Sessions Blasts Big Business Push for Immigration Reform

| November 27 2013
John Walker

“America Is Not an Oligarchy”

Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the straight talking Senator on immigration reform, has had enough of the hypocrisy of big business.

Speaking on a panel that discussed the American economy and U.S. immigration policy, Sessions nailed major CEOs for pushing immigration reform to import new workers on the one hand, while laying off thousands of employees on the other.

“These business people do not get to set the policy for the United States of America,” he said. “They don’t represent the United States of America.”

Sessions said he respects their self-interest, but pointed out that he represents the people of Alabama and all the people of the United States. He is looking at the big picture.

For months, Session has warned against special interests eager to pass immigration reform while millions of Americans struggle to find jobs in a depressed economy. He worries that a massive influx of new workers will only make the situation worse.

Sessions consistently criticizes an array of special interests that have worked behind closed doors to draft immigration reform legislation. Now he has singled out the danger of big business lobbying on Congress and the White House.

“America is not an oligarchy,” Sessions said in a statement. “Congressional leaders must forcefully reject the notion, evidently accepted by the President, that a small cadre of CEOs can tailor the nation’s entire immigration policy to suit their narrow interests. A Republic must answer to the people.”