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Obama Is Lost

Posted: November 12, 2013 at 5:00 pm   /   by
The 44th President Brings Confusion and Fecklessness to a New Height

By Mike Kapic

I can’t remember ever seeing a president as lost as this one. I’ve witnessed some awful employers over my business career, but I can’t think of one as confused, as lost, or gasping, as this President treads water in his second term.

I remember Nixon’s last day, watching him on TV as he waved us off and stepped into the helicopter for the last time. I remember Carter’s last days and the Iran hostage mess. These two are the closet I can come to explaining the depression Obama is experiencing in his second term. Even Clinton’s denial of ‘never having sex with that woman’ can’t compare to the distress the country is in today. It’s been horrible.

I’m not talking just about the healthcare website. I’m talking about the sick economy, the scandals that have resulted in Americans losing their lives and freedom, the failed policies that have cost us dearly in money and foreign respect, and yes, the failed website. The insistence that we must increase spending, and therefore the debt, goes against all historical evidence. Never has a President refused to negotiate with House Republicans because it would be hard work and he would have to give something up in exchange. He’s backing a policy for more of the failed minimum wage and Head Start programs. Moving toward amnesty instead of immigration reform and enforcement is a slap in the face to all Americans who came here legally. And the political pivoting to deflect us from his problems with smoke and mirrors in order to save himself is an affront to our intelligence.

Obama and his advisors believe they are still talking to the ones that elected him. In a speech last week, he tried to rewrite history by restating what he meant but didn’t say in his promise that we could keep our plans and doctors. He thinks we’re stupid. That we’d buy another lie about the first one.

He’s always had a way of pivoting away from problems but it seems that now his hinge has stuck and he can’t rotate away from the crumbling ACA to something less caustic. Bush proved to us, through his low approval ratings, to be bad for the country. Obama is nearly there also, although his performance has done more damage to the country.

Obama’s second term is exposing all of the flaws of the left. A regressive economy, a Fed out of control, doubling of welfare, debt growing, his signature accomplishment failing, and social upheaval with the war on marriage and families and schools.

His foreign policy has the world trusting that they can’t trust him anymore. The false red line he drew and his acquiescence to the Russians over Syria. In the news this week, Obama has secretly lifted the U.S. sanctions to Iran, giving the nation relief for the last five months, as they attain their first atomic bomb. At least he’s negotiating with someone, albeit in weakness.

As he blamed Bush, President Obama continues to point his finger somewhere else. It’s someone else’s fault. He’s finally, although weakly, took responsibility for the failed website. That’s good. But that’s the first time he’s ever taken responsibility for any of the failures resulting in American deaths or lost freedoms from his Administration.

Obama’s legacy has mirrored that of FDR’s in the years prior to the start of WW II. Hoover and FDR’s policies helped start and extend the Great Depression until the war pulled the country out. President Bush’s Big Government pushed us into the Great Recession (actually a depression depending on the current definition) with Obama’s policies reflecting the New Deal era.

The parallels prove that the Left does not understand how the economy historically works. For either the ordinary person or the expert, the economy has proven to be just as confusing as baseball is. They are similar in that they both have so many rules, both official and unofficial. We play the game and tweak it now and again, but, for the most part, we leave it alone. For some reason, we can’t leave the economy alone. You’d think that after all the harm and damage the liberals have done as a result of pulling economic levers here and there that we’d learn to leave it alone. We’d learn to have just enough government in it to keep a modicum of stability and honesty. But we don’t.

We have not seen the total disregard for the Constitution since FDR’s failed progressive New Deal. Today America is in a cultural war over votes and values. The Left wants radical social dependence in exchange for votes. The Left sees its way to success by promising free amnesty, abortion, food, housing, healthcare, by spending what we don’t have. They want to remove impediments to progress like responsibility, individualism, innovation, values, and faith. They charge that the political right is heartless and doesn’t care about people.

The reality is just the opposite. As opposed to the Left, everybody else, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, want a responsible and reliable government, not one that spies, cheats, politicizes, steals, or fosters corruption and above all, steals freedoms. When Americans can’t trust their government because they can’t trust their leader, the people will rise up in defiance.

We put Obama in office on the promise that he’d change the culture in Washington D.C. and lead us away from crony capitalism. Instead, he’s thrived on it. President Obama has lost his way. America has lost its way.


“If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Abraham Lincoln

Mike Kapic

Mike is retired from a forty year career in engineering and manufacturing management and is currently full-timing with his wife of 49 years and their dog, Buddy. They travel the country exploring America, making new friends and visiting kids and grandkids. Always wanting to write, but having to wait for retirement, he’s now completed his third novel.

He’s a graduate of Auburn University in Alabama and a supporter of Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Over the last several years, he’s been energized by the lawless and unconstitutional direction our country has taken and has been writing political essays that derive their focus from economics,  history, and the study of the Constitution and the Founders thoughts from sources like biographies and the Federalist papers.

He’s become politically active in trying to restore our lost values through activism in conservative groups. He’s active in a conservative senior support organization and an Article V campaign to restore limited government in America.

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Obama Is Lost