U.K. woman found not guilty of ‘racist harassment’ against Muslim on train

| September 30 2013
Christopher Cook

Chalk up a win for the good guys!

Those familiar with the battle against global jihad know one thing all to well: The West is kneeling. The tyranny of political correctness keeps most of us silent, while a slow, soft conquest is underway.

Unfortunately for our friends in the U.K., the conquest in their country is not so slow. In cities and towns across Britain, the call to prayer wails over the streets, and the hijab is everywhere. Things are changing, and many Brits don’t like it.

Earlier this year, an Englishwoman named Claire Moloney reached her breaking point, and responded to provocations by a Muslim man with several minutes of angry words and swearing. Unfortunately for this woman, her rant was caught on video.

Typical of the slow-motion surrender of the West, the Muslim was not called to the dock for his provocations—including calling her a ‘slag’—because he is a member of one of the elite’s protected cohorts. Her finally-had-enough tirade, however, resulted in her being charged with “racial harassment.”

However, in a rare piece of good news from the Creeping Jihad front, she has been found not guilty. She said what a plurality—and possibly a majority—of Britons are thinking, and for that, she was punished with a charge, a trial, and the risk of a finding of guilt. One can only imagine her relief.

But many in the West have not been so lucky. The United States has the First Amendment, which makes government prosecution of speech more difficult. But people in Canada and across Western Europe have no such protections.

Indeed, England’s quasi-official position of de facto surrender to Muslims, pandemic throughout the West, is fairly vigorously enforced. As is the case in most Western nations where preening, politically correct elite statists have control of the narrative and the levers of power, Muslims can basically say and do what they want, while everyone else is at constant risk of being punished for stating what is, or ought to be, obvious.

Cities that I visited 20 years ago are, I am told by friends and family, unrecognizable now. Violence and unrest are spreading. Britons are increasingly victimized by crime committed by Muslims. There are Muslim “rape waves” sweeping the UK and Europe. Local decisions are even occasionally made using Sharia.

And meanwhile, Muslims constantly wail about the terrible treatment they receive, in spite of arguably being the most coddled cohort in Great Britain’s history.

Claire Moloney ran afoul of this new culture in Britain (as well as the fact that in Britain these days, there are surveillance cameras pretty much everywhere). Perhaps, if more like her speak up, things will change. But with the constant risk of prosecution, speaking up is more difficult.

Even here in the United States, the First Amendment only protects us from government filing criminal charges—but the tyranny of political correctness looms large. Careers sometimes end when one says the wrong thing.

Remember that, ladies, the next time that someone on a train calls you a ‘slag’ and tells you that you have blood on your hands.

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The audio on the video that appeared with the original story was rather muffled, and between that and the bleep-outs, it was hardly worth it. However, I have dug around and found one that is much clearer.

(Bleeped-out) Language Warning.


tell her to go. the earth belongs to all of us..............................


Kudos to her! If more here in the U.S. weren't afraid of the politically IN-correct policies society and the government have imposed, we wouldn't be in such a low state now. And what the HELL 'race' is Muslim anyway!?!? Hypocronance! 


Good for her. I am sick of them, their religion of hate and their evil ways.


I don't know what she said but I agree with her completely. muslims not welcome here.

Martin Petry
Martin Petry

Well I enjoy your declaration of Hypocronance.  You understand the power of nitwitt utopia led by the politically correct.  It actually wasn't what I meant as I wrote it, but you have applied it correctly.  Well done!