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Capitalism’s Imperious Moral Code

Posted: January 1, 2014 at 12:45 pm   /   by

A follow-up to “With Two Hands Tied Behind Their Backs: Famous Quotes on the Success of the Jewish People.”

By Andrew G. Benjamin

Fair exchange, products with integrity and fair payments for goods and services mutually agreed to under no duress, followed by the satisfaction of all parties to the transaction, services and contract.


Capitalism will not tolerate the violation of agreements and contracts.

With a deliberate attempt to mislead and demean, the enemies of achievement and standards, of Jews and capitalism, innovation and smarts, those who would violate agreements as a norm while accusing innocents of doing likewise, set up a straw man ploy and imbue capitalism with characteristics it does not possess; what it is not. As it is something else.

They call what is not so “capitalism.” Crony and predatory business practices fostered by government officials on the take who choose winners by providing favors and advantages in exchange for political contributions – stealing from the people – and violate the carved-into-stone rules: the imperious moral code of capitalism.

Fact: Capitalism is the only economic system backed by the record that has provided prosperity for most of the people most of the time across the longest period of time. It is the sole economic system that is fair and just; it alone creates a level playing field in which the weakest and smallest merchant is licensed by freedom to compete against the largest and most powerful – using the inherent opportunity built into the markets for incentive, self-motivation, creativity and innovation. In a genuine capitalist society the fittest don’t always win; the weakest don’t always lose. In a fascist and socialist society government chooses the winners. That, is not capitalism, it is not freedom, by any means!

AEI’s George Gilder: “Capitalism overthrows theories of zero-sum economics and dog-eat-cat survival of the fittest. Thus, as in the United States (outside the academic arena), anti-Semitism withers in wealthy capitalist countries. It waxes in socialist regimes where Jews may arouse resentment by their agility in finding economic niches among the interstices of bureaucracies, tax collections, political pork fests, and crony capitalism. Anti-Semitism is chiefly a zero-sum disease. Socialist or feudal systems, particularly when oil-rich and politically controlled, favor a conspiratorial view of history and economics.”




Capitalism is an ethical practice that moves commerce forward to benefit man.

A fundamental code of capitalism is seen here, one of many:


Accurate scales guarantee that the counter-party is well-informed and cannot possibly be misled. Accurate scales mean that a pound of wheat on my scale will measure a pound of wheat on yours; an ounce of gold will measure an ounce on both scales. Each merchant sets his own prices and terms – that is the meaning of competition and freedom to do business as one wills it done. Capitalism’s is the only fair and just moral code that is universally understood in commerce, the rules of which has held up for over three thousand years of empirical testing.

Deuteronomy 25:13

However, in case you’re wondering how such a clear rule of behavior can so easily be abused, here are examples of an alternative to the Imperious Moral Code of Capitalism:

The murder of four Americans in Benghazi was over an obscure video made in California.

What’s the Difference?

Words have meaning. For example calling Jihad “workplace violence.”

You can keep your doctors. PERIOD!

You can keep your insurance plan. PERIOD!

You will pay less and get more. PERIOD.


In this context then, you can appreciate the just and fair MORAL CODE we know as “capitalism,” brought to you by the Jewish People; and the certain punishment that will surely come to those who violate it and resent and envy success.

Andrew Benjamin

Andrew G. Benjamin is an equities trader; assessment, tax, and real estate specialist; former transition member of the NYC Mayor’s Economic Development Commission; member of the Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget for the Rudy Giuliani transition team; musician; and author on matters of politics, middle east, intelligence matters, history, culture, humor, and technology. Andrew wrote for The Absolute Sound Magazine, the bible of high end audio, and others like-kind.


  1. Kevin O Neil says:

    Let’s hope that, with the debacle of Obamacare and the multiplying lies, more people will be peering behind the curtain of the Mendacious Oz and seeing what a damned fraud has been perpetrated.

    Articles such this are a great and essential encouragement.

    1. Kevin O NeilThanks, Kevin. Feel free to submit an article yourself. Set the Hot Spot on fire!

  2. TabithaKorol says:

    I liked “Capitalism is the level playing field,” – absolutely!  Well done.

    1. TabithaKorol Yeah, it gets so frustrating to hear capitalism maligned so savagely by the left, when nothing has done more to reduce the gap between peasant and noble . . . to raise the standard of living of every human being . . . to foster political freedom as well as economic freedom . . . and to create more opportunity and distribute it more widely.
      Everything capitalism is, the left says it is not. Everything that they say it is not, it is. How could any ideology be so wrong about EVERYTHING?

  3. NovaTweeter says:

    Thanks fr the comment Tabitha. The leftist ideology, as you have it, is not just wrong about a few things, it is wrong about everything. See:

  4. NovaTweeter says:

    True Tabitha. The left-liberal ideology is not just wrong about some things. It is wrong about everything.

    1. NovaTweeter When I saw that you had linked a video to your comment, I knew it was going to be Evan’s speech before I even saw it :-)

Capitalism's Imperious Moral Code