Cavuto Bashes Obama for Broken Promises, Inaction, and Lies

| October 30 2013
David Leeper

Confronting Barack Obama bluntly and brutally for his lies, broken promises, and inaction, Neil Cavuto’s 3-minute razor-sharp monologue of October 29 says what so many millions of Americans would like to say directly to the president if only they could.

Namely, and specifically with regard to Obamacare —

You and your sycophants cannot lay this one off on anyone else. You yourself lied to us and betrayed us, Mr. President.

Even some of Obama’s most loyal worshipers in the Democrat-servile media are now calling him out. The rest are bumbling, mumbling, and obfuscating as they attempt explain away his bold-faced deceptions.

More importantly, Americans now have to ask themselves this one fundamental question —

Going forward, how are we going to believe anything Barack Obama says, no matter how sincere he sounds? 

Kudos to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto for speaking up loudly and clearly in a way so few of our politicians ever will.


"The truth shall set you free"

Extremely well said by Cavuto, and brought out for all to see by David Leeper!

I see no way that Obama can dust this off, even his most loyal serfs will fold when the American People face up to the truth, and only the truth, nothing else is acceptable!

Time heals all wounds and time wounds all heels, you are history Mr.President, you are threw!


Cavuto is coming on stronger and stronger.  Of course, he's got plenty of fodder from O and his cabal to use.  I think Neil baby feels very secure in his job too!


Very well said Cavuto! Very well said!

WesternFreePress moderator

@NeilFeuer@David Leeper  My working theory is that if a collapse is spectacular enough, even the media cannot hide it from general knowledge. Totalitarian communism failed so badly at the end of the 20th century that everyone except rechaufé Marxist college professors and the permanently ignorant got the message. If Obamacare fails badly enough . . . and by extension, if welfare-state capitalism fails spectacularly enough, they simply won't be able to hide it.