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Merry Christmas To Chad & All The Brave Men & Women of the United States Military!

Posted: December 28, 2013 at 12:50 pm   /   by


As you celebrate and enjoy the Christmas holidays this year, please hold our Brave Warriors in your thoughts and in your prayers.  There isn’t a day that goes by that they don’t think of you.  Please let them know they matter to you as much as you matter to them.

It is cold over there in Afghanistan right now and care packages mean so very much to our Warriors.  It isn’t so much what it in the package that matters, it is that you thought enough of those willingly to risk their lives for you that you sent them a care package.  That means the world to them.  I remember when my Son was deployed, he would tell me of Soldiers who never received anything in the mail.  I was told by his Brothers when he came home, that my Son gave most of what I sent away.  This generous quality is not rare to my Son only, this is paramount among all the Soldiers, they look after their Brothers!  There is an organization that sends care packages that I can’t say enough good things about:

Operation Jersey Cares is an all volunteer organization and that makes it possible for 100% of their donations to go to our Troops.  You can visit their website at  Please consider sending a donation!

I know of a brave Soldier serving somewhere in Afghanistan who has given me permission to share his address.  Chad is like a Son to me. Chad’s patriotic heart is so big that I can promise you he carries the safety and welfare of each and everyone of you in it!  I am so proud to know him and I am so very grateful to him.  He is now on his second deployment. He sent a message he gave me permission to share.  This was his response to the tragic crash and the loss of 6 American Sons:

“It is truly a sad day here in Afghanistan.  It is never easy to loose any service members especially so many in a single incident.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family left behind, that they would be granted peace in their time of grief.

Please pray as much as you can for the troops here.  Things are not good here and not getting better in some areas.  This country needs a great deal of prayer.”

Chad’s Address is:

Chad Longell

Unit 3-C

APO AE 09354

Items you can send include, blankets, hand warmers, feet warmers, juice drinks, fruit snacks, gum, power bars, shampoo, body wash, snacks, blankets, movies, books, magazines, cheese/peanut butter crackers, Tylenol, cold medicine, coffee, hot chocolate packs, wipes, socks, visine (clear eyes), lotion for sore muscles is nice. And thanks to my Son, he told me the guys in the FOB’s love thumb drives loaded up with good movies!!  I know Chad will be sure those get passed out.

My family wishes all our Troops a Merry Christmas and I promise there isn’t a day goes by that we don’t think of all of you and pray for your safe return.  In this household, you are revered and held in the highest regard.  We love you all and at our dinner table, we will pray for you and thank God there are such brave and noble Americans such as YOU!

I leave you all with this beautiful song.  I hope it reminds folks that I have never met a Warrior that loves War.  These brave men and women are Shepherds of Peace who risk their lives daily to rid the world of brutal evil men who torment and torture the weak and innocent among us.  And they do this horrific job with the profound love they have for  this great country of ours and for all of you, to keep you and your family safe.  Enjoy your peaceful and safe Christmas, courtesy of the brave and noble men and women of the United States Military!

May God Bless & Watch Over Each & Every Warrior on Christmas and Everyday!

I hope for a New Year filled with deep appreciation from all Americans for their noble service and sacrifice!

With A Mother’s Heart,

Beverly Perlson

The Band of Mothers

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Merry Christmas To Chad & All The Brave Men & Women of the United States Military!