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Ted Cruz releases powerful new Obamacare video

Posted: October 29, 2013 at 6:45 am   /   by

Obamacare is killing the Dems. Even strategists in the White House are starting to figure it out. We MUST press our advantage. Pass this video around, as far and wide as you can!


  1. rofomoreno says:

    Excellent editing to music. Don’t you just love the impact that the background music adds as we imagine the real battle of good conquering evil. Or in this day of the Obama-Liberal-Progressive presidency, the demise of evil under its own weight.

  2. TButman says:

    Halloween and Obamacare, kind of go hand in hand. Make DC listen INDEED!

    1. TButman Light will drive away the ghouls and goblins!

  3. shirley77 says:

    I admire Ted Cruz!  He, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and a very few others are GREAT American Patriots and represent we, the people, as best they can!  However, Obama could do nothing if Congress and the Supreme Court were NOT complicit in his Dirty Deeds!  FIRST:  Obama illegally sits in our White House because he is not eligible under the requirements laid out in Our Constitution!  He is not the natural born citizen of two U. S. Citizen Parents!  FIVE YEARS THIS HAS CONTINUED WITH NO ACTION BY our Congress nor our Supreme Court!  Shame on You!  SECOND, we need real answers to so many questionable actions by the OBAMA GANG that REEK of Treason!  You guys neither earn nor deserve your pay!  Our Military need to defend us from these Domestic Enemies of our Constitution… Arrest, Charge and remove them all!  Then run the government ’til a proper investigation can be made, actions taken and new elections held!  We are sick of your incompetence and confusion!  Dear God, Please inspire our military and help us now!