Debbie Does Delusions – DWS Doubles Down on Obamacare Debacle

| December 4 2013
David Leeper

Here’s a video for the record — something to look back on a year from now. It’s from CNN’s Crossfire of Dec 3, 2013.  In it, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz says Democrats will “proudly” run on Obamacare in 2014.  When asked “Which Democrats?”, she answers “All of them.”

RNC Chair Reince Priebus is taken aback … he can’t believe she is doubling down on Obamacare as a “winner” for the 2014 elections. His astonished response? “Excellent!“.

This isn’t the first time DWS has seemed to be borderline delusional. (See, for example, this link.) I haven’t seen such denial of reality since “Baghdad Bob’s” insistence that Saddam Hussein’s forces were defeating America in the Iraq war.

If you listen carefully to DWS’ choice of words, you will hear something significant. Note she says Democrats will run on Obamacare’s provisions — things like 26-year-olds staying on their parents insurance, non-denial for pre-existing conditions, etc. She does not actually say they’ll run on Obamacare’s results, which are looking doubtful, to put it mildly.

We’re left to infer that the DNC pitch will be:

“Don’t elect Democrats for Obamacare’s results — elect them for the same old Obamacare promises.”

Good luck with that, Debbie. If the DNC can win based on a policy train wreck like Obamacare, it will be the party’s greatest-ever political achievement.


For brevity, the 1-minute excerpt above leaves out all of DWS’ standard Obamacare talking points. If you’d like to hear the full 9-minute exchange, run the video below.