Video: Senator Mike Lee on the Best Argument Ever Against Obamacare

| October 10 2013
David Leeper

On Oct. 9, Sen. Mike Lee made a great point:

The best argument against Obamacare is the behavior of the Obama administration during the “shutdown”.

The administration’s behavior thus far has been a vivid DO-WHAT-I-SAY-OR-ELSE demonstration.  Just imagine what will happen when national health care is put in the heavy hands of these big bullies in Washington.

What an opportunity for the party in power to reward its friends and punish its enemies! And if we  project forward to the single-payer system that the Democrats still openly seek, what will you do when they deny care or make arbitrary, dilatory, nonsensical, or targeted discriminatory decisions like those that IRS did? There will be nowhere else to go!

This is why the entire country should get behind the efforts to delay, defund, and then repeal Obamacare.


What a mean spirited hateful terrorist Republican that wants to blowup Washington DC. 

dleeper47 moderator


The Lo-Fo response to Lee's comments are already in: "OH-BA-MA! OH-BA-MA! OH-BA-MA!"

I once wondered how people could fall for a Castro or Chavez.  Now I'm watching it happen, right here, before my very eyes. Amazing.