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Video — A Snarling Judge Jeanine Pirro Declares: Throw Them All Out !

Posted: October 12, 2013 at 7:35 pm   /   by

Condemning the stupefying incompetence and callous disregard for the families of veterans who died during the “shutdown”, Judge Jeanine lambastes the Obama administration, the Pentagon, and the whole collection of Washington political hacks. She is especially tough on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

The judge also decries our gargantuan national debt and the president’s desire to raise the debt ceiling yet again.  In the judge’s view, any Congress that leaves us with increased debt should have all members forfeit their entire Congressional pension. Better yet, she says, throw all of them out — both parties, both houses.

This is Pirro’s 10.12.13 “Opening Statement” from “Justice With Judge Jeanine”.


David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 45 years. He is currently a volunteer science teacher at In his 40-year career he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at Bell Labs, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he wrote mainly for technical journals including Scientific American. He began writing for in 2011.
David Leeper


  1. JackHHansen says:

    Thank You, Judge Pirro.  There are not many that will risk themselves and say exactly what is the truth and let the cards fall where they may.  You are a rarity, one of those leaders we the American people are looking for to stand up to the regime in power in Washington.   We can say similar until we are blue in the face, but only one with your credentials can say it and be heard.  Americans in modern times have not had to fear their futures UNTIL Adolf Obama came into power and ended the Rule of Law, and decided that they will do what they want and the people can just take it.  I suspect a majority of Americans live in fear of the future now, and yes, both parties are to blame but it all commenced with the Obama regime coming to power.  Thank You for taking a stand for us Judge,

    1. Gerald Loeb says:

      JackHHansen She really said it all.

  2. DailySmug says:

    I agree, they all suck!

  3. semperfi1 says:

    Judge first let me commend you on a great job you’re doing in letting the people know what our idiots In Washington are doing. I thought carter was an idiot but Obama is a bigger idiot. Everybody keeps blaming the congress but it’s the senate refusing to send a bill to Obama to sign because if he doesn’t sign it he’ll look bad. Am I right in saying that? I also heard something that disturbs me that illegal aliens are still getting some sort of benefits in this shutdown. I don’t really know if this is true or not. Thanks again for standing up for America. You are a true American.

    1. semperfi1 This shutdown is only partial, and Obama is trying to inflict as much pain as possible, to damage his enemies and reward his friends. IOW, business as usual.

  4. Day Gardner says:

    I am a true patriot!  I love America and the Christian values it was
    founded upon.  How dare Obama and his cronies refuse to bury Americans
    who made the ultimate sacrifice–how DARE they!!!!  The men and women
    who serve our country and gave their lives for it are treated like
    trash–just as those who lost their lives in Benghazi.  I am extremely
    disgusted with this administration!!!!  I agree with the judge.  Judge
    Pirro, thank you for being courageous enough to spell it out.

  5. John and Alice says:

    Thank You Judge Pirro.
    Just when we, the people fear we have lost every voice representig us, you gave us some of our hopeback.
    The liberal press would never show what you declared, every word of it spot-on!
    FOX news is the only reasonable media outlet that gives all sides a chance, but even most commentatiors there lean toward one side or the other….but at least both sides have their say.
    Our say? We say toss ’em all out and start from scratch with a few new ground rules. I particularly liked your idea of Congress not getting a pension if the Debt is higher when they leave than when they took office….good one and makes total sense – they need to be kept on a leash! As for this debt “Crisis”, I hope the Republicans don’t cave in, as disastrous as that might be to our economy….the Liberals need a reality check and this would serve nicely, as long as the blame could be laid at the feet of Obama and Reid.
    How about term limits, tort reform, voter registration ID, no nore early voting and also, accountability for not only the Politicians, but the Press too.
    We’d like to see people serve as Senators and Representatives based on a random drawing of eligible voters, similar to Jury Duty. No incentives, no pensions, no lobbyists – just one term and home you go.  “Hello, Mrs. America, you are called to serve in the Senate”.
    And serve from home with a T1 phone line that couldn’t be tampered with. No need to head for Washington and waste more money on travel, no need to nbe away from your home or home State. We have the technology to do that now, and what a cost-savings that would bring!
    Every bill put forward stands on it’s own….no “riders” or amendments – every Bill gets an up or down vote.
    No Lobbyists allowed within DC, and individual States have the right to make Lobbying a criminal offense…or maybe that would be a good Federal law? Let’s stop politics aimed at “bringing home the pork” and start focusing on the common good.
    We really need to reign in our expenditures and to do that we NEED TO END ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS, or at least most of them. WOrk for Welfare is a great idea…let’s do it on a Federal level!
    My wife and I watched this last night and cannot thank you enough for saying what needed to be said – keep hammering away at Washington DC – you are our main voice!

    Yours in Freedom,

    John & Alice in Minnesota

    1. dleeper47 says:

      John and Alice 
      Excellent comments, John and Alice!
      I’m right there with you … and if you haven’t already, please look at Mark Levin’s “Liberty Amendments” book.  As citizens, working through our state legislatures, we actually have the power to bring the federal government “to heel”.  
      It’s right there in the Constitution. Article V, Option 2 allows the states to amend the Constitution without the permission or approval of Congress, POTUS, or SCOTUS.
      Please see also and consider joining the effort to take back our country from a runaway Washington that will never reform itself. We have to take charge ourselves, state-by-state.

    2. Gerald Loeb says:

      John and Alice This makes too much sense, John and Alice. That is why it’ll never happen. Love your idea on the T-1 line “Legislate from Home” idea as well as an anti-Lobbying Law. The men (and women) who helped found this country and told the Brits to get lost laid it all out there; it’s too bad the folks who represent (?) us can’t do the same. I’ll take it a step further: The current Congress should be indicted under the RICO statute, have all their toys taken away and put in prison…for life.  If it was good enough to rein in the Mafia and the Cocaine Cowboys, it’s good enough for them as well.
      I real;ly wonder what historians of the future (if there is one) will make of this period in our history.

  6. WilliamHarney says:

    Thanks Jenny,As a retired DI NYPD and professor of Constitutional and Criminal Law, I just love everything you have said now and in the past about this so called president,El Bozo, The clown in the W.H.Back in 2007 when I heard he was running for the presidency,I had some of my friends attempt to investigate,who and what he was. We were blocked at every turn and why,because he was a Senator and already hid everything he is and was. I knew then, we were about to have a country suffer at the hands of a Kenyan,who announced when he  stood before the house and said he was born in Kenya and later claimed he was born in Hawaii. Yet no living person remembers him or where he lived there. He had not a single friend come forward from his child hood. To me,thats hinky and raised a RED flag. Now the so called commander and chief is doing everything to support peoples from islamic countries and leave America and suffering every day. I have yet to hear him praise this country once and to apologize to any country, when we are asked for our strength in fighting an injustice,he calls us wrong for doing such things. He forgets he is our president and is liable for all he does against us. But NO!” He now puts himself above us all and believes he is the supreme ruler of an unfree country,he is not. We will always be Americans and always strong because of people willing to stand and fight such things. Please. Don’t think that I have not capitalized some words,but its because a person like bozo the clown in the W.H. is not one who should get such recognition. I have served this country several times and each time volunteered my services and now,am volunteering to run for the Presidency  in 2016. I may or may not get in but I believe its time that an American with Hope,Common sense and the love of God and the people of this country needs. One who believes its time for someone who is not any type of legislature or Government body. I would bring back the wheels that made this country strong,once more and put her back to work. It may not be a chicken in every pot,but I will give her a chance to be Greater once more..

    1. Gerald Loeb says:

      WilliamHarney You know what you are talking about, unlike some of the idiot Liberals on this page. You have my vote, if the Security State doesn’t arrest you first for being a real American patriot and not some self-serving jackazz like Uncle OBummer…

      1. ChristopherMPunches says:

        WilliamHarney I am getting the impression anyone who disagrees with Gerald is an idiot liberal lol

        1. Gerald Loeb says:

          ChristopherMPunches WilliamHarney It’s like this, Christopher: There have been many instances where the opposition uses trolling techniques to get on a page and act like immature kids; you were mistaken for one because they are all over, that is then they are not yelling about their EBT cards being cancelled, LOL

    2. AnnRein says:

      WilliamHarney I hope you are right, that ‘we will always be Americans and always strong’.  I see far too few who are willing to just let things slide because they’ve ‘got their stuff’.  Good luck on your run, I hope you have some very deep pockets – as deep as Soros’??

  7. ChristopherMPunches says:

    Why is she still a Judge?  She’s seeming to more serve an entertainment role.

    1. dleeper47 says:

      Who said she’s still a judge? Judges, generals, governors, presidents, all retain their title even after they’ve retired from their original position. Perhaps you never noticed?

    2. JackHHansen says:

      ChristopherMPunches   It is a title of respect, Christopher.  An ex-President is still called Mr President, an ex-Senator is still called Senator, and an ex-Judge  will still be called by the title of Judge thereafter.

    3. Gerald Loeb says:

      ChristopherMPunches You missed the point. Who cares what her titles is or was? She is speaking the truth and you avoided the obvious. Just like a Libtard to skew the discussion into irrelevance.

      1. ChristopherMPunches says:

        Gerald Loeb ChristopherMPunches Interesting that you’d assume I was a libtard just because I don’t instantly side with some loudmouthed, washed up Judge impersonator.
        The issue is that she’s not a judge, and she’s taking on other venues in the private sector that make it misleading to address her as a judge.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too, even if you’re on the EBT program.

        1. AnnRein says:

          ChristopherMPunches Gerald Loeb Like a former President, you get to keep the title.  If you had a clue you’d know that.  But sadly you don’t.

    4. MarkBaur says:

      ChristopherMPunches GO TO HELL DUMBASS

  8. Gerald Loeb says:

    This woman should be in charge on the USA. But the Libtards would crucify her is she dared try.

    1. Gerald Loeb The left has figured out a formula for destroying women who get in their way, and it is exceptionally effective.

      1. Gerald Loeb says:

        WesternFreePress Gerald Loeb They sure do. Yet they say they are “all for women,” and such nonsense. They have no morals or ethics at all. But, they have the nerve to act as if the Republicans or anyone else that disagrees with them is a monster. At least the Islamo-fascists are up-front about it (as much as I despise them).

      2. ChristopherMPunches says:

        WesternFreePress Gerald Loeb ah, dudes.  If anyone ever asks why our political environment is so polarized you should both think back to this moment as an archetype for conversations that contributed to it.  start namedropping or get off the pot.

        1. ChristopherMPunches  Gerald Loeb Sarah Palin came on the scene and the assault against her was a blitzkrieg. The viciousness they poured on for about 72 hours was like nothing I’ve ever seen.

        2. ChristopherMPunches says:

          WesternFreePress ChristopherMPunches Gerald Loeb In all fairness to the Earth, Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to party and Country.  Had she been born a hundred years early I don’t think she’d have faced anywhere near the same criticism but the heat she gets is from both sides and it’s heat she’s earned.  I can’t remember the last time something came out of her mouth that wasn’t a painful affront to sapience.  This isn’t a gender issue, it’s a personality issue and a judgment issue.
          As Jeanine Pirro, it’s the soap-box “method” that holds her back.  Every single statement she makes on her show is some ‘sass’ shock factor ass-chewing that hurts my ears.  I simply can’t stand the sound of her voice.  The theatrics are a bit much, can you really deny that?
          I don’t see it as a gender issue.  Look at clinton.  She’s quite different than Bill was, but there’s that air of competence about her that sets her out as a female political figure (and even she engages in the theatrics once in a blue moon).  We don’t want that from our Male political figures either.  McCain, Obama, even non-office political figures like Beck, they’re just as criticized for the same reasons– the only reason we have a problem with it in the case of female figures is that they are female and we feel like we need to be supporting emergent female political figures.  I say ‘why?’.  These figures should be respected on merits, not the classification of their genitalia.  I’d elect a competent eunuch if they were going to represent my interests in a worthy manner.

        3. ChristopherMPunches says:

          WesternFreePress ChristopherMPunches Gerald Loeb We should be seeking out that increasingly rare combination of:
          1) Competence in Leadership.
          2) Moral judgment, including honesty.
          3) Absolute lack of desire to side on an issue based on party recommendations.

        4. JackHHansen says:

          WesternFreePress ChristopherMPunches Gerald Loeb I can not think of a better word to use than “blitzkrieg” and it is most apt.  In that “72 hours” they had strove to destroy her entire future, and just as fast as the Germans through the Ardennes and right around the flank of both the French and British and splitting them apart.  I have never seen any American so piled on as was Palin, and sadly McCain’s people didn’t treat her much better.  The MSM biased?  Yes, and the way they treated her says it all.

        5. ChristopherMPunches Gerald Loeb There were aspects of Palin’s delivery and persona that didn’t help her, but they were minor. The left caricatured her, though, in ways I don’t believe they would dare do to a man.

        6. ChristopherMPunches says:

          WesternFreePress ChristopherMPunches Gerald Loeb Oh but she handled it so well.  Resigned her post, but, just a minor issue.

        7. ChristopherMPunches Gerald Loeb No, I agree with you there. I thought at the time, and continue to believe, that resigning was a colossal mistake.

        8. ChristopherMPunches says:

          WesternFreePress ChristopherMPunches Gerald Loeb Well you clearly only think that because she’s a woman.

        9. ChristopherMPunches  Gerald Loeb :-)

  9. Francis kokualani says:

    Its helpless we’re all doomed what powers is there to get rid of Congress…The people of america??? Maybe.

  10. PHANTOM IND says:


  11. semperfi1 says:

    My feelings exactly that’s why I say the are blaming the congress instead of the senate. All this free stuff is killing the tax payers. Like judge Jeanine says all those democrats and republicans should be made to clean up their own offices and hallways

Video -- A Snarling Judge Jeanine Pirro Declares: Throw Them All Out !