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#Trainwreck: “Shocked” Is The Word of the Day

Posted: November 22, 2013 at 12:45 pm   /   by

  • “People like the Rev. Brad McClain, a pastor with congregations in Mobile and Fairhope.  McClain said he found that a family insurance plan comparable to the one he had would double his monthly premium… ‘We were just shocked,’ he said. ‘We were like, ‘Are you kidding me?… It just doesn’t make sense.’” (The Birmingham News)
  • “As an employer with fewer than 50 employees, I was repeatedly assured the ACA did not apply to me and that I would be able to keep my plan – that is simply not my experience,’ said Drew Greenblatt, owner of Marlin Steel Wire in Baltimore.  ‘I was startled, I was shocked, when our health insurance went up 49 percent this year,’ Greenblatt added.” (WSB Radio)
  • “‘I was shocked back in September when I received notice from Blue Cross Blue Shield that my health care plan was being cancelled,’ Sheila Salter, the sole proprietor behind early2surg, a consulting firm in North Carolina, said during a hearing before members of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee.  … She had intended to start expanding and creating jobs in the near future, but she says the added costs of her new plan will put those plans on the backburner.” (The Washington Post)
  • “Neveu, who runs the Portland-based software company Certify LLC, summed up his experience in the past 30 days with two words: frustration and confusion.  He said he was shocked initially to learn that his employees’ insurance plan – for which Certify pays 100 percent of the premiums – will not comply with the new law.  ‘I don’t have a political ax to grind,’ Neveu said, noting that he voted twice for Obama, the law’s chief architect. ‘But the impacts on my business are mind-boggling.’” (Portland (ME) Press Herald)
  •  “‘It’s outrageous to go up that much. Two to 3 percent I can understand, but not that,’ said consumer Suzanne Jones.  Some said the new rates will be too high for many families to afford.  ‘The way the economy is, people on fixed incomes, some on unemployment,’ said consumer Laverne Martinez.” (WSOC-TV, Charlotte, NC)
  • “In the fall, David Hoffman of Sinking Spring received a letter in the mail that made him angry. … ‘I guess I’m going to the exchange and try my luck there,’ said Hoffman, 52, who is self-employed.  ‘I shouldn’t have this happening.  I should be spending my time making a living.  I was thinking my policy premiums were going to go up.  I didn’t expect to be canceled.’” (Reading (PA) Eagle)
  •  “‘I’m very frustrated because of the uncertainty,’ says Mr. Norris, whose firm, Norris International Services LLC, makes tubing, drill stems and other products for companies in the oil and gas industry.  … ‘I could hire another 25 employees right now but I’m holding off,’ Mr. Norris says.” (The Wall Street Journal)
  • “Foreign Traffic, a car dealership in Hampton, will stop offering its employees health insurance at the end of the year and send them to the exchange being set up under the Affordable Care Act.  Owner Jim Wolff said he had no choice, after providing the benefit for 35 years, because his insurer informed him it would raise premiums in 2014 by 43 percent.  … ‘We’re just done with it,’ he said.” (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
  •  “Obama and his administration should be held accountable for the disastrous rollout of the federal marketplace.  …  It was a failure of leadership and a lack of focus for the president to allow his signature legislation to go so far off track, and his sliding poll numbers reflect the dissatisfaction of many Americans.” (Tampa Bay Times editorial)