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List of Nuclear Facilities in Iran

Posted: November 26, 2013 at 12:30 pm   /   by

It was reported in December 2011 that the American stealth drone – the RQ170 Sentinel – was sent on a reconnaissance mission by the CIA to look at Iran’s nuclear sites.  The Sentinel, which flies at 50,000 feet, is one of America’s most sophisticated drones.

Iran hacked the drone and guided it to land intact by jamming its GPS.

NOTE:  Some of these are “hardened” sites that would evade an EMP attack.

Arak  Heavy water research reactor (exposed in 2002)

Ardekan Uranium mill (reported in 2003)

Bakhtaran Ballistic Missile Site

Bonab Nuclear technology for agricultural applications

Bushehr Nuclear fuel facility (joint venture with Russia)

Chalus Nuclear power plant (declared in 2007)

Fordow Underground Uranium enrichment (disclosed in 2009)

Garmsar Ballistic Missile Site

Isfahan Research facility with 4 nuclear reactors – converts yellowcake into uranium hexafluoride (supplied by China)

Karaj Research center for agriculture and nuclear medicine (established in 1991) and Ballistic Missile Site

Lashkar Abad Laser enrichment

Lavizan Technical research center

Mashad Ballistic Missile Site

Natanz Hardened Fuel Enrichment Plant, which has 7,000 centrifuges with 5,000 producing low enriched uranium

Parchin Implosion Testing Facility

Qom Ballistic Missile Site

Saghand Uranium Ore Mines – 3,000 to 5,000 tons of uranium oxide

Semnan Ballistic Missile Site

Sharoud Ballistic Missile Site

Tabas Nuclear Site

Tehran Nuclear Research Reactor and Ballistic Missile Site

Yazd Radiation Processing Center


Janet Levy

Janet Levy

Janet Levy, MSW, MBA, is a political activist, writer, public speaker and world traveler.She has contributed to American Thinker, Pajamas Media, FrontPage Magazine, Family Security Matters, and other publications and has served as an investigative reporter for Full Disclosure Network.Ms. Levy has been a guest on several radio programs, including Tammy Bruce, General Vallely’s Stand-up America, Pundit Review, the Center for Individual Freedom, and Alan Jones.As a staunch advocate for the preservation of constitutional freedoms, Ms. Levy has worked with various organizations and government representatives to stem the incursion of Islamic Shariah law into the American justice system. She has presented seminars on the effect of shariah law on women, the global jihad, the Islamist infiltration of American society and institutions and illegal immigration. In 2007, Ms. Levy was a media guest of the Joint Task Force – Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.She blogs at


  1. phoenixlaw says:

    How about a list of nuclear facilities in Israel, since Israel has had a nuclear arsenal for years and is much more a threat to peace in the Middle East than Iran will ever be.

List of Nuclear Facilities in Iran