Rush: Wait until the other Obamacare shoe drops in 2014

| November 25 2013
The Hot Spot

Rush Limbaugh warned listeners that problems caused by Obamacare are only going to get worse, arguing that when the other Obamacare “shoe” drops in 2014 – impacting employer-provided health care plans – “all hell is gonna break lose.”

“[Right now], the only thing affected is individual policies. Nevertheless, even though that limited number of people is affected, that limited number of people is causing all of this havoc,”

“Wait until everybody who’s insured by their boss begins to lose their plan! That happens in January of next year. Then all hell is gonna break loose because then we’re talking about the vast majority of the people in this country,” Limbaugh added. “Admittedly, folks, the individual insurance market is not the major part of it.”

 Bob de La Tigra