Trevor Loudon and Rush Limbaugh: Two Pep Talks for the Tea Party

| October 18 2013
David Leeper

Are you feeling defeated over the media-declared “loss” over the “shutdown”? Are you upset over GOP attempts to destroy Ted Cruz? Are you sometimes tempted to just “pack it in” and accept the GOP’s capitulation to the Left?

The two short videos below are good pep talks for times like these.  The first, by America-loving political researcher Trevor Loudon, is from August, 2012.  Loudon, from New Zealand, is an internationally known  author and speaker on the American Left. His pep talk comes at the end of an eye-opening 45-minute portrayal of the long march of the Left to transform America.

The second audio/video is from the Rush Limbaugh Program of October 17, 2013. It starts with a reminder about what William F. Buckley called the “well-fed Republicans”, today generally known as the “Establishment GOP.”  Limbaugh follows with a reminder of how effective, one leader like Ted Cruz, with supporters, can be.

So if you’re feeling a bit drained by the trashings from Democrats, the Democrat-servile media, and even the GOP, keep your head up and recharge your batteries with these short presentations.