Ted Cruz Receives Hero’s Welcome in Texas

| October 21 2013
John Walker

Says Kathleen Sebelius Should Resign

Senator Ted Cruz returned to Texas this weekend to a reception fit for a rock star after the long and bruising effort to defund Obamacare.

While the media and many of his fellow Republicans continue to wring their hands in the aftermath of the government shutdown, Cruz remained committed to the effort to halt Obamacare and called for the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

In an extensive interview with CNN following an enthusiastic reception by 800 Republican supporters, Cruz said the effort to defund Obamacare could have succeeded if Senate Republicans had remain united and backed their colleagues in the House.


Dana tried but ended up looked like stupid


"Rockstar"? is an understatement. There were no woman fainting, no mcdonald employee hyperventilating,  no tingling up the legs from the press...He is just did what he promissed to his constituents.

dleeper47 moderator

Re that Texas Republican Women reception for Senator Cruz:  Eat your heart out, John McCain.  You will never get a reception like that in Arizona -- unless perhaps you change your registration to Democrat. 

Note also the classy way Ted Cruz handles this garden-variety, cookie-cutter, Democrat-servile reporter. Not many can do that. Note how the reporter just keeps coming back to snarky political gamesmanship issues, avoiding the substantive issues that matter outside the Beltway. To her, what else is there besides this Washington tabloid "reporting"?

Godspeed, Senator Cruz!

WesternFreePress moderator

@dleeper47 Can anyone think of another politician who is as smooth, easy-going, smart, and ready-to-go with answers as Cruz?