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Obama’s ‘Transition’ to Single-Payer Health Care

Posted: October 31, 2013 at 8:30 am   /   by

Democrats Hide Their Real Motive Behind the Latest Obamacare Outrage

Now that millions of Americans have lost their health insurance – giving the lie to President Obama’s promise that they could keep it if they liked it – Kathleen Sebelius and Democrats in Congress have come up with a real whopper to explain away the latest Obamacare failure.

Not to worry, they say. You didn’t really lose your health insurance; you just need to “transition” into a new and improved policy that meets Obamacare’s requirements. It’s really a good deal.

Forget that the new policy likely will have a higher premium and deductible. Forget also that your doctor may not be in the new policy’s provider network. These are annoying details.

Where did they get this ingenious excuse for the most egregious Obamacare bait and switch? It came from President Obama himself. He’s been test-driving it for years.

A look back over the years – long before he became President – shows that “transition” is Obama’s way of explaining his path to single-payer health care. First, he needs to destroy insurance companies. Then there will be nowhere to turn for health care except the federal government. So far, he’s right on schedule.