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Audio: Mark Levin & Glenn Beck Unite Around Article V Initiatives

Posted: December 13, 2013 at 4:15 pm   /   by

In this 4-minute audio clip, you’ll hear that Mark Levin and Glenn Beck have buried old hatchets from past feuds and united around Article V initiatives like Compact for America (CFA) and Convention of States (COS).

While there are other worthy Article V initiatives, COS and CFA in particular form a long game (COS) and a short game (CFA) for We the People to take back our country from an out-of-control federal government that is condemning our children and grandchildren to modern-day debt bondage.

While Congress is currently congratulating itself on a possible minor reduction in the pace of debt escalation, there can be no doubt about the eventual disaster that awaits us. The Constitution’s Article V state-driven process for amendments is, by design of the Framers, the remedy for the people and the state legislatures to take back control of our country.

Read more here and at the CFA and COS websites.