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Veterans tear down, dump Barrycades at White House, Capitol Police just watch

Posted: October 14, 2013 at 10:00 am   /   by

God Bless Our Veterans!

I watched a live streaming of the Veterans descent on THEIR Memorials in DC yesterday and it was a beautiful thing to see.  What is remarkable and unprecedented is that I watched these Veterans take down barricades and dump them in a pile, WITHOUT any interference from the Police!  That is truly remarkable and it bears out what I witnessed last Tuesday in DC.  These Park Rangers and Police DO NOT support Obama’s attempt to punish our Veterans by keeping them out of THEIR Memorials! I bet that infuriates Obama!  I really did think the Police would interfere with the barricades piled up and then carried to the White House and dumped there but remarkably, they didn’t! I’m willing to bet many of those Police were silently cheering them on!

The fellow that was live streaming noted that there were “snipers” on the roof of the White House and in case he didn’t know this, they are always there, everyday of the year.  He commented on the presence of mounted Police (and not many from what I could see! ) and when there are large gatherings in our nation’s capital, they are always there.  In the past when we troop supporters gathered in large numbers to stand up to the anti-war protesters, we have seen rows of Mounted Police and none of us ever believed they were there to harm us, they were there to protect us from the anti-war nutcases!  Let’s all note that when these beautiful Veterans tore down the barricades, those Police did not dismount and stop them. Nope, and they didn’t dismount and stop them when they carried those barricades to the White House and dumped them there.  Really, what a beautiful part of this story is that the Veterans today took back THEIR Memorials and I would say, with the full support of the Police!  Take that Obama!!!

Thank you to all the Veterans and Patriots who traveled far from home to gather yesterday and who SUCCESSFULLY took down barricades to THEIR Memorials.  Special thanks too to Peter Doocy of Fox News for being there to report this most historical event!  Shame on all the news agencies that weren’t there but as usual, they don’t want to cover stories that paint their dear leader in a bad light.  They sure don’t want to report federal employees defying Obama’s orders and today, they missed one of the greatest stories ever!

I know that what these Veterans did today warmed the heart of our Troops in Afghanistan!  Yesterday we lost another one of our precious Sons to an insider attack, and that is the 4th attack on our brave men and women just this month.  Where is the outrage from their Commander-in-Chief??!!!!  There isn’t a word from this disgraceful Commander-in-Chief ever on the attacks from these savages!  He should be all over the news condemning these horrendous attacks, but he’s too busy issuing orders to make this shutdown as painful as he can for our Troops , our Veterans, and all Americans!  I bet we won’t see his little boy Hagel at Dover Air Force base to see this Hero on his last trip home to the land he loved so much he gave his life for it!  I am so very very sorry to our Troops that they must endure 3 more years of the most disgraceful Commander-in-Chief they have ever had to endure.  I know that what these Glorious Veterans did today in DC lifted the spirit of our Troops and for that I am very, very thankful!

My family can NEVER say thank you enough to our Veterans and our Troops for all they have done to keep us safe!  Today, in DC, our Veterans let it be known that they will always take a stand to ensure that the freedom and liberties they so nobly fought to safeguard shall NOT be impeded in any way, by anybody!!!  It is a shameful time in our history when they have to make that point to the Commander-in-Chief of the greatest country on the face of this earth!

God Bless Our Veterans and God Bless our Troops!  Please keep our military in your prayers, there is not a day goes by that they don’t think of you!

With Much Appreciation To All Who Defended our Liberties Today, I am so very grateful,

Beverly Perlson

The Band of Mothers
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Veterans tear down, dump Barrycades at White House, Capitol Police just watch