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Sal DiCiccio Calls for Net Metering Reform

Posted: October 18, 2013 at 12:45 pm   /   by

Conservative Phoenix City Councilman and union special-interest fighter Sal DiCiccio recently weighed in on the net-metering debate here in Arizona, calling for the Arizona Corporation to reform Arizona’s current net metering policies as soon as possible. DiCiccio has built an impressive resume of opposing corrupt government union spending and more recently fought the Phoenix food tax and out of control public pensions.

In a letter recently logged with the ACC, DiCiccio talks about the need to protect all ratepayers, noting that “…the time has come to protect ratepayers once again by updating the state’s net-metering policies so that those who do not have solar panels…are not stuck paying the majority of costs for the electrical grid infrastructure.”

In a report recently published by California’s utility commission, non-solar California ratepayers are expected to be forced to pay $1.1B in extra costs every year by 2020 as a result of the state’s unfair net-metering policy. While California currently has more customers enrolled in the state’s net-metering program than Arizona, many of those who are calling for reform here are trying to prevent a similar financial crisis in our own state.

“Net metering billing policies should be updated because it’s simply not right to ask regular taxpayers without solar to pay for infrastructure at a rate that far exceeds those with solar,” said DiCiccio.

Utility companies typically purchase wholesale electricity at a rate 3 to 5 times cheaper than what they are required to pay net-metering customers because of the current net-metering policy. This cost-shift is absorbed by all non-solar customers. The current proposals before the ACC would grandfather existing net-metering customers and reform net-metering reimbursement rates for future customers moving forward.

DiCiccio concluded: “There is a way to correct net-metering without damaging the solar industry of Arizona. There is also a way to make sure that fairness is being applied to all those who are using the grid, whether they are solar or non-solar users. It’s important that we get this right now, because waiting will only let the imbalance continue.”

The Arizona Corporation Commission is expected to address net-metering reform in mid-November.

Sal DiCiccio Calls for Net Metering Reform