? What do they demonize? People who cherish human rights and human liberty. People who want to do more for each other, rather than having the government do for us (by force). Seems like they hate everything good.