Congressman David Schweikert Endorses Rep. Michelle Ugenti For Re-Election

| December 21 2013
Scottsdale, AZ - Congressman David Schweikert (AZ-06) endorsed State Rep. Michelle Ugenti today for re-election to the Arizona House of Representatives.

“I am proud to give Michelle my strong endorsement for re-election,” said Rep. Schweikert.  “Michelle is a true conservative who is a leader in improving Arizona’s economic environment.  Her leadership on important issues such as reducing burdensome regulations on businesses, protecting taxpayers, and balancing Arizona’s budget are exactly what we need more of in the Arizona Legislature.  I am fully committed to ensuring Michelle returns as our state representative.”

“It is an honor to have Congressman Schweikert’s endorsement,” said Michelle Ugenti. “David is one of the top conservatives in the country who is always standing up and fighting for what’s right. I am proud to not only have his endorsement, but to say that he is my congressman.”


How wonderful! An endorsement for Michelle Ugenti and her little campagine. I'm sure Michelle Ugenti has all those college kids votes. If I remember correctly Ugenti, a cute young thing, wanted even the poorest of college students to pay an additional 2K a year to attend public colleges. When these students came to protest, because they couldn't afford the tuition hike, Ugenti replied "welcome to life!" Now this comes from a publicly funded candidate. 

Then there is Rep. Ugenti's colorful masturbation comments during a televised sub-committee hearing to one of her fellow constituents, "Stop it....your right hand doesn't count." Our little Scottsdale Muffin also changed election laws prompting a lawsuit by the cities of Tuscon and Phoenix.

When Ugenti isn't busy yelling at the poor college kids, she log-rolls her failed HOA house bills prompting yet another lawsuit by homeowner activists. The lawsuit of course was successful, the AG found the bill had been unconstitutionally passed, and the citizens of Arizona had to cough up the tab for the court case. 

Lauri Roberts, a journalist for the Arizona Republic lists Rep. Michelle Ugenti, as one of the top 10 "Kooks" at the Arizona State Capital.