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Matt Salmon, Sean Hannity hammer Democrat Congressman for lying on Obamacare

Posted: October 8, 2013 at 6:50 am   /   by

Democrats ought to be ashamed of themselves. They have created an unworkable monstrosity that is chewing through America’s economy, destroying full time jobs, raising premiums, and taking people’s coverage. It is driving doctors from the field. It can only work, we are told, if everyone is forced to do things that they may not want to do. And Congress and business get special exemptions that the rest of us poor schlubs do not.

And yet people like this Democrat congressman have the nerve to go in front of cameras and go on the offense, holding themselves out as the only ones who have “compassion” for people.

I don’t hear compassion. I hear contempt. Contempt, and a complete inability to feel shame.