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Obamacare isn’t a train wreck. It is a suicide attack.

Posted: November 17, 2013 at 4:45 am   /   by

OK, wow, Obama “apologized” for sticking it to the people, so now everything is alright?

NO blinky, not a damned thing has changed, has it ? And guess what, not a damned thing is going to change.

Listen to this rant by Wayne Allen Root, which is exactly what Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have been saying for the past 5 years or so.

This is literally true and there is a smoking gun.

Obama says in his own book that he attended multiple socialist conferences. A keynote speaker was Peter Dreier, who presented a plan to overwhelm the welfare services with expenses that would cause government “fiscal collapse” (his words). He said they would then incite the dependent classes to bring about a Marxist revolution in the US.

After hearing him, Obama hired Dreier to work on his campaign – any questions ?


Bob de la Tigra
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Obamacare isn't a train wreck. It is a suicide attack.