Video: Daniel Hannan and Sean Hannity on American Exceptionalism

| November 19 2013
David Leeper

Daniel Hannan is South East England’s Conservative Member of Parliament. In this clip, he talks with Sean Hannity about Obamacare, American exceptionalism, and the much broader topic of the contribution of English-speaking countries to world freedom. The clip begins with replays of Hannan’s prescient 2009 warnings about nationalized health care.

As always, Hannan manages to be both erudite and plain-spoken, which is no mean feat.  In his crisp UK accent, he heaps praise on the history of English-speaking countries, and he decries what is happening to this Anglosphere  that brought such great freedom to humanity. At the same time, mimicking and mocking Obama, he admonishes America:

If you want to keep your way of life, you can keep you way of life.
If you want to keep your Constitution, you can keep your Constitution.
PERIOD … no one can take it away from you.

It’s too bad we don’t have more American leaders who share Daniel Hannan’s views, attitudes, energy, and enthusiasm.  Compare him to (for example) the dour and sour Harry Reid. Could there be a greater contrast?

Hannan is promoting his new book Inventing Freedom, How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World.   If the book reads the way he speaks, I expect I’ll want to buy it.  If it’s available in audio form with Hannan himself narrating it, I’ll buy it for sure. Somehow, every time I hear him speak, I feel like I’m suddenly hearing the words of my own language pronounced correctly(!).


Hannan is always worth a listen.  He continually tries to warn his friends, the Americans, to heed his warnings and not to follow in Europe's footsteps.  He'll get no argument from me, but there are so many Europhiles on the Left who go gaga over the land across the sea.  The British National Health Service is in collapse, but Obamabots continue their march over the cliff and can't see beyond their noses.



Based on recent polls, there are fewer Obamabots now that they know he twisted the truth.  Once Americans started receiving cancellation notices and higher quotes for insurance, Obama's charisma bubble burst.